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Ducati March 11, 2017 posted by

Rebuilt Racer: 1999 Ducati 748RS for Sale

The Ducati 916/748 was the poster child for performance motorcycles throughout its production, with the same sort of ubiquity the Lamborghini Countach enjoyed in its heyday. With so many of them made over such a long timeframe, it’s easy to forget how huge an impact the bike had when it was new: Tamburini’s creation may have been uncomfortable, temperamental, and expensive, but Ducati sold streetbikes so they could go racing, not the other way around. Which makes today’s 748RS one of the purest Ducatis you can buy, aside from a used World Superbike machine.

The 748 was the baby-brother to the 916 and came in standard, S, R, and RS flavors. Naturally, the RS was the trickest of the bunch, a pure factory racebike with plenty of trick parts and a highly-strung engine with maintenance requirements to match. The 748cc v-twin was pitched against 600cc inline fours and the displacement bump allowed by World Supersport rules helped the Ducati compete, but heavily-revised internals were also required to keep them on relatively equal footing. Wild cams opened RS-specific valves to make the 124hp needed, while a 54mm Termignoni exhaust ferried exhaust gasses to the undertail “mufflers.”

As you’d expect, the bike features a close-ratio gearbox, high-end suspension, and extensive use of lightweight materials, including bodywork and a simplified wiring loom, as this was never intended to be used on the road and obviously didn’t need connections for lights and other legal requirements.

From the original eBay listing: 1999 Ducati 748RS for Sale

A motorcycle like this only comes up for sale once in a blue moon. This is a completely rebuilt 1999 Ducati 748RS (Corsa) factory race bike. This particular machine was used in the AMA Pro Thunder Championship which was won by Shawn Conrad. The machine as it sits, is effectively new. It has been rebuilt from the ground up and any part not 100% has been replaced. The engine was rebuilt by Chris Boy’s team at Motocorse Ducati in Fort Lauderdale and has zero miles, zero time on it. Everything has been refurbished except the side panels which are original and “as raced”. This is again, a factory race bike and ready for your living room or to take racing or for track days. There is no title as this is a factory race bike.  The Ducati factory can confirm it is as stated. I can assist with shipping but the costs are all to the buyers account.

Those of you without deep pockets, beware: this is no tarted-up roadbike converted to track duty, and parts can be very expensive, even if you’re used to Ducati’s regular belt changes and valve-adjustment: rumor has it, you’ll be swapping out those valves [and rockers!] out every 750 km or so. The bike is listed with a $13,499 starting bid, no takers and several days left on the auction. That’s big money for a 748 but seems pretty reasonable for an RS, especially one with legitimate race history, a complete rebuild, and a bit of as-raced patina. From the seller’s description, this one’s basically ready to race or display!


Rebuilt Racer: 1999 Ducati 748RS for Sale
Yamaha July 12, 2016 posted by

The Real Thing Redux: 1999 Yamaha R7 for Sale

1999 Yamaha R7 L Front

A pure homologation special never intended for mass-production, the Yamaha YZF-R7 OW02 was a spiritual successor to the storied OW01 that took the fight to the famous Honda RC30 and the Ducati 851 Corsa featured this past weekend. But where the Honda used a different engine configuration than their more common mass production sportbikes and introduced a host of other parts that looked as trick as their specs would suggest, Yamaha’s superbike special appeared, at a glance, to be just a hopped-up YZF-750R. In reality, it was every bit as exotic as Honda’s V4 machine. By the time the R7 rolled around, Yamaha didn’t even have a 750 sportbike in production, which gave the R7 at least a little bit more exotic cachet when new. Looking very much like a slightly bulkier R6 or an R1 with smaller headlights, the familial resemblance is unmistakable, at least on examples that actually have headlights…

1999 Yamaha R7 L Rear

Sold for just two years, the R7 was discontinued after the disappointing performance of Yamaha’s WSBK team. To keep the racing competitive and encourage different manufacturers to participate, twins like Ducati’s 916 were allowed a displacement advantage to overcome their relative lack of power compared to four-cylinder machines. But parity is a moving target in racing and, by the late 1990s, the rules started to favor the v-twin bikes so even Honda switched to a new, two-cylinder engine configuration in order to compete.

