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1992 Kawasaki ZX7R For $5000 in California

1992 Kawasaki ZX7R For Sale

Check out the pictures on this one and you’ll see a well kept 7R. And then when you go back for the details and learn that is has 38k miles, you have to imagine it has had some caring owners to survive this well. Hard to believe that it’s uncut and has most of the original parts. It does have some nice upgrades from stock but they’re all period correct. I like this one at $5k and wish buyers and seller good luck!


1992 Kawasaki ZX7R For Sale on eBay


quote from the seller:

1992 Kawasaki ZX7R ZX750K
Great condition
38k miles but doesn’t look it
This is the special race model so comes with alloy fuel tank, close ratio gearbox and Mikuni flatslide carbs as standard.

Ohlins shock
Muzzy full exhaust system
Braided brake lines
Forks just serviced
New tires – Dunlop Q2’s
New clutch, brake pads, chain, sprockets.
All fluids just changed.




  • Pretty.

  • Something’s not right with that tail… look at the number plate. Compare here: http://www.kawasakimerkclub.nl/Archief/ZXR750R/ZXR750k1_GROEN.jpg

  • ^^^Good eye. There should be white underneath the black numberplate area, not blue- apparantly repainted. You sir, know your ZX7R tail sections!

  • Yes, and the bottom of the number plate is wrong. Look at the curvature in the bottom front of it where it comes to a point… it’s wrong…

  • Yup, the angle and shape is wrong. As this bike is rare and relatively valuable, and if you have to repaint, why wouldn’t you match the original and correct scheme? It devalues the bike by a bit, and makes one wonder what else is incorrect, and calls for a closer examination. Some may call us nitpickers for pointing this out, but these details are the difference between an average bike and a no-excuses excellent example that commands top dollar.

  • Good job Dan.

  • Pretty, but also suspect is the mention of Mikuni carbs…

    This model should have FCRs on it.

  • Funny thing is this bike was listed as ‘sold’ just after this posting happened on RSBFS. I was pissed that I missed out on it! Then was relisted after “Dan” posted the issue with the seat! lol GOOD EYE DAN !!

  • The new auction still doesn’t address the questionable tail section…

  • I think the upper fairing has been repainted as well, the black piece isnt correct.. Color seems a little weird en i believe the angle is wrong, bit like the tailsection..

  • Yes, the complete tail, and front top cowling has been definitely repainted. Front brake discs also not original. Problem is, that that tail black sticker is no longer available from Kawasaki, and nearly nobody can spray it as original, because it is with white pearl line. At this bike it is very important to find complete original one.

  • Dan: your link is not picture of production motorcycle, but preproduction example, that was used for taking factory pictures on brochures. This one from your link has not blue sticker on lower cowling (sprayed with no white line at hole for bolt), and doesn´t have black sticker on top cowling.

  • 916: It was the clearest pic I could find quickly of an R version that clearly showed the number plate. All I wanted to do was show the number plate… nothing more.

    And I see the black sticker on the top cowling. Also, that’s a pic from an NL website which means their models could have varied somewhat. But the number plates were the same on all models.

  • True, the bike from the link is an original zxr750R K1 euro spec.

  • What a great resource this place is and it’s not the first time it’s saved me some money. Apparently, some fictitious nonexistent Dork “overseas” used the Buy It Now on the first go round of the auction so the seller re-listed it. That’s the sellers version anyway…… Good job boys!

  • Jasper: The bike from the link is not original EU spec bike that was produced. This bike you will never find on the roads, just only in the brochures. Yes, just 750R on tail, and ZXR on the tank is EU spec. I know EU spec bike very well, I think.
    Dan: It was just only comment from me, not flame. Thanks for lots of posts you are giving to us.

  • 916 – I didn’t take it as a flame… all is good.

  • http://www.zxr750.nl/ZXRmodellen.htm
    @916 isnt it the same as this one? Maybe i missed something but what do you think isn’t right about it?

  • O you need to scroll down a bit 😉

  • Jasper: Hi, I just think it is necessary to mention, that the bike from Dan´s link, and bike 1991 model K from your link are not pictures of production bike. That one from your link has sprayed side blue panel and sprayed black plate on top cowling, but production model has stickers like 1992 model K2 from your link. Just compare both 91 and 92 from your link.
    I recommend this video, there are 3 parts total: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMPfa1bxCU8
    Static bikes are J- US spec, K- EU spec, but action riding bike is that preproduction model made only for Kawasaki presentation, that was not even on exhebitions, just in promo video and 91 brochure. Hope you enjoy link.

  • Well i have to disagree because the 2 bikes in my link are both parked in a buddy of mine’s garage. And the the black plates are really stickers. Ive owned 8 or 9 zxr’ and 1 was also a K. Right now i got an M. Seriously it’s a eurospec K1 🙂

  • Jasper: Now, I´m not sure what you disagree with???

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