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How Much Would You Pay for a New Paul Smart 1000 LE?


This post is in our archives. Links in this post have been updated to point to similar bikes available to bid on eBay.

2006 Ducati Paul Smart 1000 LE For Sale

Ducati Sport Classics are seemingly already beyond the bottom of their depreciation curve, and in many cases on the upswing for very well kept examples. And no wonder, they’re great looking modern retro rides. I still recall the Ducati demo day and riding one. If memory serves prices ranged from $12-16k ish? Yet hit up eBay Motors today and browse what’s available. Prices are back where they were — and higher in many cases!


But what if you had the chance to buy a brand new, just un-crated Sport Classic? And what if it were a Paul Smart 1000 LE, arguably the best looking of the series. This seller in Texas recons the price is $30k. I’m sure that price is to weed out the tire kickers and dreamers, but what do you think a fair price for this opportunity is? Hat tip to Matthew H. on Facebook for the link.




  • I was told by a guy at bike night that these have the turning radius of a HGV/large truck…..also, there is a red frame with black bodywork Paul Smart for sale on ebay right now that I think looks way nicer

    Guess this one will be for the collectors, not the riders

  • Not only that, the riding position is brutally uncomfortable. Also, let’s not forget that you cannot put fuel in the gas tank or use it long term- this is one of many modern Ducatis afflicted with the expanding gas tank issue. Ducati only warranties it with a replacement that does the same thing! Way over valued at $30K, to boot- fair market value as eye candy/sculpture is about $17K. Pass, even at that.

  • 17500 is the right number

  • Heavy. Slow. Low tech. Uncomfortable. I’d give 4 grand tops.

  • Ok, I have one of these and I ride it on a fairly regular basis – over 9k miles (not my only bike) you do need to ditch the spacer and move the bars up to flush against the triple clamps, other wise yes it is rather uncomfortable to ride at around 30MPH…. or, and this is a quote from a 60 year old back doctor that I spoke with who rode his 70+ miles one way to work every day it was not raining – ” you need to have good to very good core muscles or build them up how old are you? You may need to see a back specialist or start an exercise program.” That was the exact response I got when complaining about the riding position. I was 40, this guy is 70. He basically told me to stop whining.
    The advice to remove the spacers fixes most issues and is a surprisingly HUGE difference to the riding position and even with them in the bike gets very comfortable at speeds over 65mph. At speed it is stable and a great ride. You really also need to invest in the Comfort Saddle and the Comfort Windshield if you are going to do more than park it. though. The stock seat sucks, and that is being polite – and the comfort windshield directs the wind blast nicely to help hold you up.
    I also invested in the full race kit Terrmi / airbox / ECU – highly recommended upgrades!
    Handling – You are riding this bike or listening to someone that is riding the bike wrong. OK, with that said – I was less than impressed the first year and 1k miles I put on it. Then changed out the recommenced parts, removed the spacers and read an article that had Paul Smart ride his race bike and the replica back to back. One thing he mentioned changed the whole way I ride the bike – You HAVE TO HANG OFF the replica. Get you body right off – head down by the mirror and butt off the seat – do this and this becomes one of the most fun bikes on a tight mountain road and with all the torque this engine generates – it will run away from almost anything – or at least make the guy chasing work hard to stay on your tail. Don’t hang off and you will fight with this bike and be generally unhappy – get you butt out and off the saddle like it is supposed to be, up on the balls of feet on the pegs and take the weight of you body off your arms – again like you should be doing on any bike – legs and core do the work, hands should float lightly of the bars allowing for easy input – and this bike transforms!
    If you are holding the weight of your upper body on your wrists – no bike will handle as well as it could be…. and it’s setup like a race bike, so you need to ride it like one – no trips to the store or into town – that will just be a painful ride as you can’t get going fast enough for any of the things you need to do work or be practical or not make you look like an idiot.
    However even with all that this is a bike you have to be ready to ride – tired, did not sleep well, whatever – you won’t have fun as the bike is physically demanding and will drain you if you are not simply ready to go. if you are not ready to and really toss thsi bike around – pick another bike. Oh and about 120 miles on back / mountain roads and you won’t want to see this bike again for a week or so – just being honest.
    The tank is an issue – Ducati has replaced 3 so far – so I am on my 4th – and their plan has been to make the replacement smaller – “so it has room to expand” – or give them more time before you notice it and hopefully by then the replacement program- which is court mandated, expires. Mine has bubbled or deformed multiple times – but this is ANY DUCATI with a plastic tank – not just the sport classics, ANY 2000 + DUCATI – period. If you have a Ducati with a plastic tank – and you look, you will find yours is expanding/deforming. Monsters are the easiest to spot…. IF YOU LOOK, as it not something that it just does all of a sudden – it’s doing it slowly – really slowly….check the front mounts…. they will start to push out of the mounts. If you own a plastic tank Ducati and think your tank is not doing something horrible – you are wrong – check it and hurry as the court ordered replacement time is running out!!! And Don’t buy one unless the tank has been replaced. The “coating” is questionable as to it’s success rate – I had one that was coated too and it bubbled/deformed just as much – only took longer.
    You can get a replacement fuel cell that does not expand at all – it’s a grand and you have to get it painted and re-decaled yourself. I will probably spring for one this year to have it in hand and then get the decals before they are discontinued. Hold it and have it painted later on some time.
    Even with that – It will however over shadow every other bike around when you park it.. Drop in to any place – I was just at my local Ducati shop and they just got the brand new models in – and everyone was there to see them. Once the PS arrived that was where the crowd was. It is simply a beautiful bike… just make sure it’s not the only one you own or have some killer core strength.
    Don’t believe me – come on up to Albany NY and we’ll go for a run on some of the most corner heavy roads anywhere – and I’ll show you. That is probably the one thing that surprises people looking at it when parked – almost no chicken strips – on the stock OEM tires – I have burned through 4 sets – and they work pretty good – stick well, if they slip it is very predictable. – ” you really ride this thing?” – “Yes I do. ”

