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Evolution: 2002 MV Agusta F4 750 SPR for Sale

The MV Agusta F4 750 is so often referred to as "one of the most beautiful motorcycles ever created" that it's easy to forget it's actually a pretty good motorcycle as well. Sure, it's brutally uncomfortable and a little bit heavier than the competition, but the engineering is sound and it's an impressively refined piece, considering this was the company's first modern superbike, built from the ground up to compete against the very best sportbikes in the world. It fell a bit short of the mark, but not so far short you could consider it an actual failure, considering the bike's longevity.

The orignal F4 750 was introduced in 1999 and the later 1000cc version that followed in 2005 was basically the 750 with more displacement and some refinements, and every four-cylinder machine produced by the company was based on the same engine and frame, up until the complete redesign of the F4 for 2010. So you're looking at a pretty long-serving package, considering the normally rapid pace of sportbike development, and that second generation F4 introduced in 2010 is still used as the foundation for a mid-pack WSBK contender!

So what was wrong with the F4? Well basically, in a class where power-to-weight ratios are critical, the bike had just average power and about 50lbs too much weight. In any other motorcycle category, that would be pretty meaningless, but in the hyper-competitive sportbike world, it meant everything, especially when you consider the somewhat shocking cost of the F4. Ultimately, the F4 was just a step behind the leaders in a class that was now obsolete, as literbikes were suddenly the top dogs of the sportbike world. MV Agusta solved the power problems with their updated F4 1000 but the damage to their rep was done, and the bikes never really offered any performance advantage over a ZX-10 or GSX-R1000, with less reliability and a whole lot more cost.

The seller claims this is an SPR, but I was under the impression the SPR was introduced in 2004, the ultimate evolution of the F4 750 and is most commonly seen in flat black colors. Whether or not this is an SPR or an S, it's a later version of the bike and should be more refined and reliable than the first-generation examples. The included Power Commander is a nice touch: fueling on stock F4s is pretty terrible from the factory, lean through most of the rev range and then artificially rich at the top. It's especially noticeable on the 1000 but both versions benefit hugely in terms of usability from a fueling module and some dyno time. I've ridden a stock 1000 and a properly tuned example nearly back-to-back, and the difference is pronounced. The stock bike seems to almost bog when you whack the throttle open in the midrange, where as the tuned version pulls as you'd expect: like a freight train.

From the original eBay listing: 2002 MV Agusta F4 750 SPR for Sale

Need garage space, so newer bikes must go! This 2002 MV F4 SPR was one of two California-legal MVs, purchased from Grand Prix Motors, San Diego. Original owner was importer for MV Agusta in 1970s, Commerce Overseas Corporation. Designer of the MV750S America: pictured in the foreground with this F4. The bike comes with a ton of MV Agusta history accumulated by Commerce Overseas, including racing photos from MV glory days! With only 8,000 miles, this F4 SPR is in "as-new" condition. Equipped with rare MV factory racing exhaust, bike is tuned with a Power Commander. New tires, recent service. Stunning example of the F4 that was produced in SPR form after initial hiccups with early models.

The bike has 8,250 miles on it and there are no takers yet at the $10,000 starting bid. For the most part, it's pretty commonly accepted that the later 1000 is a better bike overall and that the 750 is underpowered and slightly overweight. It is the original though, and rarer, and should prove to be the better investment over time. Plus, an MV is still an MV, and none of them are actually slow. Try to think of them more as... mature, with just a little bit of middle-aged paunch over an athlete's build. Put it this way: if you're riding an F4 and someone is faster than you are on track or down a given stretch of back road, the problem probably isn't the extra 50lbs the F4 carries over a GSX-R... The problem is probably you.


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2000 MV Agusta F4 750 with Just 1,000 Miles

s-l500 (1) s-l500

While the iconic Ducati 916 is the most celebrated Massimo Tamburini design, the F4 was also some of his best work of the period. This 2000 MV Agusta F4 750 has just 1,000 miles and is advertised as being displayed indoors most of it's life. With a $12k buy-it-now, the seller notes shipping is free for qualified buyers -- which I interpret as a full asking price purchase. There isn't much additional information about the bike for sale but at that price I hope it's recently serviced and ready to ride.


