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Showroom Stock – 2003 BMW R1100S Boxer Cup with 21 Miles !

Real life is often in the way when an exciting new bike hits the floor, and maybe that was you in 2003, when the signed Randy Mamola Boxer Cup Replica arrived.  Well you could still go there, courtesy of this BMW insider who parked his BCR with just 21 miles.

2003 BMW R1100S Boxer Cup Replica for sale on eBay

BMW owners wanted a real S-variant and got it with the Replika, the low bars and high seat were great on the track but some owners fitted bar risers for comfort.  The Laser exhaust allowed other riders to actually hear a BMW, and the optional 5.5″ rear wheel looked bad.  Power was the standard R1100S 98 hp, though the lack of bag racks and ABS brought the weight down a bit.  Beside Randy Mamola’s signature, the BCR came with Öhlins dampers, braided brake lines, and carbon fiber lowers.

Though the long-range logic that would park a brand new race-replica is pretty opaque, it sure looks good in hindsight.  Any and all expendables will have to be replaced, but after that a failure would be surprising.  Comments from the eBay auction:

Special Edition Boxer Cup Randy Mamola Signature Series limited production bike with only 21 miles. The bike has not been started or run since 2003. The bike is as new condition as can be if it just came out of factory crating. Bike also comes with center support stand as seen in picture. It has been on display in my man cave and will need to be serviced prior to being ridden.

Randy Mamola was the winningest GP rider never to become champion, but was a great spokesperson and ambassador for the Boxer Cup series, which supported the GP races and came to Daytona for a few years.  The R1100S was BMW’s long-awaited return to S-models, and the signature edition is a fine tribute and great milestone.  This NOS example could resume show duty, but might be looking forward to a riding owner.




  • I still can’t wrap my brain around the fact that the boxer design ensures the jug/head are the first thing to slam the ground/curb/Aramco barrier/FIM curbing when you get hit by a sudden gust of gravity.

  • …If you never ride it, that sudden gravity never happens !

  • Couple of corrections Donn. The Laser exhaust appeared on BCR in 2005, 2003 & 2004 stock cans were not Laser. Shocks were Sachs not Ohlins. ABS and heated grips were an option on BCR for 2003, luckily this bike doesn’t have that option. Properly resuscitating this BCR will take around $3k. Figure complete fuel system, tires, battery, seals, etc. Current asking is in line considering there’s currently not another 21 mile BCR up for sale anywhere else in the world and chances of that happening any time soon are pretty slim. Even if you add the $3k into the equation, you would still be in possession of a new BCR 15 years after the model ceased production for $13k, again very reasonable.

    However, if you chose to ride it even sparingly every click of the odometer translates into depreciation unless of course you don’t give a crap and buy it solely to enjoy it. There’s plenty to enjoy. BCR is a slightly modified R11S and as such is a sport touring bike, not pure sports. You can still drag your knee on it without decapitating the cylinders. Despite its almost 500lb weight it’s still one of the best handling bikes I’ve ever owned .

  • found an identical; bike on craigslist with 4k miles for $7000. i think i paid too much. but i’ve wanted one since 2003.

    sitting for a decade creates it’s own problems. but she’s running beautifully now.

  • I am looking actually on a 2003 R1100S exactly like this one, just with little over 4k miles … priced $8k. Where did you found the other bike on Craigslist? What City? Thanks.

  • i found her in anchorage alaska about fivemonths ago. how she ended up here is a mystery. got her running and almost a thousand miles on before the first snow.

    tires, battery, fluids, valves, etc. i didn’t go inside and change the seals. taking a chance on those.

    still say 8k is a bit too much considering what you’re going to have to do to get her ridable. these bike are rare. but the guys who want them are rare as well. buyers market.

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