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Ducati April 25, 2010 posted by

1993 Ducati Supersport 900 with low miles and in excellent shape!

1993 Ducati Supersport with only 7,589 original miles.

UPDATE: bike sold for $7,000

This one is said to be part of a larger collection in Torrance,CA, but by looking at the pictures it appears it’s a lost Duc in tall weeds… okay so that wasn’t funny. But, it does appear to be part of a car collection and not a bike collection. Hey, it was just an observation….

Listed and no reserve to stop you.

In 1993 these pumped out a whopping 78hp and a neck breaking 61 pound feet of torque (heck, I don’t think my 07 Civic has that much). Pimped out in traditional Ducati red this one appears to be as it left the factory. The 7,589 miles appear to have been very, very pampered as it still shines like it where sitting on the showroom floor. Although, not the rarest bike I’ve ever posted on RSBFS it slides in under the radar as a Gloria Gaynor ‘survivor’.

Have a look for yourself: Wait a second… is that Guido from the movie Cars in the background?

Quote from the listing:

I have owned the Ducati for 11 years. I purchased it from it’s original owner on February 27,1999. The seller was a Engineer and took real good care of it. He purchased the bike from European Cycles in Garden Grove, California. I purchased it with 7,000 original miles and now it has only 589 more miles. I own lots of vehicles and mainly used the bike as a display piece in my collection. This is a Collector Grade Ducati. It is probably one of the most original and well kept 1993 Supersport that you will find.

I like it and would be as proud to own it as the current owner.



Ducati April 3, 2010 posted by

1993 Ducati 900SS/SL Superlight #814 Of 900

Here is another very nice Superlight with reasonably low miles.  Located in Turner, Maine is a 1993 Ducati 900SL Superlight with 5,200 original miles.  This is the same bike we saw in February with a broken motor.  The current seller states that they replaced the motor with one from a 1995 900SS; the valves were adjusted, new belts installed, and an oil and filter change.  The seller doesn’t mention mileage on the new motor.  The original motor is available with the bike.  The Superlights weren’t that much different from the standard 900SS–excluding the wheels, mono seat, and some other bits–making the change not that detrimental to someone who plans on using this bike.  This bike sold on February 20, 2010 for $5,700.  $5.7k is a good price for a SL but it did have a bad motor, we’ll see how much this new seller can make with forty days invested and a new motor–the Buy-It-Now price is $9,500.  This bike might be a good buy for someone planning on using their SL but, as with all auctions, don’t get caught up and pay premium money for a storied bike.  See the original eBay ad here.  Watch the bidding for this SL on eBay .


Ducati March 5, 2010 posted by

1987 Ducati 750 F1 Laguna Seca With Less Than 1000 Miles!

This is a fantastic 750 F1 Laguna Seca with less than 1000 original miles!  Located in Diamond Bar, California is a 1987 Ducati 750 F1 Laguna Seca with 1,200km (745mi).  This bike is said to be in fantastic condition with recent service history and a new battery.  The bike is entirely original–although the red wheel centers look to now be white or silver–and the owners manual is included with the bike.  We saw another Laguna Seca on eBay last year which can be seen here.  This bike was released to commemorate Marco Lucchinelli’s success in the Battle of the Twins series at Laguna Seca.  The Laguna Seca edition differs from the Montjuich edition in that it has different exhaust & rearset mounts, different cylinder heads, alloy swing arm and steel tank.  The seller states that only 200 of these were produced.  The asking price is $18,500.  See the bike on Craigslist here.