1999 Yamaha R7 Engine

Equally disappointing was the R7 road bike’s tested performance: by 1999, emissions laws had evolved far past a point where it was possible to ride your racebike to the track, pull off the lights, win a race, then ride it home. The result? A dead stock, the R7 made just 106hp, on-par for 750cc sportbikes of the era, but very disappointing for a pricey exotic. That problem could easily be fixed by activating the second set of injectors sleeping within the motor and fitting a revised airbox that gave a ram-air effect, but the full 162hp also shortened service life of the engine. None of which was an issue if you planned to race your R7, but a bit of an issue if you wanted to use it on the road.

1999 Yamaha R7 Dash

I’m not sure the bike was ever officially sold for road use here in the USA, although I’m sure there are a few kicking around in states with looser regulations. That’s hardly a problem here, since this is a racebike.

From the original eBay listing: 1999 Yamaha R7 for Sale

Don’t miss Your chance to become an owner of very rare Yamaha YZF-R7. Only 500 was made. All documents in order, customs clearance. Very good condition. Can be delivered anywhere in Europe.

In 2001, the Russian company PANAVTO became the general sponsor of the Spanish racing team, taking on board the highly positioned at the time the Spaniard Juan Bautista Borja. It has at its disposal one of the most famous in the world, but same time very rare bike – Yamaha R7 (OW02). It was most advanced racing motorcycle for the World Superbike that time. It was the first and not the most successful attempt to join the Russians in WSBK, as the costs of participation in the series proved to be much more serious than it was then assumed management of the company, and Juan Borge managed to earn 12 points for the season, becoming the 33rd on its results (out of 44 pilots, published at the start at least once).

1999 Yamaha R7 ClutchThe R7 is a very exotic and desirable motorcycle, and this genuine World Superbike-prepped machine offers up tons of legitimate race-track performance, along with that eye-watering $29,000 Buy It Now price. So far there hasn’t been much interest, but is that because of the price, this bike’s undistinguished racing history, or because the bike currently resides in far-flung Latvia? Is someone out there brave enough to drop nearly $30k on a very exotic track-day toy? Let’s hope so.


1999 Yamaha R7 R Front

The Real Thing Redux: 1999 Yamaha R7 for Sale
Suzuki May 19, 2016 posted by

Smaller, But Still Sharp: 1999 Suzuki GSX400S Katana for Sale

1999 Suzuki Katana 400 R Side Front

Introduced in Europe in 1981, the Suzuki GSX1100S “Katana” and its littler siblings like this rare, apparently very late-production GSX400S stunned the motorcycle buying public. A quick glance at bikes available from other manufacturers at the time shows us deep in the era of the Universal Japanese Motorcycle, and the Big Four were clearly following, not leading, when it came to styling. The angular design of the Katana’s tank, a tiny quarter-fairing, that compact dash with nearly overlapping gauges, the strange, squared-off seat… it was almost enough to distract you from the fact that the bike was basically a restyled GS1100.

1999 Suzuki Katana 400 L Side

The mechanical components were very conventional: twin-shock rear suspension and the… um, familiar air/oil-cooled inline four cylinder backed by a five-speed gearbox, along with a 19” front and 17” rear wheel combination. The GSX-R that followed updated the mechanicals to match Suzuki’s radical styling but, at the time, those GS bits were deemed sufficient. And they were: the bike handled well enough and proved to be very popular. It wasn’t cutting-edge technology, but the GS was already a solid performer and that engine is powerful, reliable, and can be made to really perform with a wealth of hop-up parts and a vast resource of tuning knowledge pulled from decades of drag and road-racing experience.

1999 Suzuki Katana 400 Dash

Interestingly, the US actually got a smaller, 998cc engine for their “GSX1000S” when it arrived in 1982 to squeak under the 1025cc limit for Superbike racing, but it’s still a big, burly performer. But this little Katana throws that all out the window. I’m assuming the bike was intended for the Japanese home market and I’d expect the engine is basically shared with the 400 Bandit. There’s nothing wrong with the little Bandit, but the Katana’s small-block Chevy quality and a good deal of the bike’s brutally simplistic charm is gone.