2000 MV Agusta F4 for sale on eBay

2000 MV Agusta F4 750 with Just 1,000 Miles
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MV Agusta 3, Robots 1 – 2004 MV Agusta F4 SPR

Featured in the 2004 film i,ROBOT, the MV Agusta F4 SPR tumbles in an early action sequence and give its all to take out a few wayward automatons.  Unlikely more than a few moviegoers knew of MV Augusta's recent revival with Cagiva backing, still less knew what a bike Hollywood had just sacrificed for the film.  The Special Production Racing limited edition was a very special 750, lighter and more powerful than most larger displacement sportbikes.

20160110 2004 mv agusta f4 spr right

2004 MV Agusta F4 SPR for sale on eBay

20160110 2004 mv agusta f4 spr left front

20160110 2004 mv agusta f4 spr left rear

The F4 750 was the inaugural MV Agusta after Cagiva purchased the trademark, and outside help was enlisted to ensure success.  The 749cc transverse inline 4 was derived from the early 1990's Ferrari F1 engine, and the F4 continues to use the radial valve layout today, in the 1000cc engine.  Thanks to 12:1 compression and an updated cylinder head, power is spectacular for a middleweight - 146 hp at 13,000 rpm.  The grey steel trellis frame connects to massive 50mm upside-down front forks from Marzocchi, with nitride hardening.  Rear suspension is a single-sided swingarm sprung by a Sachs damper.  Bespoke Nissin brakes are 310mm in front with 6-piston calipers, and 210mm rear.   Exhaust is updated for the SPR, and the factory offered three optional rear sprockets to adjust gearing.  The satin black bodywork is set off by silver graphics, and carbon front fender, intake covers with CRC ( Castiglioni Research Center ) emblem, and swingarm guards.

20160110 2004 mv agusta f4 spr cockpit

20160110 2004 mv agusta f4 spr right fairing

A speed-oriented exotic requires exercise and maintenance, and this SPR has had both.  It looks pretty flawless with 6,800 miles.  Just a couple of clear lenses and an HID headlight have been added.  From the eBay auction:

I am the second owner and purchased this bike in the summer of 2005. The previous owner only put approximately 3000 miles on the odometer before selling it to me to purchase another toy. Since the bike has been in my care I have only put an additional 3700 miles on the odometer through occasional weekend rides. The bike has never been taken to the track or abused. I have always stored the bike with a dust cover inside my garage hooked up to a battery tender. The bike is currently housed at my office. The bike is completely stock except for the clear turn signal lenses and HID headlight. All the carbon fiber pieces are OEM. The bike starts every time and runs perfectly. All functions work on the bike as well.

20160110 2004 mv agusta f4 spr right rear

I recently performed the following maintenance items at approximately 6500 miles:
-Oil and filter change with AMSOIL synthetic
-Coolant flush
-Brake fluid flush (Front and Rear)
-New fuel filter
-New fuel pump
-New fuel hoses
-Professional Fuel Injector Cleaning by RC Engineering
-New NGK Platinum Spark Plugs
-I also performed a valve check on the bike at about 5000 miles and found all of them to be within factory tolerances with no adjustments needed.

20160110 2004 mv agusta f4 spr left fairing

20160110 2004 mv agusta f4 spr right front wheel

Reviewed as a chore in town and a dream on the open road, the SPR isn't super light at just over 400 lbs, but the power comes on strong around 7,000 rpm pulling strong right to the nearly 14,000 rpm redline.  A sweet handler with Ohlins adjustable steering damper, the F4 SPR can make quick work of straights and turns.  For this level of performance and in such fine shape, even the buy-it-now seems reasonable.  Shame if even one real F4 SPR was sacrificed making the movie...

20160110 2004 mv agusta f4 spr front


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Sexy Senna – Art For Your Garage

2002 MV AUGUSTA F4 SENNA for sale on eBay!


When Massimo Tamburini passed away last year, the world lost perhaps it's most gifted motorcycle designer. Whenever there is a conversation about the most beautiful motorcycles of all time, the Ducati 916 and the MV Augusta F4 are always favorites. Tamburini gave us both of them. Many of the signature elements of the Ducati 916, such as the single sided swingarm, undertail exhaust and the trellis frame are present here and they are gorgeous.

