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Big Red – 1985 Honda VF1000R

1985 Honda VF1000R on eBay


Honda’s VF1000R was an evolution of the earlier 1000cc Interceptor (the VF1000F) and it was evident that Honda had it’s eyes on the racetrack.  While earlier Interceptors had a half fairing, the VF1000R got a full fairing, lower clipon bars, a larger fuel tank (for endurance racing), rearsets and a faux solo seat.  For a brief period of time it even held the crown as “The World’s Fastest Production Motorcycle” topping out at a respectable 150mph.  Unfortunately, much of this was overshadowed by the sheer size of the VF1000R as it was undeniably big and heavy, weighing over 600lbs.  While it might not have been the superbike that Honda was aiming for, they may have inadvertently built the best sport tourer of the 80s.


This particular one has it’s pros and cons.  The mileage is a respectably low 10,500 however it’s not without a few beauty marks.  The seller is upfront about the wear and tear, but is also including a nice stash of spares and extras in the auction.  The eBay auction, as seen here 1985 Honda VF1000R on eBay has a lot of details about the bike and is worth checking out if you’re interested.

From the seller:

This bike is 30 years old, it’s not a museum piece, but a really nice complete, original rider. It has a little patina, and a few stains and wear marks on the frame. Rear tire has about 10% tread left. The front tire is like new. It doesn’t leave any drops on the garage floor. The paint is glossy but there are a few scratches on the fairing, one small crack, and a small piece missing by the right front turn signal from the previous owner dropping it in his garage.  Since the fairing is fiberglass these are easily repairable.  The seat is in great shape.



  • Really digging these lately. The VF-xxxR series and the GSX-Rs of this time have aged very well. The upgraded dual headlight is a big plus. That tail section is screams 80’s-racer. And while its considerable size may be a weakness on the track, imagine how it must feel to bomb across the West on one of these at 120mph. I’d fix the fairing, find an exhaust that does the bike justice, and point it somewhere a few hundred miles away.

  • as captain jack sparrow said at the end of dead mans chest, “hello Beastie” 😉

  • Nice! Garage must be on a hill so when it fell over it slid out into the driveway but still looks great.

  • I love the Kerkers from the period….they look so cool on the bike ! I can’t say enough about them . I have over 1/2 dozen of them kicking around …mostly in spares though . Grandfather of the RC30 the fit and finish was ahead of its time . The price tag also reflected that when new in 1985 compared to other bikes in its class !

  • Oh that lovely gear whine…….

  • I loved this bike. I bought one as a leftover in ’86 to replace my ’83 CB1100F. What a bike to have in SoCal! Azusa Canyon at 6 AM, nobody on the road, a private racetrack. I learned to love the curves. That torque, and the gear whine still bring back fond memories. Makes me wonder why Honda can’t make another modern V-4 with that valve train and FI, because I’d run circles around it now with my Fizzer, Jr.

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