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Honda August 30, 2014 posted by

LSR NSR: 1995 Honda NSR250 MC28 as raced at Bonneville


In the world of gray market two strokes, the Honda NSR is known as a sport bike. “Sport” usually refers to turning the occasional corner, be it at the track or favorite canyon. However in this particular case we see a MC28 as the platform for racing Bonneville style, where the mad scientists of speed try to pull big numbers at the far end of a straight line run. If you think that watching bikes run through a measured mile is about as exciting as watching fiberglass epoxy harden, then you are missing the big picture. Known as some of the friendliest competition on the planet, the bikes may run in solo format but they rarely get to the starting line without a lot of camaraderie and assistance. Today’s NSR has been modified for the salt, sporting partial streamlining and a capacity boost to 350cc. And while the seller claims to have run out of gearing rather than motor during the 2013 running, do not underestimate the difficulty of making decent power at nearly 1 mile of elevation on a hot day.

1995 Honda NSR250/350 for sale on eBay


From the seller:
NSR MC28. This bike ran at Bonneville in 2013. Altered/Partial Streamline, APS 350.

Engine 250cc with 300cc TYGA top end performance kit including TYGA exhaust system
New pistons and cylinders since Bonneville
Carbs are TB Keihin
Tranny is the stock 6 speed
Chain DID 520
Forks stock
Seat and Radiator stock
Dunlop Race Tires Sport Max GP
Dual Front Discs
Single Rear Disc
Lanyard shut off switch
Bodywork as seen in photos

Stock Honda bodywork also included as well as:
extra crankcase, connecting rods, 250 pistons, heads, exhaust system, primary and final drive gearing.

Runs averaged 124. Ran out of gears, before running out of “engine”.


Offered in the 350cc Bonneville configuration and including the stock bodywork and engine internals, this is a dual purpose NSR. Sure we know it makes a great canyon carver and track day bike, but wouldn’t it be great fun to truck it out to the local lakebed, add on some gearing, tweak the jetting, and tuck in? I know I would be tempted to give it a go. Check it out here, and let us know if you’ve got any Bonneville dreams of your own!



LSR NSR: 1995 Honda NSR250 MC28 as raced at Bonneville
Bimota November 20, 2012 posted by

Turkey Week Stew: 1972 Laverda 750SF, A Monster Ducati Monster And 2009 Bimota DB7

The dimly let and plush RSBFS offices are almost empty this week yet I’m toiling away.  These Bombay Saphire inspired picks may be a bit off the beaten path but I have to admit I’m a bit RGV’d and NSR’d out at the moment.  It’s a little bit of everything so sit back take a sip of your favorite spirit and marvel or say “WTF”.

This 1972 Laverda restoration caught my eye because I’ve really come to appreciate restorations.  Everytime I think I’ve done a good job on what is in my garage I see a bike like this and sigh.


Is it wrong that a sano engine like this excites me as much as twins in a hot tub with gifts?

The info:

Completly restored. Every nut and bolt. Every. bearing .seal gasket. Very Rare 1972 Laverda 750 SF. Rare because not many 750 SFs were equipped with Nippon Denso speedo and tach with Lucas switch gear and Bosch headlight also correct for the 1972 is the Lucas signals and relfectors..  100% Correct restoration except for the paint. Paint is closer to the factory 1973 color. 1972 was a darker green that was not the best looking green. Completly rebuilt from front to back. Including correct for release in 1972 New Dunlop TT100 tires. Rebuilt engine 1st over ASSO pistons. Rebuilt crank using Carrillo rods. Crank was rebuilt at Mongoose engendering  . All new valves and cam bearings.High volume oil pump.  Correct Boranni rims. Updated swingarm to bronze bushings. Rebuilt guages with new guage faces. All new cables. All new stainles steel exhaust headers and mufflers. Nothing has been left untouched. Rebuilt using mostly stainless fasteners . Has only done about 2 miles. Engine still needs breaking in.

The auction has just started on this one. Click for the auction.

The gin was kicking in when I spotted this one.  It’s crazy, odd, disturbing and yet somehow still uniquely Ducati.  It’s a monster of a Monster built for one purpose only:  Bonneville.

Care to go in a straight line very, very fast?  Place your chin here.


Oh my! 

This is a pretty serious race bike and the price reflects it.  The starting bid is hefty $24,000.  Make sure you are stone cold sober before bidding on this one.  Be sure to check out the auction as it has lots of info and links to stories on the bike.

Click for the auction.

This one is my gift to you.  Be sure to leave this picture up on your computer for your significant other to see.  Make sure you preface that with some relationship mumbo jumbo about how you need to feel more alive to make your relationship stronger.


That sure would look damn good next to the Christmas tree.  Better than my LP to MP3 converter I unexpectedly got for the 5 LP’s I own.  True story.

