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1992 Yamaha FZR600 Vance & Hines #505

Not a very collectible model, but Donn spotted this one coming out of a collection in Portland. We’ve covered it previously and currently it’s under $3k, reserve met.


1992 Yamaha FZR600 for sale on eBay

from the seller:

1992 Yamaha Vance & Hines Limited Edition
Number 505 of 600.

From The Factory with “This” Edition . . . .

– V & H Steering Damper

– Full Stainless Steel Exhaust System – Dyno Tuned for proper jetting

– Forced Air – Pressurized Air Box

– Customized Factory Paint Job Matching the then – Vance & Hines Race team

– Painted & Polished Wheels Front & Rear

– Polished Engine Cases

– Air Spoiler On Rear Tail Section Fairing

Added –

Color matched Second Look operator seat & passenger seat

Rear Cowing covering the passenger seat for operator only look

This bike has been in my Museum Collection for quite some time now . . . It does have a “State of Oregon – Special Interest Plate” for M/Cs over 25 years old that qualify – and is good forever – never has to be renewed. If the buyer lives in Oregon the plate will go with the bike – If the buyer is out of the state of Oregon I will keep the plate and transfer it to one of my other museum bikes.

RECENTLY – Tuning re-verified – It started right up – idles correctly – Drives correctly etc. Has new coolant. Has new engine oil & filter. Front & Rear brake fluids Flushed and replaced.

While in the Museum the below was done for Function and display Purposes – As It was driven occasionally to M/C Shows/events – Items not in any order . . .

New Battery

New Tires

New front & Rear Brake Pads installed

New Spark Plugs
Carbs and fuel rails Rebuilt & SYNC UP

Valve Clearances set

New coolant installed

New OEM Air filter installed

New fuel filter & new Petcock installed

New Gold chain & sprockets installed

New Clutch Cable installed

The bike is in EXCELLENT mechanical and Cosmetic condition and needs nothing.

Here Is the Link to the You-Tube Video showing a walk around and start up –

PLEASE – review the video as I’ve included a lot of info in it that’s not in the text here.


  • I personally went up and saw this bike with a friend of mine. We were actually looking at his turbos. Solid guy, cool collection and definitely legit, you won’t be disappointed with this seller. Such an Iconic color scheme for the era…miss those days!

  • AAAAAAgHHHH! Eyes bleeding! Make it stop!…

  • This listing was ended by the seller because the item was lost or broken.
    What’s up with that? So, does that mean he sold it outside of ebay even though the reserve had been met? If so, that sure is unfair to the high bidder. Usually you just see the standard item is no longer available. Is it possible the item really is broken?

  • Happens all the time Joe.


  • Hmm. Perhaps a case of: “You drop it, you bought it.” (?) I’ve seen stories of guys who let a potential buyer test ride before buying and the person just disappears down the street – bike never seen again ! …would possibly explain the ‘lost/broken’ comment.

  • He “lost” it to the guy who bought it outside of eBay, very common

  • I bought a bike on Ebay last week. He cancelled the purchase because he said he dropped it the day the auction closed. Very suspect considering the price was too cheap. I bid more but no one counter bid so it stayed low. If he would of just been honest and said he forgot to put a reserve and needed at least XXXXX then I may of stepped up but apparently honesty and integrity are not a trait everyone shares. Oh well….next! PS. I say another V&H at Mecum this past Jan…they come up from time to time..

  • I think he is just real clumsy and is always dropping his bikes. My point is just put “no longer available” not “lost or broken”. I always put for sale locally and auction may end at anytime in my listings. If it sells locally or through other means, then just put no longer available. But, as Motoman says honesty and integrity are not a trait everyone shares.

  • I thought we were talking about a motorcycle? But I guess a chat room works as well… Next 2 stroke (or supermono) please…

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