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1995 Aprilia RS 250 Reggiani replica with low miles

1995 Aprilia RS 250 Loris Reggiani replica for sale on the OC CL for $8,300.00 with Cali title and registration.

This one should be in great shape having only 4300 miles on the odometer. This RS is sitting in the same garage as a the 1991 RGV 250 that Alex posted back on February 3rd; which by the way is still for sale. Now, the owner has told me that he is only going to sell one of his babies. So which one do you want to take off his hands?? The owner has done something interesting in that he has removed the lower fairings to better preserve them. As you will see in the pictures they are removed and leaning against the wall. If I had the extra scratch burning a hole in my pocket I’d pick up the Aprilia and leave the Suzuki. We’ve had a few Reggiani’s posted on RSBFS and this seems to be right in line on pricing. I posted a regular RS a few days ago for this exact same price and it sold in 48 hours.

Quotes from the seller:

Rare Aprilia 2-stroke V2 with a California title and current registration. Low miles (4300) and runs very strong. Good sticky tires and ready to ride. The fairing is in very good shape but has been removed to preserve it, attract less attention, and better tolerate santa ana side winds. At over 70 HP and under 300 pounds, this bike has amazing speed and handling. Missing rear seat and leaky forks but otherwise excellent condition.

So it looks like a set of fork seals and a trip to ebay for seat and you would have a super nice RS. With spring just around the corner, the possibility of someone buying the Suzuki and taking this one off the market you’d better not delay if your in the market. You can contact the seller here.




  • The seller is getting a little loose with the HP figure unless this bike has had some serious work done do it and it looks stock. The Aprilia shares the same engine with the Suzuki RGV250 (VJ22). If I remember correctly they put out about 55 in stock tune.

  • Ian-

    Thanks for the information.

  • It doesn’t look like the seller is interested in selling to anyone outside of his area, see reply below

    “I only advertised in the O.C. Craigslist for a reason. If you give me cash in person, then you can take it away. Sorry.


  • […] to be close to market correct especially moving into spring–at $9,750.  Doug posted a fist gen. with similar mileage that was in California for $8,300.  These RS250s are fantastic machines and I wouldn’t […]

  • Bikes are awesome dude keep posting these kind of bike related subject more and more.

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