The info:

This is for a 2009 Bimota DB7 in pristine condition. The bike has zero damage, has never been dropped and is in like new condition. Blue Book on the bike with average mileage for the age is over $23,000.00. The bike has 1647.1 miles on it although the odometer shows 447.1. The instrument cluster was replaced under warranty because the tach needle came loose. The bike has Super Coarsa 3 tires and a Ducati Racing slipper clutch. The bike has been serviced by the dealer since new. I am the only owner. The bike was purchased new from Eurosport Cycle in Fort Worth Texas.

There is a decent amount of interest on this one.  The BIN is $25,000 and the bidding is hovering in the mid teens. 

Click for the auction.


Cafe Racer August 23, 2012 posted by

Catching Up With Our Sister Sites [900SS Biggelaar, Norvin Cafe, Thunderbird, V7 Sport, TR6, Bonneville Report]

Here is the latest from CSBFS and CBFS! Yep, I’m trying revive the cafe site again. I’ve been getting a lot of emails and forwards which has reignited my interest in getting this site back in order. Please keep your suggestions coming!


1979 Ducati 900SS Biggelaar | Auction

1979 Ducati 900SS Biggelaar

Norvin For Sale!

Norvin For Sale!

1950 Triumph Thunderbird
| Auction

1950 Triumph Thunderbird

1977 Ducati 900SS Track Bike | Auction

1977 Ducati 900SS Track Bike For Sale

1973 Moto Guzzi V7 Sport | Auction

1973 Moto Guzzi V7 Sport for sale

Choppahead 1972 Triumph TR6 For Sale | Auction

 Choppahead 1972 Triumph TR6 For Sale

Four times successful at Bonneville in 2012

Four times successful at Bonneville in 2012


Sport Bikes For Sale January 18, 2011 posted by

How Rare Do You Like Them? Two Suzuki GSX-R750R LTD’s

 How Rare Do You Like Them?  Two Suzuki GSX-R750R LTD’s

Anyone itching  to visit France this winter?  Specifically a suburb of Paris?  Sounds like a good opportunity of pacify the Mrs. and then break the news that you have a couple of large crates heading back to the states with her.  We have a “usual” Limited and only the second Japanese spec LTD I’ve ever seen for sale outside of Japan up for grabs.

It’s been used (37,000 miles) but it hasn’t been modified much.  I’m noticing the rear blinkers and the wheels appear to be black instead of dark blue.  Maybe it is just the photos or a Euro model thing.  Yikes, with those blinkers up there, does that mean someone has drilled through that solo tail?   Who out there on the internets knows if there were any differences on the Euro Limited?

Ok guys, what do you think about the pipe?  Is that the original?  I believe the US version’s were black.  This one is listed as a classified ad and the asking price is $11,000.  Sounds kind of steep to me for the amount of miles on the bike.  That is the general range that low mile bikes have been selling for here in the good ole USA.  .



Of course this is the more interesting of the two bikes.  You just don’t see these outside of Japan.  The Ebay description says this is a limited edition by Yoshimura.  Maybe a little is lost in translation because this is a Japanese spec GSX-R750R Limited.  Yoshimura did produce some very special (and pricey) road going GSX-R’s but they were known as “Tornados” or “Bonnevilles” and there was no mistaking them for a stock GSX-R.  I believe they were all the larger 1100’s as well.

This may not have been made by Yoshimura but those are their colors and the bike was a tribute to the bike raced in Japan.  I would love to know if the claim of 100 bikes produced is accurate.  This is listed as an 86 model but it looks like it might be an 85 from the Japanese brochure that I have.

A lot of sport bikes were  HP limited in Japan back then but I really don’t know if the 750 had any of those restrictions.  It was usually some sort of combination of carb size, CDI and gearing if it had been neutered.  The mileage is 12,000  (19,000 KM’s on the speedo) and the entry fee is $16,000.   Now that price is a little more interesting.  Low mileage, close to stock and a limited, limited. 

A Yoshimura  Tornado/Bonneville.

Another one and be sure to crank up the music half way through  on this one!


Kawasaki October 28, 2010 posted by

The Crown Strikes Back: Record Setting KR1-S In The UK

Record Setting KR1-S In The UK

I think that is the smile of a man that had just broken a record.  This KR1-S for sale is the current holder of the production 250cc speed record at Bonneville.  Everyone makes claims to sell bikes right?  Well they have the paperwork to prove it and there is a nice write up on the KR Forum about the endeavor.  Long story short, this bike rolled across Bonneville with a two pass average of  136.5 mph.  Very nice for a stock two built back in 1990.  By the way, a KR1 has held the record since 1989.  Kawasaki, why did you give up on these bikes?  On a similar note, check out this work of art, the beautiful but flawed X0-9.  Sure seems like Kawasaki has a history of starting projects and then pulling  the plug rather quickly.

