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2002 MV AUGUSTA F4 SENNA for sale on eBay!


When Massimo Tamburini passed away last year, the world lost perhaps it’s most gifted motorcycle designer. Whenever there is a conversation about the most beautiful motorcycles of all time, the Ducati 916 and the MV Augusta F4 are always favorites. Tamburini gave us both of them. Many of the signature elements of the Ducati 916, such as the single sided swingarm, undertail exhaust and the trellis frame are present here and they are gorgeous.

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The “Senna” edition was mostly a cosmetic package with a unique paint scheme and some carbon bits. It was outfitted with the next generation Evo2 engine which made approximately 135hp. Production of the Senna edition was limited to 300 units with only 50 of those making their way to the U.S. It looks like the seller is shooting for the moon on the price, but given the undeniable design, the low mileage and the very limited numbers of the special edition, it might be just right for somebody.
From the seller’s eBay ad seen here: 2002 MV Agusta F4 Senna on eBay


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This particular example is another with low, low mileage… showing just 188 miles on the clocks. So what you do with it is up to you. Personally, I think anything with Senna’s name adorned upon it deserves to be thrashed to redline as often as possible. He wouldn’t want it any other way.

Mike M.


  • Gents, you have to look at the collection of James Wade. He has one of these with less than 100kms. It sits in an airconditioner purpose built garage. He thinks it will only appreciate and even though they are asking a lot for this bike, it’s rarity might help the seller get the price he wants. I think it’s far fetched and should be sold for a lot less but look at the beauty of the bike, it’s pure beauty to look at.

  • Listen geezer james wade reckons these bikes are crap. He wanted to throw it out he had enough of it.

  • Yep, I agree with all that.

    As a fellow owner of an ’02 Senna, I hope he gets it. Extremely unlikely to happen though.

    I do have a query that would give me pause, why are the airtubes and panels under/beside tank not Carbon Fiber? They are just the standard black texured plastic. Seems strange to change that with only 188 miles on a bike??!!

    Also, why are the insides of the exhaust pipes sooooooo dirty? They should not look like that. You should be able to see every hole on the inner lining. Again…..only 188 miles??!! Hmmmmmmmm

    That being said, I recall one of these being for sale in CA few years ago with less than a 1000 miles on it which had numerous mods done to it. I did question that one as well.

    Bike looks clean with all the little markings on the screws and such……but….these things seem odd to me.

    Bike has been for sale nearly a year now……


    • The air tubes look like carbon fiber to me. But yes a little dirty for 100 miles for sure. Also over priced but it is a Harley dealer selling it..

  • obviously the price is too high and the seller too dense/stubborn to come to his senses

  • Just to confirm…..I was agreeing with Phil…NOT Zinidan! !

    These are Awesome bikes. Achingly beautiful, simply amazing to ride, and ridiculously easy to work on.

    “If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.” Ferris Bueller


  • I agree with you feris

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