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Honda’s Take On a V4 400: 1989 Honda VFR400 NC30

nc left nc tank

And right on que, here is the the CBR400RR’s overbearing sibling, a really sharp looking 1989 VFR400, NC30.  I’ve never had the pleasure but I’ve been told the mechanical whine these engines produce is a symphony. 

nc left rear

This is one is far from stock and has some mileage but sounds well sorted:

There is quite a bit of money in upgrades on the bike:

17″ NSR MC28 Rear Wheel

Penske Rear Shock

Shell Livery Paint on stock bodywork (aftermarket tail cowl)

Re-valved and sorted front forks (recent service)

Rick Oliver Lower aftermarket radiator (trick)

Braided brake lines

Hi-Perform FULL exhaust system

Yamaha R6 upgraded Regulator/Rectifier

Earthing on bike has been updated and improved

NEW tapered steering head bearings (June 2013)

NEW front wheel bearings (June 2013)

Newer Chain and Sprockets

Nearly NEW Bridgestones with less than 500 miles on them!!

All in all it is a really well sorted NC30 with the 17 inch rear wheel, Penske Shock, Exhaust, re-valved front forks and larger lower radiator. It starts and runs perfect, carburates excellent and pulls clean all the way to redline. It is very quick for a 400, handles wonderfully and is a lot of fun to ride

nc right 2

Kind of liking it but still on the fence?

How about this from the seller:

 Plated with CLEAN AND CLEAR title and this bike has a correct 1989 17 digit 400cc Honda VIN complete with stamp and OEM Honda decal.

You should be able to title it in any state, even CA with the 17 digit VIN.

nc headlight

You want?  I was sold with the replica paint but I’m an easy sell.  I’m also partial to the older NC30’s lines compared to the late model NC35’s.  The seller has an auction going, as well as, a BIN of $7,500.  Is the 17 digit VIN and extra goodies enough to be in that price range? 

Be sure to check out the auction, the seller has provided a lot of high quality photos of the bike.

Here is the auction.



  • YUMMY ! 🙂

  • This will be VERY difficult to license in California. Nice bike though and looks like fun.


  • That RO lower rad is over $450 and it’s a nice upgrade but not really necessary on a stock engine. I got a couple stock lower rads if the new owner wants to sell the RO one ;^) for a couple hundred $ + a stock rad.

    The Penske and 17″ rear is a big plus. They’re on mine and it makes a big difference.

    Also you might be able to register it in CA. I know several people who have but don’t take it to a DMV in or by LA. Still could be a PITA.

  • Did I miss the taillight? It looks set up for the street with mirrors, and headlights, or is the taillight on the plate bracket?

  • Regarding whether or not you can register it in CA, I’d get the VIN and run it through the DMV first. I know a 17 dig VIN is important, but it can go deeper than that.

    I REALLY like this bike. In the video, it looks like the bike was run before the camera was rolling. The temp gauge shows 70 (about 160F) a few seconds into the bike running. Maybe this is significant, maybe it isn’t. If I were a serious buyer, this is just something I’d want to be aware of.

  • The bike will not be easy to register in CA. The first thing they look for is the CARB and EPA stickers.

    As for 70 degrees, that’s no biggie. The bike is in Las Vegas and it was probably idling. Wise to check it out first, but it doesn’t raise any red flags for me.

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