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Glad Rarity – 2004 BMW R1100S Boxer Cup Replika

Despite its /S provenance and signed fairings, this R1100S hasn’t been allowed out much.  The only thing between this BCR and a great day is some new fluids and tires, and a weekend detail.

2004 BMW R1100S Boxer Cup Replica for sale on eBay

BMW has had the R1100S in their catalog since 1998, and put the Replikas together to capitalize on their investment in the mostly European race series.  But the BCR wasn’t just a cosmetic exercise – the later dual-spark engine made 98 hp available, and the stainless Laser exhaust is both lighter and flows better.  As nice as it is to have that flat twin low CG, the dual-adjustable suspension on the Replika works by raising the ride height to allow more lean angle on the track.  A whopping 5-1/2 inch rear wheel and braided brake lines help manage the 500-lb. ready-to-ride weight.  Carbon belly pan, front fender and head covers contrast with the factory white/blue racing livery.

Seemingly a little young to be a barn find, this R1100S looks good especially compared with its homely storage mates.  Not seeing any mods or damage, though a detailed examination for garage rash can’t be done with the pictures provided.  No belts or water system to worry over, not much to be done but all new expendables and hope the fuel injectors haven’t been affected by their long nap.  The owner acknowledges possible rubs from storage in the eBay auction:

This bike has 569 Original Miles.
It has had only one owner, never track raced.
This has normal ” Shelf Wear “.
It is a good running cycle.
This a very nice collectable especially at this low mileage.
Randy Mamola might be happier to see his signature on a concours contender or neo-café racer, as any AMA hall of fame inductee deserves.  Mamola started racing a generation before the Boxer Cup, but was in their “race of champions” field early in the series.  Without most of the user-friendly bag racks and heated grips this BMW is one for an afternoon blast and back.  The ask is a ways above recent sales, but a low or no-mile BMW is an oddity in its own right – usually they have tens of thousands of miles and look almost as good !


  • “Ja, looks almost done Rolf, but can you make it more ugly?”
    “No Karl, ths is as ugly as we could design!”
    “Ok then. I know – let’s put several white squares into the blue sections of paint!”
    “That’ll do it Karl, you are a visionary.”

  • Photo angle and bike placement can make or brake your success. I sold mine and presentation is everything. Also seat should have a cover on the rear as well as having the correct paddock stand for servicing. Low mileage isn’t everything.

  • Quick fact check – the California BCR models were, to my knowledge, NOT sold with the Laser exhaust because of emissions. They were offered with the stock R1100S exhaust from BMW (which is honestly not awful, but it is heavy) and most owners “upgraded” immediately. This BCR, indeed, is not wearing a Laser but a Staintune, which is a fine piece of work that won’t require repacking, ever, adding to the relatively service-free reputations of these bikes (adjust the valves and flush the oil every 6k miles and ride on).

    I’ve got 82k miles on mine and only finally starting to think about another bike!

  • Judging from CF valve cover protectors this is a single spark plug engine, effectively making this a 2003 year model. Missing pillion cover. Correct one will set you back about $100. Staintune exhaust is a plus. It’s the only company that I know of who still make proper twin exhaust for the R11s and will cost about a grand to get it from Europe. Looking at the photos on the iPhone doesn’t offer much detail but I would definitely inspect this BCR in person. Even if the miles are spot on, given the condition of this BCR coupled with Charmin soft market for R11S in general, this a $5k bike at best. However, if you want bulletproof reliability and great handing coupled with distinctive appearance the BCR is hard to beat

  • gotta love the sellers name “rollingjunk”

  • Luke, I think the 2005 model year BCR came with Laser exhaust.

  • @Tirefriar – interesting, I didn’t realize it had ever come with Laser in CA. Thanks for the info! Indeed I have a 2004 model; PO had a “ZTechnik” exhaust on it which sounded grand but needed repacking every ~6k miles for great sadness. I ended up finding a Remus second-hand and while I don’t think it’s as coveted as the Staintune, it does the job and doesn’t need maintenance work.

  • IMO, full Remus exhaust is hard to beat. ZTech was made by Arrow and had the best sound out of anything else aftermarket could offer.

    Actually, any big aftermarket brand R11S exhaust is coveted because no one else makes it with exception of Staintune and last time I checked with them was about 2 years ago. They may have stopped producing it as well due to lack of demand.

    I miss my BCR (has 2 of them) but find solace in the Ducati SFS.

  • Yes definitely a 03 model, 2 spark, mirrors on front cowl and blue front wheel. The 04s had mirrors on bar stems, and a different color front wheel. $9500 no way they only cost $11500 new

  • Bug antennae mirrors mounted on the bars, different color wheels and fairing graphics, among signify an 05 BCR for the US market. I have seen blue/white wheel color combo on earlier models but that was owners’ self inflicted modification

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