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Laverda December 13, 2012 posted by

1999 Laverda Formula 750S For Sale in Idaho for $6000

1999 Laverda 750S Formula For Sale

As the seller correctly points out, these were sold in very limited numbers from the start. But what they lacked in overall power of the day they more than made up for in terms of aesthetics and quality components.


1999 Laverda Formula 750S For Sale on eBay

From the seller:

This is a one in a million as far as bikes go. If you are looking for a bike to add to your collection this is a good one. If you are not familiar with Laverda then it will be a fun learning experience. This bike is only ONE OF SEVENTY FIVE that were imported in 1999. It is a rare bike but it still rides excellently! The only reason that I am listing this is that I have a massive amount of respect for this bike and i dont have the means to treat the bike the way that it deserves and I am looking to buy a house. I only have a few pictures of it currently but i will get more up when i get the chance/request. There is a lot of extras that will be going with this so i am going to try and list all of them but will more than likely miss something.

It comes with an extra set of the stock hand made Marchasini rims and stock tires front and rear. It has a seat on the back for the passenger currently and It will include the original hard cover as well as the handle. It has multiple air and oil filters included for the next 5 years or so. (oil was changed with royal purple every time) The is and extra air box where a gas tank would be on a normal bike. There is an extra seat included as well. The mirrors were removed for a more “streamline” look but the originals are still in the packaging. There is a few extra faring piece as well. The main crazy extra is a complete new bottom engine case never been used. And this is all I can recall off of memory alone.

The bike runs excellent and has ALWAYS been garaged. It is currently hooked up to a battery tenderer and started every so often to ensure that it is running fine. The bike is almost completely stock except for a slightly more aggressive chip tuning and a few electrical mods to fix some common bugs. The bike will include about a foot deep of extra information and detailed manuals and detailed labor or all previous work that has been performed on the bike.

Again, this bike is very special to me and i don’t want it to go to just anyone. I want someone who will take it and appreciate the machine for what it really is. It is very rare and turns heads everywhere it goes. It has been a best in show nomination at several car and motorcycle shows




Laverda June 8, 2011 posted by

1999 Laverda 750S For Sale in the Bay Area

Always nice to see something from Italy a little different and this Laverda twin is something different.  This bike has a strong following for those who have been exposed but for many others it remains an unknown.  The bike has a very strong engine which is a parallel twin and was put together with high quality components.  For a little bit of background reading try here. They were always highly regarded in the handling department.

The seller shares a bit of background:

Laverda 750s 1999 This is a very unique bike, it can be considered the alternative to the Ducati 748. Bike is a head turner not mention the sound. It has a very deep lope as it is a parallel twin and fires 180 from each other. The power comes best on the top end rather then a low end. If I have to say my favorite part of the bike besides its performance is the sound, the D&D pipes literally make the ground shake, and when the throttle is cracked your heart jumps.
The bike feels very planted in the corners, front brakes feel awesome and the best ive feel ive felt compared to all the newer Japanese bikes. The power is comes in midrange and pulls hard to redline. This if defiantly a bike to take to the twisys. It has a lot of character, very raw and a sense of pride when riding the bike. Has a new pilot power 2CT and a new rear sprocket, tire has maybe 500 miles and is broken in. its been laid down on the left and the only physical damage you can see is a little scrape on the pipe, and clutch perch. The Plastics are from the rare formula S, which I understand only 500 were imported. The plastic has a little damage on the right side but has been touched up and wont notice if you look close. Over all the bike is clean, and has some very nice Factory parts such as Little bit of carbon fiber, and remote reservoir rear shock, brembo hydraulic clutch, rear sets. This is your chance to own a very rare bike. You wont see this everyday.

has about 10,000 miles

Rare Italian made beauty;1999 Laverda 750S with 750SF Formula body work
750cc Parallel twin , DOHC, 408 lbs dry weight, Upgraded Eprom chip, D & D pipes
Factory installed high quality items;
*Marchesini hollow rims
*Steel braided brake lines
*Brembo 4 piston calipers with opposed pistons
*320mm rotors
*Paioli inverted front forks
*Weber Marelli fuel injection with twin throttle bodies.
*Weber-Marelli digital electronic ignition.
*Fuel tank mounted underneath the seat to lower weight
*Battery mounted underneath fuel tank to lower weight

The listing on Craigslist is here

This has been a long favourite bike for me and over the years have bid on a few.  The asking price is fair I think at $4200 as the bike is not fully original with the change in bodywork.  If it is in good condition save for the scratches mentioned, then this could be a nice buy for a lucky person.


Laverda November 9, 2008 posted by

2 Laverda Formula’s For Sale Right Now

I love the classic orange Laverda’s and stumbled across this first one while taking the temperature for examples currently available for sale. It’s a 1999 and according to the seller of this Laverda 750 Formula, it only has 2500 miles! Check it out on San Fran Craigslist for only $5500:

quote from seller’s Craigslist ad:

Hey collecters, here is a super rare 1999 Laverda Formula S 750 in near mint condition. Only 3900KM(2500mi). This is a stunning bike to look at. These are ultra rare as just a handfull where built and few where imported to this country. This bike has a 750cc fuel injected parallel twin, six speed, aluminum fram, fully adjustable suspension, Marchasini wheels and Brembo brakes, and carbon fiber body panels. Put this bike in your collection now. You will not find another this clean or affordable. $5500

After spotting the first one, I decided to narrow my focus to the Formula model and found another in North Carolina for $6400 (Craigslist):

quote from seller’s listing on Craigslist:

One of a kind Italian SuperSport Motorcycle – Must see to appreciate – Very Rare – 1 of 2 in N. C. Stunning black & orange paint scheme, Paoli Suspension, carbon fiber fenders, Termi exhaust with chip, 100+ horsepower, always garage kept, never dropped, 26k kilometers (15,600 miles). Well maintained by a local professional mechanic.

I once had the chance to ride one of these brand new. We were visiting my parents who live north of Indy. Naturally I made sure we stopped by the Laverda dealership and checked out the gorgeous 750 Formula. He offered me a test ride on the spot and even offered a helmet. I declined without a jacket and other gear, especially as my then girlfriend (and future wife) was giving me the big time stop sign not to leave her alone at the dealership. In retrospect I should’ve taken the heat, but hindsight is 50/50 they say. My in person reaction as a young man was that while very attractive, it was overpriced for what it was. Years later seeing these examples, I’m more curious now than I was then. Especially with these asking prices considering their rarity.

Laverda 750 Formula Video:

If you’re a fan of Laverda motorcycles, you have to check out the ‘the Perfect Corner’ YouTube videos. This guy is a Laverda collector enthusiast and has filmed many of his rides and adventures. Not only a must see for fans of the mark, but also one of only a couple 750 Formula videos online: