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Now that’s Italian: 1984 Laverda RGA 1000 Sprint


Laverdas are often referred to as the Italian BMW, and this RGA 1000 is a good indication why. Instead of cutthroat sport bikes, Laverda built the gentleman’s express – Italian style. Using curves and flair not typically found in Germany (and often colors not found in nature), these big triples are comfortable, reasonably fast and powerful, and ever so unique. If “quirky” tickles your fancy, read on!

1984 Laverda RGA 1000 Sprint for sale on eBay


From the seller:
Here we have a 1984 Laverda RGA w/Sprint fairing. Bike has 12k plus miles and runs strong with no weird noises or any smoke. Has new Michelin tires front and back and a new battery. The fairing is very rare and worth around $1000. The bike fell over on the right side while I was taking pictures and the only damage was to the right front turn signal housing plus my ego.


Due to the rarity of some of these models – and the fact that Laverda is no longer in existence – spare parts and bodywork can be an issue. But such is part of the fun and challenge when dealing with the rare, unique and (often) obsolete. Check out all of the pictures and details here – and then ride off into the sunset!




  • I am by no means an expert on Laverdas . However I must say they are interesting and Iconic bikes and certainly have a place in the motorcycling world . I was a fan as a child of the RGS1000 circa 1982 . I always like that bike . It had a fuel filler automotive style that came up inside the upper fairing . Early versions of this bike did 140 MPH top speed though they were a little portly (537 lbs) . 1/4 mile times were in the highs 12s . However later models were improved and they got 1/4 mile times into the 11s and had a top speed nearer to 160 mph ! In 1985 MCNs Nick Walker said : “If Laverda continues down this path its future is assured. The SFC is 1985’s finest and fastest European sport bike.” Production of that model (the FSC) ceased 2 years later in 1987 . Now these two models are highly collectible .
    That being said Laverdas are interesting an collectible bikes . Just like Guzzis there are nicer and not as nice models …….you be the jusdge !

  • Sorry , I cannot spell ”judge” …home sick with the flu …in a fog ! Hope my boss doesn’t see this ! Wink , Wink !

  • the breganze era bikes like this are nice enough but personally I prefer the later era (zane era) like the 750 formula and the 650 black strike…hopefully those will start to appreciate soon…


  • If Ducati is the Ferrari of motorcycles, then Laverda is the Lamborghini of motorcycles. These things are tough as nails, and it’s all about that wonderful motor. I owned a RGS1000 Executive (the model with the integrated luggage), which is basically the same motorcycle. As nice as the motors are, the rest of the bike definitely feels dated when riding: it’s top heavy, tall, period brakes lack feel and power, narrow wheels/tires, and rough suspension force you to slow down and enjoy the ride. I see some issues with this RGA. Biggest being the fact that the original quarter fairing and bodywork fill panels by the gas tank have been replaced, thereby somewhat erasing it’s original and unique RGA identity. Bars and mirrors have also been changed to accomodate that aftermarket fairing. You’ll search for the globe years if you ever want to find those original RGA peices. In my opinion that fairing isn’t worth $1000 as seller states- it devalues the bike by that amount. Aftermarket exhaust silencers as well, not a deal breaker. Wolfgang Haerter in Canada is the main source for parts, and some Brembo and Marzocchi replacement parts can be hard to find. I think $7K is max for this example.

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