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Not Low Carb – 1997 Moto Guzzi 1100 Sport

During the 1997 model year Moto Guzzi progressed the 1100 Sport to fuel injection and upside-down forks, but along with the catalyst-delete Staintune exhaust, the conventional forks and 40mm Dell-Orto’s help this earlier ’97 silver goose look and act the classic part.

1997 Moto Guzzi 1100 Sport for sale on eBay

Toward the end of the DeTomaso era, Guzzi endeavored to embrace their sporting heritage, with the Daytona and 1100 Sport as the results.  Never abandoning their 90-degree axial V-twin or shaft drive, the Sport kept in touch with past models.  Most riders use the square-heads’s 90 hp rarely, but the 5-speed regularly calls on the 70 ft.-lbs. torque – available at just 5,900 rpm.  Premium Showa dampers and Brembo brakes round out the components, with staggered 17-inch front / 18-inch rear wheels helping its 475 lbs. wet weight change direction.  Supersport fairing shows off the big block, which a stressed part of the chassis.

This suburban NY owner appears to be paring down their collection of nicer vintage and sport machines, and the Sport 1100 appears in excellent shape.  Miles are low at 12,992 and looks stock beside the head guards and exhaust.  Open venturis on the carbs so no dirt roads !  From the eBay auction:

Great running and beautiful 1100 Sport with Staintune exhaust and new battery. This bike is a blast to ride, handles amazing and pulls incredibly hard at speed.  It’s in very good condition and needs nothing.  The design catches everyone’s eye, this is an attention getting bike and wonderful Moto Guzzi.

Guzzi survived the turn of the century and reinvigorated their lineup, though the Sport appears today with just a cafe fairing.  In its GT form, the 1100 Sport pushes a lot of the right buttons for weekend riders, with plenty of stability and big torque.  Not quite enough miles to justify survivor status, this 1100 Sport seems to have been the nice day go-to bike for this collector, and might be for the next owner.



  • I always wondered what this bike is like. Particularly this vs Ducati 900ss. Aren’t they kind of similar in their intended purposes, or am I wrong in that assessment? Can anybody tell me what it’s like? I do have V50 (which caught fire and doesn’t currently run, but it was lovely when it did).

  • 1 – No catalytic converter on these bikes.
    J.B. – Not unlike a 900SS at all. Very competent canyon carver. I think this is the purest form of a Guzzi sport bike. A fantastic machine.

  • These are more of a stretch, seat to bars than the 900SS, but similar intent. I had the injected version and just loved it. A lot more work than any Japanese sport bike in the twisties, but stable and easy with all the torque. Made my rides more enjoyable because I rode a little slower… if that makes sense. Sold the 1100i, regretted it and picked up a 97 Daytona RS to replace it. I think I’ll buy another black olive, 2 valve someday. I miss it that much.

  • j.b.21,
    Had both (’96 Guzzi Sport – silver like this one – and a ’96 Ducati 900SS). The Guzzi was a farm tractor compared to the 900SS. Less power, more weight, clunky transmission, fair at best suspension and handling. Really no comparison. For 90’s era Italian Sport Bikes, the Ducati (or a Ducati based Bimota) is definitely the way to go. Having had a 70’s V7 Sport, I was really looking forward to my 1100. I was so disappointed that I sold it after a couple of months of ownership. Just one guys opinion, but I’d look elsewhere.
    Chuck S.

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