  • Good for you.
    Mille grazie for your honest feedback, and for absolutely confirming all of the previous comments and criticism of this dreadful Ducati. Any model that requires this much justification to own, this much ergonomic and mechanical modification, warranty claim hassle, financial sacrifice, personal physical regiment and change, and by your own admission still can’t be ridden for more than one expanding gas tank a week, isn’t worth the pain. $17K new at most- as an office display. Sorry.

  • I have one as well, this is actually my second one. I totaled the first one at about 10K miles. I was lucky and was able to buy another one right afterwards for less then the insurance paid me and the bike only had a little over 1000 miles on it. This was several years ago and before the rise in prices. I have over 10K miles on my current PS. I have several motorcycles ranging from dirt bikes to superbikes to sport-tourers. I have done a 600 mile day on this bike and was fine. That was while on a multiple day trip. It all comes done to what your in condition to ride.

    I’ve replaced the tank on my current bike once. The second tank I had coated before it ever had a drop of gas put in it and its fine five years later. I also replaced the tank on my first bike.

    I have a dedicated track bike, but used to track this bike on occasion and it was fine. Personally, I like to think its the rider more then the bike, but I can hustle it up the road pretty good. As fast as more modern stuff, no. but if you can ride well, its pretty rewarding riding this 90Hp bike quickly up the road.

    Would I pay 30K for one of these, not a chance. but I have one already. I guess if someone wants one bad enough they will pay the money

  • Yep I agree that you could do some long days on the PS, as at speed- 70+ on a nice road – big sweepers the wind provides lots of support and you can go for a long trip. Mountain/twisty roads where you are really hustling the bike, it does require you to participate in the ride – but rewards that work with a really nice run – a very physical run – but still a ton of fun.
    I would not pay 30K for one either, but for someone that missed out on them before? That’s an strictly an emotional thing – However I would love to have the bike worth that at some point just from a selfish perspective!

    Dreadful? I do respectfully disagree on that point….This is NOT a dreadful Ducati in any way – for what it is and why you would buy it – it is pretty damn good – You buy this bike for what it represents and what others are not – there are a lot of bikes that will go faster, handle with less/little effort and cost a hell of a lot less doing it. – But they will never give you the feeling you get on this bike – the sounds, the way it responds and roars, that your active participation is required, can’t just relax and twist it – the holy crap sweet sound on over run it makes – it’s an overall immersive experience – they will never match the way this looks doing it. The PS makes great usable real world power that you can almost use fully on the street and lets be honest – every bike extracts a price somewhere – I mean a 916.996.998 is a lot more uncomfortable for me – where others might fit great. And who does not customize their bike to themselves??
    I own a number of bikes as well: Superbikes, Exotic 400’s, track bike…. and nothing draws attention like this bike, even just walking into the garage, for the 100th time you pause and stare at this bike. It just looks great and with a willing rider is fast and lots of fun.
    Don’t write off the sport classics – just read the reviews and be honest with what you are looking for.

  • Anyone who thinks this bike is uncomfortable has never ridden a 916.

  • Bars to low, pegs to high, seat good for 50 miles, mirrors useless, but the beautiful Italian symphony that comes from the rattle of the dry clutch and the roar from the termi are worth the price of admission. 30k though, no way! This is the only bike I have owned that has appreciated in value, and its nice to see that a unmolested example could go for 30k but really. Tank problems, been there done that. Removed spacers on tree, helped but still a committed riding position. I have ridden 250 miles in a day on this beautiful Italian, and cried like a school girl when done. Is mine for sale HELL NO!!!

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