1999 Suzuki Katana 400 Engine

From the original eBay listing: 1999 Suzki GSX400S Katana for Sale

Located in Santa Ana, California. This bike has 2273 KM = 1363 Miles. This is a true low KM original bike. The carbs were cleaned about 10 months ago. They do need a light cleaning now because the bike has been sitting. This bike is being sold with a bill of sale only. I don’t have a title for the bike and can not get one, so don’t ask. More info is available on our website. If you overseas or Canadian buyer, you will have to make your own shipping arrangements. I can help USA buyers with the shipping, or you can arrange your own shipper. Bike is being sold as is, no returns. Ask questions and look at the pictures carefully before you bid. Again, this bike is being sold with a bill of sale only, NO TITLE. 

1999 Suzuki Katana 400 FR

Aside from some wear on the seat fabric, the bike does look very clean and in good shape. So this little Katana is certainly rare, especially here in the US, but does that make it especially valuable? The seller is looking for an $8,000 starting bid and the bike doesn’t come with a title, not a surprise but a bit of a problem for anyone who wants to do more than display the it, unless they live in a state with a very permissive DMV. The Katana does make a pretty great display piece, and are seeing an increase in value. They’re striking and very practical, with good parts availability, decent handling, and some pretty big power available from that lump of an engine. But considering that a good 998cc Katana would likely run you less than what this seller is hoping to get, will look almost identical, and be much faster, I think the novelty actually works against it here.


1999 Suzuki Katana 400 R Side

Smaller, But Still Sharp: 1999 Suzuki GSX400S Katana for Sale
Suzuki December 7, 2015 posted by

The Italian Alternative: 1999 Suzuki TL1000R for Sale

1999 Suzuki TL1000R L Side

In the late 1990s, manufacturers of sportbikes had basically given up on the v-twin like the one that powers this Suzuki TL1000R. Twins could still be found in smaller bikes, but serious sport machines had mostly moved onto the inline-four configuration. Except, of course, for Ducati and they probably stuck with it because they couldn’t afford to develop an all-new four-cylinder engine. But the highly-evolved Pantah engine, now fitted with water-cooling and four-valve heads made a big splash in World Superbike racing in the 851 and 916 that followed, thanks to good aerodynamics and rules that favored big twins. So other manufacturers stepped up with their own v-twin sportbikes, and the TL1000R was the bike Suzuki hoped would compete against the bikes from Bologna.

1999 Suzuki TL1000R L Side Front

Introduced in 1998, just a year after the half-faired TL1000S, the TL-R was built for just a few years and production ceased in 2003. The bike itself was a bit of a failure, as it didn’t really compete with the 916 in terms of sex appeal: that duck-tailed styling is a bit odd, and the broad fairing feels more inline-four and less v-twin.

1999 Suzuki TL1000R Dash

And the handling was an even bigger problem: to save space and keep the wheelbase short, Suzuki fitted a rotary damper to their twins. The concept is certainly sound, but the TL’s was too small, which caused the unit to overheat and lose its dampening. The result was a tendency to tank-slap and the original S was considered a bit of a “widowmaker.”

1999 Suzuki TL1000R Tank

But you can’t really argue with the engine, and that 135bhp lump found its way into a pretty wide variety of machines over the years, including a couple of Bimotas. When the TL-R was introduced, some reviewers felt it was almost inline-four like in terms of its power delivery, with a top-end biased delivery. But its still torquey, reliable, and sounds great with a set of aftermarket cans.

1999 Suzuki TL1000R R Side Tail

From the original eBay listing: 1999 Suzuki TL1000R for Sale

Up for sale is a fantastic condition fuel injected 1999 Suzuki TL1000R with 15,900 miles on it. This bike has great personality, tons of highend power, super fast but easily controllable, and has great handling. This bike would make a great weekend twisty runner, commuter bike, or fully at home on the track. It is extremely fun to ride. It rides very smooth and is faster than just about any bike in the twistys. Its a fantastic mixture of lightweight body/frame and the perfect amount of power for the street. You wont be disappointed with this bike. Thousands of dollars in aftermarket goodies and hundreds spent on recent maintence items. This bike is ready to hop on and ride.

