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All on Red – 2008 Ducati Sport 1000S

Cashing in on the retro-craze or reverently invoking Ducati history, the Pierre Terblanche design for the Sport Classic series was ( and is today ) a hit.  Built from 2006-09 in relatively small numbers, the bikes were styled in the 1970’s but had power and reliability for the new century.

20150728 2008 ducati sport 1000s right front

2008 Ducati Sport 1000S for sale on eBay

20150728 2008 ducati sport 1000s left front

Using the air and oil-cooled 992cc Desmodue, the Sport 1000S has 92 hp available, driving through a hydraulically actuated wet clutch and 6-speed transmission.  Big 43mm upside-down forks lead the way for a more retro dual-shock rear swingarm.  Not terribly overweight at a scosche over 400 lbs, the 320mm dual front disks and 245mm rear are up to the task.

20150728 2008 ducati sport 1000s left tank  20150728 2008 ducati sport 1000s binnacle

The seat and fairing choices changed from year to year, but this Sport 1000S has the monoposto seat cover and lowers to complement the windshield fairing.  The red bodywork is magnificent.  Without even first-oil-change miles, this bike is hard to call used, but after 7 years in the garage, the belts and tires might want sprucing up.  From the eBay auction:


I have all keys, manuals, etc. Also there is no fuel tank spreading issue on the bike. It was checked out when Ducati did the recall a few years back and is still nice and tight today. Bike has never been dropped and has never seen rain. I know ‘it’s only new once’ but this is about as close to new as you’ll find for a 2008 bike.

20150728 2008 ducati sport 1000s right front wheel  20150728 2008 ducati sport 1000s rear

Though the Paul Smart commemoratives are fetching huge bids, the buy-it-now on this bike looks almost reasonable.  Hmmm, a little over an hour from here, maybe a test-ride up Conn. Rte 7 would be possible ?  After a quick service, this Sport 1000S should be ready for a lot of fun miles…



  • Can someone explain why these bieks are so popular…to me they are just meh..

  • I bought a GT1000 new in Spring of ’08, and after having it for several years and nearly 10k miles, I loved it and at the same time was disappointed.

    At the time an S2R 1000 Monster was only $500 more than my GT. The Sport Classics (excepting for the ’06 Paul Smart) all had non-adjustable pogo stick Marzocchi forks, and though the Sport 1000 and Sport 1000S had good Sachs adjustable shocks, the little GT had cheap non-adjustable chrome pieces. The brakes worked okay, but were price point as well, with two piston front and a single piston rear caliper.

    The Monsters came with fully adjustable front and rear suspension, and four piston / two piston brakes. For a $500 premium, which made me wish they’d fitted the same on the SC line and added the difference to the MSRP.

    The 2 valve engine was a joy, especially with the Termingoni exhaust and Race ECU.

    I’ve got to think the only reason the bike in this ad doesn’t have a gas tank swelling issue is because it’s never really had any fuel through it. My GT was on it’s third tank when I sold it. Each replacement tank had poorer paint quality than the last.

    Finally, I’ve ridden both the Sport 1000 and the Sport 1000s, the latter being the faired version. Both have extremely low clip-ons. My MV Agusta F4 and Aprilia RSV1000R are far more comfortable, for comparison.

    So to answer your question, while they are neat, I really don’t know? 🙂

  • I have an 06 monoposto version (with Termis) of above bike in my collection. People who don’t know say the bars are too low, the clutch is too heavy, the suspension sucks etc. I’m 53 and this is my go-to bike (10k miles and counting). I’ve tracked it up here in NJ/NY and found it sounds great, handles beautifully and easy to maintain. If I wanted comfy, I’d buy a minivan lol.

  • “Fuggles” the clown bike, nope…

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