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2013 Kawasaki Forward FTR Machine MotoGP Racebike Ridden by Colin Edwards

2013 Kawasaki Colin Edwards MotoGP

Here’s a unique opportunity to purchase a MotoGP bike ridden by Colin Edwards just last year. While obviously destined for a collection, I can’t help but fantasize what it would be like to show up at your track day with this! With 345lbs and 245hp on tap, you’d have to ride it at least once right? This listing on eBay UK is actual an advertisement for the Historics at Brooklands auction coming up on June 7th. The ad states the £62,000 ($103,620) price listed with the ad is to be used as a guide.


2013 Kawasaki Forward FTR Machine for sale on eBay UK


an excerpt from the seller’s listing:

he NGM Forward Racing Team 2013 FTR MotoGP machines As used by Colin Edwards and Claudio Corti throughout the 2013 season

This is a rare opportunity to acquire one or both of the Forward FTR MotoGP machines with one having been ridden by two times World Superbike Champion, Colin Edwards and the other ridden by the 2008 Superbike runner up, Claudio Corti.

Both machines are offered with their Kawasaki ZX-10R engines tuned by Kawasaki’s French based tuning company partner, Akira. With the power output and dry weight of only 157kg and 245+ bhp of available power, these machines are capable of speeds in excess of 325 kph. An FTR MGP13 aluminium tri-spar chassis provides the framework with Öhlines suspension, Brembo brakes and an Akrapovic exhaust system mated to the Kawasaki power plants.

“FTR technical support post sale will include a test run of the machine with a grand prix technician to ensure the customer is fully briefed with the workings of the machinery and also two VIP paddock passes for the British round of the 2014 MotoGP World Championship at Silverstone on August 29-31 and hospitality with the NGM Forward Racing Team.”



  • here is the link to the historic at brooklands auction listing for anyone who is interested


  • WOW!

  • It’s about time we see some GP bikes for sale! Good Job RSBFS!

  • Ok, if anyone on here buys it, let me have a go!

  • Dearest wife,

    I know how busy you’ve been lately and probably forgotten Father’s Day is just around the corner so I am saving you and the kids the hassle of trying to find the perfect gift. See short list…

    Seriously, what a lusty listing—-

  • No carbon brake rotors? Front wheel speed sensor? Probably just has the Kawasaki race wireharness. Hopped up ZX10 engine in FTR chasis …. I’d pass and save up for one of Kenny Roberts KRV5 Proton Bikes. A five cylinder MotoGP bike, now were talking!

  • Maybe I am moto gp dumb but I’m not sure how this bike is 245+hp. A regular zx10 dyno’s pretty low, like 120whp so this bike states its over double that. I have never seen an naturally aspirated 4 stroke bike make an additional 120whp+ from heavy engine work or even come remotely close to that.

    • MotoGP 500s of the day made nearly 180bhp while the replica bikes had less than half that. 245bhp for this model makes sense to me.

  • Ya but those 500s were 2 stokes. Way different power capabilites compared to 4 stroke. But there are all motor Hayabusa making 250+ whp but that’s also at 1470cc. I think it’s a tall order for a 1000 cc motor to make 245+

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