The bike has thousands of dollars in aftermarket upgrades and accessories below is a list:

1. Full M4 Stainless steel exhaust system with Carbon cans (This exhaust sounds just like a Jap bike should)

2. Carbon Fiber Rear Hugger

3. Carbon Fiber look Air Dam Surrounds

4. Shorty turn signals front and rear

5. Smoked Windscreen

6. Tank Protector

5. Chrome swingarm spools

Here is a list of recent maintence items done to the bike (All done within 100miles)

1. New Avon tires installed (Front and Rear)

2. Brand new oil and filter (Synth oil)

3. Chain adjusted and oiled

4. Steering stem bearings cleaned and repacked with fresh grease

5. Front and rear axle bearings cleaned and repacked with fresh grease

6. Valves checked and found in spec at 12k

1999 Suzuki TL1000R L Side Rear

The seller also includes a helpful startup and walk-around video.

These change hands for shocking small sums these days, so it’s a pleasure to find one that’s so clean. Mileage is relatively low and, aside from the pipes and those questionable front turn signals, appears to be pretty stock. The seller doesn’t mention whether or not this bike has had a conventional shock fitted to replace the rotary unit, a modification that is well-worth doing and generally solves the issues with the handling.

I prefer these in traditional Suzuki blue-and-white colors, but no matter what color, the TL-R makes a great, charismatic roadbike with v-twin sound and Japanese reliability, all for chump change.


1999 Suzuki TL1000R R Side

The Italian Alternative: 1999 Suzuki TL1000R for Sale
Aprilia November 4, 2015 posted by

The Perfect Holiday Stocking-Stuffer: 1999 Aprilia RS50 for Sale

1999 Aprilia RS50 R Front

In spite of its tiny displacement, by US standards at least, the Aprilia RS250 is not a toy. The RS50 on the other hand? Possibly a toy. But a very serious toy: this may have the displacement of a scooter and may not even require a motorcycle license endorsement in some states, but it’s a real motorcycle, in miniature.

1999 Aprilia RS50 Dash

From twenty feet away, you could easily be forgiven for mistaking this for it’s larger, 250cc sibling, or even a sports 600 if you’re not into Aprilias. With disc brakes front and rear, a set of 40mm upside-down forks in the front, complete instrumentation, and a six-speed gearbox, it’s got all the features of a genuine sportbike.

1999 Aprilia RS50 R Rear

Powered by a 49.7cc two-stroke single, the RS50 does offer pretty limited straight-line performance. Originally, these were generally restricted to just 30mph, but de-restricted, they’re good for an honest 50 or 60mph, which is plenty fast for something powered by an engine the size of your average leaf-blower…

From the original eBay listing: 1999 Aprilia RS50 for Sale

Condition is like new, purchased and titled in Idaho, shipped by original dealer to California.

After delivery, started once and rode it for 2 miles to make sure everything worked. Then put in office behind plate glass as display/decoration with several other Ducati, Triumph and Moto Guzzi motorcycles.

Never sat on or started since. Sold as is with no warranty what so ever.

Registration has expired. Clean title of course

Before display, battery were removed, fuel stabilizer poured in tank, carburetor was “drained” by turning the pet cock to off position and run the fuel dry.

Indoor all its life, behind plate glass and never disturbed.

Local buyer preferred, Shipping is to be arranged by non local buyer to pick up and crate the motorcycle.

Photos were taken this afternoon (10-31-2015), after removal from office and transported to owner’s garage. Check the photos carefully, tires still have unworn nubs, all control show NO wears. This is about as new as a 2 stroke fly weight pocket rocket you can still buy today.

1999 Aprilia RS50 Grip

Weighing in at a svelte 197lbs dry, this should be very easy to load into a pick up or onto a trailer to take to the track. And track this you should: with a top speed of 65mph with the help of a tailwind, road use is going to be limited, to say the least. But people race these in MiniGP classes often held on kart tracks against similar bikes from Honda, Derbi, Yamaha, and Suzuki. And if road use is what you want, you can certainly drop in a 70 or 80cc kit to make yourself and extra… couple horsepower. But given the 8hp or so the bike has to begin with, and extra two or three ponies is nothing to sneeze at.