$_57 (2)

The "Senna" edition was mostly a cosmetic package with a unique paint scheme and some carbon bits. It was outfitted with the next generation Evo2 engine which made approximately 135hp. Production of the Senna edition was limited to 300 units with only 50 of those making their way to the U.S. It looks like the seller is shooting for the moon on the price, but given the undeniable design, the low mileage and the very limited numbers of the special edition, it might be just right for somebody.
From the seller's eBay ad seen here: 2002 MV Agusta F4 Senna on eBay


$_57 (3)

This particular example is another with low, low mileage... showing just 188 miles on the clocks. So what you do with it is up to you. Personally, I think anything with Senna's name adorned upon it deserves to be thrashed to redline as often as possible. He wouldn't want it any other way.

Mike M.

Sexy Senna – Art For Your Garage
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Good job: Tastefully Upgraded 2002 MV Agusta Senna 750 in the UK


We have posted before about the Senna version of the MV Agusta 750 and comments seem to fall into two camps;  either desired collectible or overpriced version of the standard 750cc edition.  The Senna version (which was built to commemorate the life of Formula 1 driver and motorsport legend Ayrton Senna) has as its basis the beautiful and competent MV Agusta 750 and only 300 Senna editions were produced so at first it seems to be a shoo-in as a Rare Sport Bike.  However, MV Agusta also did a 1000cc Senna version and Ducati did a Senna edition of the 748.  Between the 3 different Senna edition versions there seems to be a Senna edition motorcycle for sale almost constantly which makes it a bit harder to consider it a Rare Sport Bike.

I will also admit to a bit of personal bias against bikes like this;  I don't think just having a different paint scheme and a number plate on the top yokes necessarily makes a bike a true rare sport bike and this was really the only difference in between the MV Agusta 750cc Senna version and the standard MV Agusta 750cc.  To me, one of the key factors of whether a bike is worthy to post here on RSBFS is whether its something I would personally like to own, either for collection purposes or to ride and Senna edition usually doesn't do that for me.  So then why is this bike being posted?  The reason is simple; this particular MV Agusta Senna edition has had some very tasty modifications done to it which I think improve it significantly and move it from overpriced version of the standard 750cc edition to desired collectible.


2002 MV Agusta Senna edition with upgrades on ebay UK

The MV Agusta Senna 750cc has always seemed to have two problems; it was a bit too showy, a bit "blingy" with its polished silver/red wheels (check this Senna 1000cc edition also for sale in the UK to see what I am referring to).   Also, reviewers found the  750cc a bit underpowered compared to what other bikes available at the time could do.  Fortunately, this MV Agusta Senna has had upgrades that seem to address both of these issues.  The details of the changes are listed below but include the wheels being replaced with black Marchensini Forged Magnesium wheels, a dynojet- based tuneup, upgraded brakes and an addition of a bypass for the sidestand switch issue common to so many italian motorcycles.  The end result seems to be a bike that both performs and looks better.  Best of all the seller is including all the original parts with the sale so a collector can still have it as an OEM 750cc Senna version if they want.

senna 2

Here is part of what the seller has to say

  • One of only 27 genuine UK bikes, was number 20 on the importers list, number is 89 out of the 300 made.
  • Had its oil and filter changed every year whether its done any miles or not.
  • Shims and engine had a full check over at 9,638, ironically exactly 2000 miles ago