As the title states this KR1 is located in the UK.  The seller states he is only interested in buyers in the UK.  If you are in love but not sipping tea on a regular basis shoot the man an email.  You never know, maybe you can convince him otherwise. 

 Details please:

 Kawasaki KR-1S C2 Black and Green

This KR-1S is arguably the ‘Fastest’ production 250 in the world being the machine that took the 250 production record at Bonneville in August 2007.

The bike is in good condition (some might describe it as very good condition for the age). Piccies are of the bike before it went green mudguard, and as it was at Bonneville. Bike is in one piece but at the moment the bodywork is stored to keep it safe.

Fairing is very clean with no cracks. After coming back from the States the bike has sat in my garage for 3 years so has no tax or MOT currently on a SORN. The vehicle was taxed and had an MOT when it went to the States.

Having decided to sell it, I don’t ride on the road, I have fitted an engine with crank cases tuned to my latest 2010 specification. Barrels have been replated (as I type they haven’t even been run).

UK buyers only bike is advertised elsewhere and will be removed if sold.

Buyer will need to collect

Lets take a little trip down memory lane and pretend you just scored a brochure on the hot new 1990 KR1-S.  If you would like to check out the auction or try to convince the seller to tear down his trade barriers, .


Suzuki May 18, 2010 posted by

1987 Yoshimura Tornado (Bonneville) Replica on Ebay

1987 Yoshimura Tornado (Bonneville) Replica on Ebay

I don’t know about you guys but my eyes lit up when I saw “Yoshimura Tornado” in the auction’s  headline.  Don’t let the replica part get you down, it looks like this bike is loaded with some rare Yoshimura kit parts.  If you aren’t too famaliar with the Tornado’s, here is what I know.  They are Yoshimura’s version of a race replica.  They generally come loaded with every bell and whistle Yoshimura has.  They are extremely rare and not exactly cheap.  They have continued to make them on and off through the years.  Check out Yoshimura Japan and click on the “Complete” tab and you can see some of the more current versions.  Technical  info on the original Tornado (sometimes referred to as a Bonneville by Yoshimura) is hard to come by.   I know it was wrapped in special bodywork and had a hand made aluminum tank that made it stand out from any ordinary GSXR.  Engine wise, all I know is that it was loaded with everything Yoshimura could throw at it but I don’t know specifics.

Before we get to the bike, here is some serious Tornado porn.  I’m guessing this is an official Tornado by the looks of the big gold plate stamped to the frame.  Enjoy!

Here is some eye candy for the bike on auction,  it is screaming out for an official Tornado replica paint scheme:

 Here is a snipit from the auction:

This bike built by Chris Geiter and featured in the June 1994 issue of Sport Rider magazine. Chris built the bike from the ground up and I purchased it from him. For those familiar with the original magazine article, you will notice some differences in the photos, specifically the front brakes and wheel colors. Chris viewed the bike as a work in progress, so that is why. For those unfamiliar with the bike, it is a replica of a very rare Yoshimura edition motorcycle, of which only 3 originals were built. Serial number’s 1 & 2 reside in japan and number three was destroyed/wrecked. Yoshimura USA offered most of the parts to build one, for a very limited time. The problem was that is was quite expensive to do so. The hand crafted aluminum tank with the Yoshimura logo cast into it, alone cost $2500-3000. This bike has one of those tanks. Air-Tech makes a replica tank,  but its made out of fiberglass

You will notice bike has velocity stacks, but has never been run on dirt roads or in dirty/dusty conditions. For that matter, it has never been on a wet road or seen rain. Motor runs very stout. The headlights on this bike are not installed currently, as Chris or I never ran it after dark. The Yosh Tornado’s/Bonnevilles used 1st generation headlights, that simply slid into the headlight bucket and velcroed in place. I have a set of headlights for it. Instrument lights, tail light, etc all function.
My reason for selling is I have an ex-Yosh 1987 superbike I’m restoring, which demands my time and money, so it has taken priority over this bike. I had originally planned on repainting the Bonneville to original colors, of which I’ve compiled many pictures/articles and magazines from Japan showing a great deal of detail from the original bikes, especially the paint scheme.
I would possibly be interested in partial trades, specifically Yosh kit forks from 1987-1989 and/or a Yosh titanium duplex 750 pipe 1986-1992 and Yosh underbraced or top braced swing arms from 1987-1992.
This is a beautiful bike that was put together very nicely. No disappointments.

You’ll have to check the auction out for the whole list of upgrades to the bike.  This is one of those bike you need to jump on if you are interested.  The parts list alone makes me drool.  Of course it looses some points for not being the real thing but if you go down the list of Yoshimura parts it has on it, how can you not be interested?  That tank is a work of art alone.  Anyone want to guess where the auction will end up on price?  .