1999 Aprilia RS50 Seat

The starting bid of $3,279.00 has no takers as yet, with 3 days left on the auction. Certainly, considering what Honda CT70s are going for these days, that seems like a pretty good deal and appears to be in perfect condition, with just 9 miles on the odometer. Nostalgia aside, that vintage machine doesn’t offer nearly the sex appeal or opportunity for track-day trouble of this little bike.


1999 Aprilia RS50 L Front

The Perfect Holiday Stocking-Stuffer: 1999 Aprilia RS50 for Sale
Sport Bikes For Sale August 17, 2015 posted by

Rare Sport Bike PARTS for Sale: Signed Carl Fogarty Racebike Fairing

1999 Ducati 996 Race Fairing Carl Fogarty1Well this is a cool bit of racing memorabilia, World Supberbike superstar Carl Fogarty’s race-winning Ducati fairing, hand-signed by Foggy himself.

Not only was Carl Fogarty one of the most famous riders in World Superbike history as well as the most successful, this bit is from the bike he won his very last race on, to lock in his fourth championship for Ducati. The very next year, he was involved in a career-ending crash although he was later active as a race team owner and manager.

Famous for being ruthlessly competitive and very outspoken, you can also see he was very… left-handed from that signature’s slant.

1999 Ducati 996 Race Fairing Carl Fogarty2

From the original eBay listing: Carl Fogarty’s Championship Winning Ducati 996 Hand Signed Fairing

Up for auction is a very unique and interesting piece of motorcycle racing history!

Carl Fogarty won 4 World Superbike Championships and this is the fairing of his Ducati 996 after he clinched his 4th WSB title at Hockenheim in 1999. It is hand signed and still has the bugs from that final race plastered all over the fairing.

Foggy retired in 2000 as the winning-est rider in Superbike history with 59 wins, 109 podiums and four world championships.

Good luck…

The starting bid is $6,9995 with no takers as yet and 4 days left on the auction. I’ve really no idea if that’s a fair price or not, since it’s not the kind of item that comes up for sale too often. Certainly, Carl Fogarty is one of the biggest names in the history of WSBK competition, and the signed fairing from the bike he used to win his fourth championship title is something any race fan would want.

This is the second time the fairing has been posted on eBay, and the first ended with no takers as well. Is the seller asking too much, or has it just not found the right buyer yet?


1999 Ducati 996 Race Fairing Carl Fogarty3

Rare Sport Bike PARTS for Sale: Signed Carl Fogarty Racebike Fairing
Yamaha August 6, 2015 posted by

Second Coming: 1999 Yamaha YZF-R7 OW02 for Sale

1999 Yamaha R7 R Side Front

Introduced in 1999 and sold for just two years, the exotic Yamaha YZF-R7 OW02 was the long-awaited successor to the OW01 of the late 1980’s, a barely-legal roadbike intended to homologate the R7 for World Superbike competition. But after just two years, Yamaha pulled the plug on the bike and their WSBK team as well. Was it because Yamaha felt their inline four couldn’t be competitive in a series whose rules heavily favored v-twins? Possibly: even Honda gave up on their RC45 to run twins, a move which saw them achieve the success they’d been seeking, but unable to find with their V4 superbikes.

1999 Yamaha R7 Tank

Regardless, the R7 featured tiny details all over the bike that made it more than just another roadbike: the steering geometry could be changed to suit rider preference, with rake, trail, and the steering head all adjustable. The 749cc engine, as you’d expect, featured Yamaha’s five-valve heads. Dead stock, the bike made a disappointing 106hp, but that was simply to appease emissions and safety legislation. Each bike has a second, dormant set of injectors that could be activated. Along with a race-kit and a carbon airbox that added a ram-air effect, the two sets of injectors unleashed the full race-spec 162hp.