Upgrades include

  • Pair of Marchensini Forged Magnesium wheels - these cost in excess of £2000 at the time of purchase
  • 3 x "braking" wavy disks
  • 1 x CRC carbon fibre front mudguard
  • 1 x pair of CRC carbon fibre electrical covers
  • 1 x pair of CRC carbon fibre air ducts
  • 1 x pair of CRC carbon fibre tank/seat side panels
  • 1 x pair of CRC carbin fibre tank ears/covers
  • 1 x CRC carbon fibre key guard
  • 1 x carbon fibre fairing V peice
  • 1 x CRC carbon fibre chain guard
  • 1 x carbon fibre rear hugger=
  • 1 x CRC carbon fibre exhaust heel heat shield
  • 1 x dynojet system - tuned and set up on dyno
  • 1 x "yellow box" for adjusting the speedo reading if you change the sprocket ratios etc - it corrects the  speedo etc for the new gearing
  • 1 x alcantara covered seat in red inc rear pad
  • 1 x quick fill fuel cap
  • One off dial for rev counter showing "Senna" and no 89 - see picture 4
  • Various polished engine casings and parts
  • Relocated rear brake reservior to stop overheating and brake fade
  • Side stand cut out switch modification to stop engine cutting out if put in gear

Only 11,700 miles



Note:  the seller indicates this bike has been featured in a few bike mags and the sale includes all of the original stuff that came with the bike including the owners handbook, service manual, bike cover, rear stand, handle bar covers, RG3 exhausts, RG3 chip, 1 spare rear sprocket and 1 spare front sprocket, 2 keys, an MV bag and "some other misc bits and bobs".

So is this bike worth the 14,000 GBP asking price?   It does have more miles on it than most Senna editions of the MV Agusta 750cc we see on RSBFS but personally I think this is the nicest Senna edition I have ever seen.  I think the improvements the owner has made together with the availability of all the OEM parts make it something that anyone interested in adding a Senna edition bike to their collection should seriously consider acquiring, either to ride or to just eyeball on a cold winter night.

Good job:  Tastefully Upgraded 2002 MV Agusta Senna 750 in the UK
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2000 MV Agusta F4 Oro For Sale in Connecticut

We rarely get the chance to post a real Oro for sale in the states but here is the real deal and with a thorough seller's description. The auction has a starting bid of $25000 and wears a buy-it-now of $38,750. One can assume a deal can be struck somewhere in between, but if you're in North America this might be worth your time if you've been waiting.

My favorite quote from the listing should resonate with a growing number of our readers, "Note, a motorcycle that is never used and kept in a crate for 12 years is not in better mechanical condition than a bike that has been used regularly and maintained properly over that same period." Well done sir!

2000 MV Agusta F4 Oro For Sale on eBay

quote from the seller:

MV AGUSTA F4 SERIE ORO, these special bikes don't present themselves often, highly collectible as this was the first completely hand built re-introduction of the famous brand into the market. Only 20 were imported into the United States, that's less than 1 per state. If you had the opportunity to visit the Guggenheim museum for the most widely attended exhibit "Art of the Motorcycle" the glorious Serie Oro #1 owned by the King of Spain was the first display bike in the Atrium.

Over the years, I have owned numerous MVs, I just love the brand, reliable, beautiful to look at and what an incredible ride. I have owned #281 since 2000 and unlike most who resign it to the living room, she has been ridden by a responsible adult being maintained and stored properly over the years. She recently had full service ( 2 months ago) with fluids change, and new Michelin Power 2CT, new battery.

If you are looking at this ad, you are probably familiar with the model, but just in case, here are some details: full carbon fiber bodywork including the gas tank, Magnesium (light weight) swing arm, rims, side plates, and lower triple clamp, everything that came with this bike is included with the sale: bike cover, certificates, 2 sets of keys and red rear wheel stand, Trussardi leather-bound Datebook,Ferracci bar-risers (originals included). If buy-it-now exercised, I will also include some collectible items that did not come with the original bike including new one-piece custom leathers ( fits 5'8"-6'0", 150-180 lbs), original Motorcyclist magazine cover article story on the Serie Oro, original brochures. These motorcycles are truly the Ferrari's of bikes as they collaborated with MV Agusta in the engine development.

MV Agusta motorcycles are very special bikes but this one in particular, even more so, the gearbox is flawless, better than the others I have owned, the fuel injection seemless, the induction howl it makes with the musical symphony accompaniment from the quad under seat organ pipes can only be matched by the Classical greats! It's with great hesitation that I list my first dream bike for sale, but it's time for another lucky individual to enjoy her as I have. Good Luck!

Note, a motorcycle that is never used and kept in a crate for 12 years is not in better mechanical condition than a bike that has been used regularly and maintained properly over that same period.