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It’s Right There In The Name: 2006 Derbi GPR125

derbi right

Despite the lack of cc's this could quite possibly be the closest thing to a true GP bike for the streets;  it is right there in the name, the GPR125.  Most 125cc bikes are aimed at testosterone filled teenagers but not the Derbi. In fact, the EU did not allow sales to anyone under 25 after it was discovered what was lurking under the fairing.  Derbi kept production numbers extremely low with only 125 produced a year.  SP2 versions were known to produce HP numbers close to modified Honda RS125's and that was on pump gas!

derbi right back

This one happens to be on roids;  it has a 170cc big bore kit mated to a Jolly Moto exhaust.  Little known fact;  Derbi production engines are assembled by the same 4 men that built the 125 GP bikes.  It has been rumored that every now and then they would switch things up by changing things like porting, squish and ECU settings so each bike can have different performance traits.

derbi arm

Some of the best welds in the business.  Derbi has always been known for quality but doesn't get recognized for it like Bimota does.  Most of Bimota's designers came from Derbi in the late 70's.

derbi left rear

Did I mentioned it is titled?  Just like Rafael in Spain or Sergio in Italy, you too can terrorize the back roads on a bike that has pure GP lineage.  The BIN on her is $7,500.  Can you name a better bike for that price?  I'm still waiting for an answer.  The fact is you can't.

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  • ” most of bimota’s designers came from derbi in the late 70’s”. Really? I was never aware of this….can you provide details and species on which ” designers? I was under the impression that bimota was composed of three men, all being Italian…

  • Moto,
    Follow this link for all the info


  • I wish I had the money to buy this ! It would really bring back my memories of winning the 125 class at the Isle of MAN exactly 30 years ago to the day . Good luck to the seller and buyer!

  • The Microsquirt EFI could be really cool on this. If it’s tuned properly, it could be a great little toy to toss around. Looks like the previous owner really cared about, and enjoyed modifying it. If the work was done well (ie antiseize on the Ti where needed, good porting/tuning), then it’s really cool. Having said that though, you shouldn’t really ever expect to get the cost of mods out at the time of sale. It’s cool, but a little expensive.

  • As an Spaniard i wish that all be true but i´m afraid it´s another fools day add. If you want one for mutch less:


  • I clicked the link boys…..naughty,naughty,naughty !! Happy April Fools’ !


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