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Forget Something In 1986? Zero Mile 1986 Suzuki GSXR750R Limited

Forget Something In 1986?  Zero Mile 1986 Suzuki GSXR750R Limited

Don’t blame me for being a tease, this left over from the 80’s was found by my Aussie apprentice Chris (yes, that means it is in Australia).  All of us can appreciated a sweet left over like this and dream a little though.  Chris says only 10 were imported to Australia back in they day making it an extremely rare item down under.  I can’t say I’ve even seen a zero mile Limited for sale here in the states.

Anyone booking a ticket or looking at shipping rates yet?


I want to meet the guy that has had this thing for all these years and hasn’t ridden it at least once.  Picture a perfect cool and sunny spring day and this thing sitting in the garage and just walking by it.  The only way I could pull it off is if I had purchased two of them.  One to ride, one to stare at.


I’m probably a little off on my numbers but I want to say the dry clutch alone on these has been selling for $2,500 to $3,000.


As you would expect, the seller is asking the moon for you to remedy your mistake of not buying one in 1986.  He is asking $30,000 OBO.  It is a straight classified ad though and not not an auction.  If you’ve got the coin and the desire click here.




  • I’ll take it for $15,000 to my door..

  • calling George Barber to get this to the Museum….STAT!

  • I have lusted after one of these since Nick Ienatsch featured his bike in Motorcyclist many years ago. I had a “regular” red/black ’86 GSX-R 750 as my daily rider in college, which I still regret selling. It is like bumping into an old girlfriend that has aged really, really well.

  • I have a friend with one of these. Very low miles around 900 everything original including tires. He picked it for way less than 30k around 14k I think. Cool bikes some very trick parts for day. He rides it occasionally along with the rest of his collection. It’s due for it first service on a 86

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