1999 Yamaha R7 Tail

Of course, this led to a corresponding loss of reliability. Hardly a concern for race teams, but a bit of problem if you wanted to use your R7 on the road. Some owners just said “screw it” and fitted an R1 engine, which seems sacrilegious, until you realize the swap probably captures the R7 experience in terms of power, if not in terms of the original engine’s appetite for revs…

1999 Yamaha R7 Radiator

From the original eBay listing: 1999 Yamaha YZF-R7 OW02 for Sale

The bike is in excellent mechanical and cosmetic condition with only 6490 Kilometers (4032 Miles). The Yamaha YZF-R7 OW02 is a race homologation motorcycle of limited production run of only 500 units. It was designed to compete in the Superbike World Championship and Suzuka 8 Hours endurance races.

The second set of fuel injectors have been activated (only 4 of 8 are activated from the factory), also included are the supporting YEC kit parts:
carbon fiber airbox
velocity stacks
throttle and cables
fuel pump
fuel regulator

I also have the OEM versions of these parts.

When the power is turned on to the bike, the oil light flashes 5 times, meaning the ECU supports
all 8 fuel injectors being activated.

This R7 had the crank recall done at Wilson Yamaha in Fresno California where the bike was originally purchased.

Also, this R7 is titled and plated in CA. There are no back DMV fees due, the bike is in non-operation status.

I also have the factory assembly manual and YEC kit manual.

1999 Yamaha R7 R Side Peg

As is so often the case, I’d love some better photographs: seriously, if you upload them and realize they’re kinda blurry, you can go back and reshoot them. Especially if you’re expecting top-dollar for your bike.

And with a Buy It Now price of $22,000 the seller certainly is. Although with some pretty serious bidding going on, it looks like the market isn’t caring so much about those poor-quality photos…


1999 Yamaha R7 R Side

Second Coming: 1999 Yamaha YZF-R7 OW02 for Sale
Aprilia March 4, 2015 posted by

Almost Too Nice to Track. Almost: 1999 Aprilia RS250 Cup for Sale

1999 Aprilia RS250 L Side

Much has been written about the little Aprilia RS250 on this site, about its “GP machine for the masses” character and handling, and its snarly little two-stroke v-twin borrowed from the Suzuki RGV250 and revised for improved power. Introduced in 1995 and produced in several iterations that were road-legal up until about 2002, the RS250 represents a purity of purpose and a balance of power, handling, and character we may never see again.

1999 Aprilia RS250 R Side Fairing

The “Cup” in the name refers to a one-make racing series run in the USA as emissions laws were strangling the little two-stroke and forcing it into an early grave. Cup races pit riders [or drivers] against each other using virtually identical machinery, making for fantastically close competition and drawing positive attention to the manufacturer.

1999 Aprilia RS250 L side Swingarm

This example is almost perfect, considering its original mission as a race bike and would make an ideal mount for a track-day junkie who still want their ride to look as good as it goes. If your fairing is currently held together by zip-ties, this is probably not the bike for you.

From the original eBay listing: 1999 Aprilia RS250 Cup for Sale

In excellent condition. Not quite “show room” but close. A few small nicks and scratches but no dings or dents or major detracts from its overall appearance. Clean and well cared for by older enthusiasts. This bike is in exceptional condition and has been ridden conservatively all it’s life by an older rider. We raced one back in the day and finished 2nd in the Aprilia Cup Championship in 2000. Bike located in South Carolina. Nothing like the sound and smell of a 2-stroke! Re-live the “Aprilia Cup” on your own RS250. This is a great, low maintenance track bike for any track junkie. At around 60 – 65 bhp it’s an easy ride.

1999 Aprilia RS250 Front

Well, the power may not be overwhelming, but handling is top shelf, making this is a great bike to hone your skills in the art of cornering. And the nice, but-not-perfect condition just makes it even more ideal for use as a track bike: a few scratches mean you won’t be gutted when you forget it doesn’t have a side-stand and drop it in the pits…

1999 Aprilia RS250 Dash

This is one of my favorite color combinations for the RS250, and the chrome “racing” on the fairing is just a tiny touch of gaudy that works well with the otherwise muted design. I very much prefer the earlier, more traditional dash with the separate tach and easily-removed speedo/idiot light cluster, although this design is very clear and includes a lap-counter to chart your progress.

I really, really want one of these.


1999 Aprilia RS250 R Side

Almost Too Nice to Track. Almost: 1999 Aprilia RS250 Cup for Sale