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1991 Bimota YB8 For Sale in Seattle

Next up tonight is this great looking Bimota YB8 for sale on Craigslist Seattle:

1991 Bimota YB8 For Sale in Seattle1991 Bimota YB8 For Sale in Seattle1991 Bimota YB8 For Sale in Seattle

quote from seller’s listing:

This hand built Italian bike is a one owner with 5,458 original miles. All original condition. It has been garaged for 6years and needs carbs cleaned.
If this is the type of bike you would like to own (unique and very few made)

I’m hoping Phil will leave a comment as our resident Bimota expert. $13k sounds a bit rich, but tis the season and who knows what a collector’s spouse might justify for the right bike.



  • I bought a used running YB10 last year to add to my other three. I only paid 3000 sterling for it. It was in pretty good shape, needed a little TLC, but ran good and the motor was sound. These bikes – BIMs are not really good for everyday riding but there are great for that perfect Sunday blast. Given the milage and looks for it I think the price is about right. I prefer the YB10 riding position to that of the YB11

  • Hi there,
    I have one of these bikes down here in South Africa (looks identical to this one) Similar milage too… It has a FZR100 Yamaha motor if I’m not mistaken? It’s immaculate but I’m trying to figure out what I can sell it for. Does anybody have a clue what I could price this for one at to sell in US $?

  • How does a person remove the carbs from a Bimota yb8? It looks very complicated.

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