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New ( Zealand ) 2004 Ducati 998S Final Edition


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For some the ultimate Ducati sportbike, the 916 launched a million dreams ( and posters ).  After a 10-year run, the 998S Final Edition was the last 916-based model, and this one was tucked away right after delivery.

200150923 2004 ducati 998s final edition left

2004 Ducati 998S Final Edition for sale on eBay

200150923 2004 ducati 998s final edition right

998’s were produced only in 2002-03, and by special order in 2004, the 998S FE was a transition from the 916 era to the 999.  The Testastretta deep-sump engine generates 130 hp and will carry the next Superbike generation, though the classic dual-headlight fairing recalls the 996.  Ohlins suspension at both ends are state of the art.  Brakes are 320mm with Brembo four-piston calipers in front, 220mm rear.

200150923 2004 ducati 998s final edition left front wheel

Though not a numbered edition, the Final Edition has a plaque on the steering head.  The Italian Tri-colore emblazons the seat fairing.  Dual Termignoni mufflers exit  under the seat.  Steering is stabilized also by Ohlins.

200150923 2004 ducati 998s final edition binnacle

Hidden away when new, this 998S shows only 2 miles and looks perfect.  Never electrified or fueled, as the owner says in the eBay auction:

A unique & rare opportunity to purchase, what is possibly the only brand new 2004 Ducati 998S Final Edition in the world, that’s right this bike has never been started, never had a battery or fuel in it.

200150923 2004 ducati 998s final edition right shock detail

A unique chance to acquire what might be considered the ultimate 916, with forward looking engine and eclectic appearance.  A bit of a boat ride unless you hail from Oceania, and likely some work to replace some rubber bits, but a singular moment in Ducati history, and never ridden.  Possibly a collection starter…



  • Very cool to see a time capsule bike like this but sadly it will probably sit in a showroom and never warm its soul.

    How does it get 2 miles on the odometer if it was never even fired up? Did they do a short test ride at the factory?

    I don’t think its possible to accumulate 2 miles just from pushing it around but i guess there would be times were you need to move it a decent distance and you have to do it somehow.

  • That’s the best snarky comment you can make? Nice. Let’s all nerd out about how it could have accumulated 2 miles…not…

  • He does raise a valid point

  • Somebody has a nasty case of The Grumpys

  • After more than 10 years it’s really not hard to accumulate 2 miles on an odometer. That pushing starts at the factory and in the dealership too.

    And this non-US spec version may have the R cams, but it’s still not a real 996R/998R, so why would I pay genuine R money? Because it’s “new”? Great–a new 2004 model that isn’t top spec and really isn’t historically significant.

  • I am lucky enough to own one that’s still in crate and shows 2miles, hopefully this helps resolve the mystery about the dash not showing 00. Is a shame these bikes are not ridden but there is a logical explanation behind preserving one new only a collector understands. If someone would like to ride it this is not the buy to buy, too expensive. One of the most beautiful Ducati ever.

  • Even less mileage as the speedo is in Km…

  • I have not been to this site in a while and now I remember why, it should be raned “Ducatis bought by old white guys and parked in the living”

    Good grief, who buys these things….

    • Well…..that’s no really true….but REALLY FUNNY THOUGH! lololololol

      I don’t quite understand the “Buy and Store” mentality. That being said…..I suppose it is your money to spend as you wish. I lost $12,000 on a new HD I barely drove, then sold, and it kills me a little each day.

      Personally, I love the site. Love the Facebook version even more.

  • WHAAAAAAAH! It has .02 miles on it, therefore, I declare FRAUD on the seller! What a bunch of fuckin” wanks… Back to the basement with you.

  • i thought this site is for the benefit of everybody ,a good place to advertise or find cool,rare motorcycles and i am so disappointed with some of the comments ,specially about this bike. god luck with the sale dor the seller and nothing but a happy life for all the haters.

  • its funny when people get upset over text written by random strangers on the internet. why so serious?

    • I am not upset and very indifferent to the random comments but sometimes is too much, free speech is everyone’s right and personal opinions everyone’s prerogative but I can’t stand when the language is disrespectful.Not Cool!

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