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Still Stock: 1995 Ducati 916 Strada with 8160 miles

Here is an opportunity for someone to get what looks like a nearly bone stock Ducati 916.  The most pristine versions of these bike only seem to come up for sale at this time of the year so if you want to obtain one of these, it might be now or wait till next year.

916 1

1995 Ducati 916 for sale on ebay

In case you have been living under a rock/in a cave, the 916 was probably “the” bike that introduced Ducati to an entire generation of motorcycle riders.   It won pretty much every magazine’s Bike of the Year award for 1994 and Ducati sold out its entire US production before any actually arrived in the country.

Even though its been 20 years since its introduction it still appears in the top lists of important designs in motorcycle history by authorities like the Guggenheim Museum.  In a retrospective on the 1990s, Motorcyclist magazine simply stated, “1994: Ducati 916 debuts. Did anything else happen that year?

916 3

According to the seller, this one was traded in by an older gentleman.   The 916 had a pretty aggressive riding position so if this one was owned by someone a bit more mature this may explain why the mileage is so low.  It would also help explain how the owner resisted the temptation to modify the bike (such as this example also for sale on ebay).

Here is what the seller has to say about the bike:

Acquired the bike last year from an older gentleman who decided it was time to sell as he was getting a bit to old to handle the sporting characteristics of the Motorcycle.

He had owned the bike for many years and had spent a lot of money on upgrades including a reverse shift pattern, different exhaust as well as suspension.

I had the bike fully serviced last summer with all fluids, plugs and the battery changed.

916 2

Aside from the sellers comments, this one looks to be pretty much stock except for the heat wrapping on the exhausts and a few pics of what looks like replaced parts (bonus points to the seller for including pics of the “extra bits”).

916 4

So whats this 916 worth?  Well this version was the base version (I think also known as the Strada but I’m not sure about that).  A lot of collectors prefer the SP/SPS or RS versions of the 916 or perhaps the later 996/998 which looked pretty much the same.  From what I was able to find out these “base” 916’s seem to be a little less desirable but still look stunning, a tribute to designers Massimo Tamburini and Sergio Robbiano and their team at the Cagiva Research Centre.

Prices for these seem to be hovering around the 7,000 USD mark so the asking price of 6900 USD is right on but it would likely need some new rubber and perhaps a belt service.  Perhaps this is an opportunity for someone who always wanted a 916 to pick one up and just enjoy it without having to worry about resale value.




  • Aftermarket rearsets, CF heat shield on exhaust is not original and the smaller lower heat shield is missing, missing screens in tail section vents (may be missing in the front upper too). aftermarket windscreen, aftermarket clutch cover, non-original rear shock. I suspect that gas tank has been repainted as the wreath decal placement is too far forward on the tank. Bars are oddly mounted above the upper triple tree, as opposed to below. Not the rarer and more desirable earliest Varese production (no V in the serial number).

    The Bologna produced 916s were not that rare and although this bike has relatively few miles on it, it is not really a low mileage bike and could be in more original condition. I’d think a later model similar condition 996 would likely be a better purchase at this price.

  • +1 on what Ray said. Spot on.

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