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Sport Bikes For Sale September 9, 2010 posted by

Heads Up! 1992 Yamaha TZR250 3XV Available In California For Cheap!

This TZR250 is for sale on a familiar forum,  It doesn’t have much info or pictures but, it’s cheap and therefore I’m going to have to assume it isn’t titled.

Here is the sellers description:

1992 TZR2503XV – winter project for next season. All the parts are there, just needs to be slapped back together and get it running. Should do very well in 250SB.

$2300 OBO. Not interested in trades, sorry.

Don’t make me part it out…

PM for more details and pictures.

Thank you

If you’re truly interested, get the bike before the seller posts pictures on BARF here.


Honda March 31, 2010 posted by

2004 Honda CBR150R Titled In California

We’ve seen this CBR150R but, it’s available again from a different seller.  Located in San Jose, California is a 2004 CBR150R with 5,173 miles–that actually might be km as that is what the previous owner stated the mileage in.  This bike has been fitted with Keihin 28mm carb, K&N filter, Endurance full exhaust system, CDI, and since being in new ownership, adjustable levers and Bridgestone BT16’s with 50 miles.  This bike is the four stroke replacement for the NSR150 that was very popular.  The asking price hasn’t changed on this bike even with the addition of the new tires and levers.  See the original posting here.  See the current ad on here.


Ducati March 13, 2010 posted by

2004 Ducati 998S Final Edition In California

Here is another 998S Final Edition with some expensive modifications.  Located in Fremont, California is a 2004 Ducati 998S Final Edition.  Ducati says that only 112 of these were brought into the U.S. and that they were only avialable as a special order.  This example has a laundry list of mods as do many Ducati’s, they include:

Mag Marches , DP C/F head light bucket and stays , intake runners ,under tail air box , front and rear fenders , V shroud , FBF risers , EVO slave , CRG levers , STM btreather , EVO low temp switch , relocated battery , geared , Termi exhaust and ECU , tt rear sets very adjustable , DP seat , led rear light , tall screen , a set of track plastics , stands , DP C/F mirrors , NCR cap , STM slipper alloy basket and plates ,STM rotor buttons front and rear , STM Ti wire guard ,milled rs cover , Nichols FW ,unobtainium drilled rear rotor.

Normally we favor completely original bikes as they will hold their value in the longer run but, when the modifications include such names as Marchesini, Fast By Ferracci, and NCR, things can be overlooked.  The seller dosen’t state what he is looking to get out of the bike but he does say that “…clean stockers go in the 12s.”; suggesting that he is looking for more than that.  I posted another modified 998 FE last week with 9,500 miles and an asking price of $8,500 which should give you a relative value of this bike depending on miles.  The seller does not list mileage for this bike but it does look to be in very good condition from the pictures.  The Arizona bike shouldn’t be a definitive comparison to this California bike as this one has Marchesinis as the big ticket item and unknown mileage.  It should also be know that, if you’re looking to bring a 998S Final Edition into California, they are all California spec bikes no matter where they were originally sold.  If you’re into this 998S FE, head over to BayAreaRidersForum to see the bike here and see if you can talk the seller out of it.


Honda February 4, 2010 posted by

1995 Honda RVF400R NC35 Track/Race Bike

How about a RVF400R track bike?  Sure!  Located in Oakland, California is a 1995 Honda RVF400R sold on a bill of sale only.  This bike has been raced in the AFM from 2004 through 2005.  The bike comes fitted with a Penske twin clicker rear shock, HRC velocity stacks, and a Yamamoto Spec-A exhaust–a very sexy shotgun design.  List of work and spares:

Suspension work:
Mar ’04 at Buttonwillow, Racetech added Gold Valves; compression stack CH 34 with a .15 preload.
Oct ’04 – Aftershocks added Racetech .90 springs, seals and 450cc 5wt oil (120 ~ 125mm from the top).

Apr ’05 – Aftershocks serviced shock

GP Frame & Wheel digitized the frame; it needed very little work or straightening.

Motor was gone through – no wear found. All the same, we replaced the following:
New valve springs and stem seals, crankshaft bearings & con-rod bearings, rubber carb boots, all gaskets, piston rings, all engine seals, new oil pump, spark plugs. Less than six race weekends on this motor. OEM parts purchased through GForce – I did the work.

BRG slotted cams installed <sweeet >

Sept ’07 – BRG tuned to run on stock airbox, no air-filter, with Spec-A Yamamoto Racing exhaust.
Has Factory jets, RLR Motorsports (UK) emulsion tubes, HRC velocity stacks.

On BRG’s (unforgiving) MD750 EC dyno with Factory software, it showed 52.3 HP with 91 oct pump gas.
(For comparison, Patrick Ho stated on BARF that a Performance Concepts FZR400 (413 cc) in prod trim typically showed 59 ~ 61 HP on Werkstatt’s EC977 dyno, while BRG’s MD750, (twin roller dyno), would read 10 ~ 12 HP lower.)


Haynes Manual
Pitbull stand, rear

Spare parts NEW:

Valve keepers (2)
Brake caliper seals (4 sets) 06451-KV3-406
Brake caliper seals (4 sets) 06451-KV3-405
Front master cylinder kit (1) 45530-KV3-305
Clutch springs (1 set – 3 springs) 22440-MR8-901
Throttle tube (1) 53140-KT8-710
Rectifier (Honda replacement for OEM) 31600-MV4-010

Spare parts USED:

A 3/4 exhaust system (uses stock front pipes) that original came with the bike.
ZERO – Moriwaki Engineering LTD, Suzuka Japan Duel exhaust, left side mount, shotgun (over/under) style.
Stainless steel pipes, cans (internally gutted) are (heavy) steel with carbon fiber covering.

Coolant overflow tank
Left, right passenger pegs
Rear AFAM sprocket – 40T (520)
Front sprocket – 15T
OEM fork springs
Throttle cables A & B
Clutch cable
Right side OEM rear set (bracket and brake lever)
Bag-O-used parts from engine rebuild

This appears to be a decent track or race bike if you’re into these 400’s.  A decent spares package to get you by, especially if you’re just out to track the bike.  The asking price is $4,950.  See the bike on here.  See more photos of the bike here.