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All Original 1985 Suzuki RG500 Gamma with just 4300 Miles

1985 Suzuki RG500 for sale

This lovely piece is located in Ontario, Canada but carries a New York title. Seller notes it is all original and all I could spot was the missing front turn signals. Probably time for matching tires too. But otherwise the opening bid is just $10k and the seller notes it carries a low reserve. We’ll see! Thanks for the heads up on this one Frank.


1985 Suzuki RG500 for sale on eBay


from the seller:

Suzuki RG500 GammaAbsolutely stunning very rare original Suzuki RG500 Gamma.This is the earliest production number ever seen.All original down to the tiresSuperb paint, with a very rare colour combination.Bike only has 6900 km from new You will never find another one in this amazing original shape.Never tracked or raced.Has original tool kit and owner’s manual.New York title.Pictures speak for themselves.If you can’t afford it don’t bid.Low reserve


  • Nice bike to bad in Canada. I don’t remember this color scheme having two different shades of RED markings. The red I remember is the top stripe. Buy hey I could be wrong …any thoughts

  • I am far from an expert on those stripes but they are OEM accurate.

    Hopefully someone with knowledge on this board about these bikes will chime on on their overall thoughts on this bike.

    It looks very nice to me!


  • Seller says Vin is 100823

    870 RG500G’s were sold by Suzuki Canada.
    The first VIN was 0G2100012, the last was 9G2100882 so it would appear it is an original Canadian model. Decals are all correct, looks to be small mark/ding on lower R/H can. Condition of ignition barrel is not in keeping with the rest of the bike. Tyres aren`t original, to the best of my knowledge they only came with Michelin A48 110/90 v16 and M48 120/90 v17. Cant tell much else from the pics but it appears to be one of the better examples out there. Good luck with the sale. Dan, indicators are recessed into the bikini fairing 🙂

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  • Nice gamma, may of been a repaint, seller does not state original paint? Not that it matters, it should get 16K.

  • It should bring strong money, and would be worth more in the US with a title. Nice RG500’s are getting harder to find.

  • i’ve seen both these bikes first hand myself. neither had fluids in them so they couldn’t be fired up but both are cosmetically flawless

  • I bought a gamma in Canada, picked it up myself and went through the border. No problems at the border, no fees, its perfectly legal because the bike is more than 25 years old and exempt from all EPA and DOT laws. I took the canadian title to my DMV and got a title. I was amazed how clean and corrision free it was. All the others I have are not as clean, guess that cold air keeps them looking good!

  • Jimbo, if it is a good as shad says it is it should fetch at least 20k and if its a good runner (and it should be) it may even fetch more with books and history. The best thing the seller could do would be to post a vid of the bike running to stir some real interest. These are bloody hard to find with these kms on them and will only get more difficult in time. Good luck to the seller.

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