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Laverda posted by

Red, Rare, and Italian:
1999 Laverda 750S in Alabama (relisted)


This post is in our archives. Links in this post have been updated to point to similar bikes available to bid on eBay.

Update 11.29.2015 – This one originally sold back in June of last year in Alabama. Since then it has been listed multiple times on eBay but now the seller has decided to price is right about where it was last year (sold in June 2014 for $3,334.99, current bid is $3,444.00). Only 20 hours left so if this one interests you, move fast! – Marty

The last generation Laverdas aren’t commanding prices anywhere near the 70’s/Breganze era bikes but that could begin to change pretty quick. Often referred to as Zane era bikes (due to the the factory moving to the town of Zane), the last generation Laverda bikes had a Nico Bakker designed frame, Marchesini wheels, Brembo brakes, Paoli forks and shocks, and a cool letterbox fuel tank system that caused the center of gravity to improve as the fuel level went down. Overall they were well designed and were strong performance competitors to the 750 Ducati of the same era.

1999 Laverda 750S for sale one eBay

1999 Laverda 750S for sale

For 1999-2000, there were 4 different 750cc based models offered; the the 750 Strike (a standard style) in mother of pearl blue or orange, the 750 formula in black, the 750S with half-fairings in silver or black, and the 750s Carenata (which means fairing in Italian) in yellow or red. This example is a 99 750s Carenata model with the red bodywork and has very low mileage.

The seller back in 2014 indicated this was part of a collection, and didn’t  include a lot of information.  The pics below are from the previous post while the new seller has provided many more pics from what I can see, the current seller has only replaced the rear tire and possibly done other regular maintenance (such as a battery)…

from the June 2014 seller:

1999 LAVERDA 750 CARENATA in great condition. Never wrecked and clear title! Only two owners and very low mileage! In great condition – only defect is a flat tire (which can easily be replaced for minimal expense). I am an owner selling off my motorcycle collection. I am a motivated seller! Bid now!

This particular bike auction has been listed before on ebay and here on RSBFS with the seller asking for about $6500 usd.  Click here to see that post and related links to the auction but as noted in the post header, the market price for the 750s carenta model seems to be more about $3,500 USD right now.

As regular readers of RSBFS know, I am a big fan of these bikes and I have to admit I personally hope these appreciate in the future.  But given the evidence of this postings history, I don’t know if that’s likely.   I guess this one will appeal to the rider who wants a late 90’s italian sportbike that isn’t a Ducati…



  • I already own one of these…but I paid a lot more….someone is going to get a screaming deal.

    KBB lists retail value of 3300 and it had a buy it now price of 2500 but reserve has been met so thats gone…bummer
    Its probably worth that just for the parts!

    • I have a 1999 750s , black, full fairing, 2600 miles. love the handling/brakes. hate the motor. thinking of selling.

  • Marting , what do you think about this model? good/bad/etc

    • I am a big fan of these and given the super low miles on this example, I think its an excellent buy.

      The bikes were hampered by three things when they were sold-
      1 – Weak charging system. The bikes had very weak 2 gauge battery cables which caused hard starting and would eventually wear out the starter sprag clutch spring. An upgrade to 4 gauge battery cables takes care of the problem. It takes about 4 hours to replace them because the starter model is tucked away near the engine and you have to tilt back the rear subframe to get to it. BTW- I have detailed instructions on how to do this for anyone reading this post who already has a 750s.

      2- High mileage crank issues. The early gen bikes had issues with crank bearings not getting enough oil and cranks starting to have issues around 20k miles. A stainless oil filter usually took care of the problem on the early gen bikes like this one and the later gen bikes had an updated crank (referred to as a series 3 crank). SInce this bike has such low miles I am sure it wont be a problem and putting a stainless oil filter on would prevent it from occurring.

      3 – Lack of knowledge about these bikes. These bikes went head to head with the ducatis of the days. The ducatis had a bit more power but these handled much better. Sadly, Ducati had all the new investment money from TPG group out of texas but laverda didn’t and got bought out by Aprilia in 2000. Most people dont know about these bikes but now that Ducati is losing a bit of its cool factor due because part of the Audi conglomerate, the zane era bikes are starting to become cool again. They were identified by Robb Report as a good acquisition because they are sexy, fun and cheap right now and because prices could pop quick as we move into nostalgia for the 90’s over the next couple of years.

      All that being said, the good is: Italian design (smexy!) , rare, cheap right now
      The bad is: a bit cramped, italian design (electrics!), not popular right now

      DISCLAIMER: I own a bike exactly like this, although this one has lower miles than mine


  • I don’t get people who see a great buy it now price and just to save a few hundred bucks miss out. I almost always use the buy it now if i think it’s fair and I would have jumped on this.

  • sold for a bit over 3k, bidding popped in the last few minutes.

  • prob is 99% of the time the bin for rare bikes is fantasy land/wtf are you smoking can I have some? over priced

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