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Southern Street Fighter: 2011 Confederate Fighter P131

I am sure many can remember the times when a trusted adult told you not to judge a book by it’s cover.  Any motorcycle to come out of the Confederate design house embodies that phrase.  Many could be mistaken to pass it off as just another chopper.  Something that is all style and no substance.  It takes time to notice the details like carbon fiber wheels, Brembo brakes, adjustable suspension and a 131 cubic inch motor making over 160hp at the tire. The construction gives a sense of heft with all the billet work.  Once again the mistake could be made that all the solid chunks of metal mean this is a heavy bike.  At under 460 pounds it is not going to impress a new Ducati Superleggera for sure, but it is no heavy weight from Harley.   The P120 fighter is an extremely bold motorcycle, so it can be excused if it was hard to get down to the details.  Spending time pouring over the details is well rewarded though.  Sight glasses for the oil and gas tanks offer an interesting view.  The looks are as polarizing as the name, but these have a reputation for amazing quality and an unmatched experience on the road.

2011 Confederate Fighter P131 for sale on eBay

Never an inexpensive prepossession, new models routinely cross the six figure mark and it appears that owners are very loyal as many do not end up on the used market.  At the time of writing the bids were over $17,000 and the reserve had not been meet.  Details are limited as with anything this rare, but there have been examples selling in the $50-60,000 range.  One thing is for sure, you will not see many of these out in the wild!


From the seller’s eBay listing

I am selling one the most incredible motorcycles ever built! This bike is brand new and has not been ridden since I purchased from the factory!  It has been garage kept (heated during winter months) and has never seen rain! Everything is in perfect shape brand new! This bike is a Limited Edition #16 of only 50 manufactured and is the first P120 installed with a 131 ci motor from Confederate Motors.  This is a very special opportunity to own a very rare bike. Look at the odometer only 530 miles!

Happy bidding!

2011 Confederate Fighter P131

ENGINE – Jims/Confederate counter balanced twin cam 45° radial twin; 4.3125 x 4.5″ stroke, 131 cubic inches (2,146 cc) Horsepower: 160 HP

TRANSMISSION – Confederate design; CNC aircraft billet aluminum engine, transmission,
swing arm pivot outrigger bearing supported mounting system; belt drive

CHASSIS – CM design triple load path aluminum monocoque, backbone, bulkhead, fuselage side plate construction: oil/fuel in frame – Wheelbase: 64” ; Rake: 30 Degrees; Trail: 4” Swingarm – CM design 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum

SUSPENSION – Front: CM design double wishbone machined from 6061 aircraft-grade aluminium linked to aerodynamic, dual, lightweight, tubular wing blades

Rear: Custom Race Tech Coil-Over-Shock; Rebound and Compression Adjustable for Low and High Speed Actuation

TIRES AND WHEELS – Front- 3 inch x 19 carbon fiber Rear- 8 inch x 18 carbon fiber

Matched Pirelli – Front- 120 ZR x 19 – Rear- 240 ZR x 18

BRAKES – Brembo – Front- CNC aircraft billet aluminum 4 piston caliper; aluminum-ceramic
matrix floating lightweight rotor
                 Brembo – Rear- CNC aircraft billet aluminum 2 piston caliper; aluminum-ceramic matrix
floating lightweight rotor

LIGHTING – Front- Integral LED headlamp; turn signal
                   Rear- Integral LED tail lamp; brake; turn signal

FUEL CELL – Confederate Proprietary Design;  4 Gallon Capacity

INSTRUMENTATION– Motogadget Precision Analogue Tachometer; Digital Speed, Status

ERGONOMICS – Controls: Mid-Rear; Clip-On & 2” Rise 1” Back Clip-On; Seating: Solo Seat; Seat Height: 27”

DRY WEIGHT – 460 lbs

If you have any questions regarding any details please feel free to email.

1.)    2011 Confederate Fighter – Vin #1C9RP2902BB908016


  • There’s been a ton of these for sale lately and they don’t bring much (relatively speaking). I wonder if has anything to do with the company going woke? I always wanted one in the worst way but their foray into politics ended any interest I had in their product.

  • Yeah they should have kicked the company out of Alabama after that name change. Pathetic. I wouldn’t pay a dime for one now! I hope they tank.

  • These, or the Hellcats? The more “chopper” like bikes do pop up more often as they made so many more. They also do seem to trade hands for Harley money. It has been a while since I saw a Fighter sell.

    Personally I think they tried to rebrand in order to NOT get involved in politics. The release had a feel they were being proactive and doing something before the angry mob showed up on their door.

    I would bet that most that are in a position to buy one or develop a relationship with the factory don’t really care about the press.

  • Ok, so how does it ride? Saw a video on those West Coast Choppers and they rode like crap. Throwing a bunch of high dollar/quality parts together and what is the result? Does it handle? How well? A lot a money for what looks like a Steam Punk design. Ie: form over function.

  • I can see the beauty in most motorcycles, but this one is an exception. It comes across as an engineering exercise gone too far. It looks like they started out planning to make a sport bike and half way through changed to a chopper design. The whole is less than the sum of the parts. Just because you can build it, doesn’t mean you should.

  • In what world is this is a sportbike? And good lord is it ugly…

  • I hope this doesn’t become a trend on this site. There seems to be a lot of mission creep of late, ranging from mopeds to not-so-rare modern stuff and with this, dangerous parts bin garage hack choppers.

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