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1987 Honda CBR 250R Hurricane

1987 Honda CBR 250R Hurricane located in Indiana 🙂 (it’s about time we show the Hoosier state some RSBFS love)

This one is sneaking in at the bottom of RSBFS.com age limit, but you wouldn’t know it from the looks of it.

Back in the late eighties I was just beginning to scratch the surface on what was to become a life long passion for me known as Sport Riding. And like most young men at that time we were bombarded with CBR and Ninja ads. Telling us that “Even a Ninja is afraid of a Hurricane” or “Ninja’s are fearless.” Nonetheless, my first memories of the modern day sport bike era started with the Hurricane’s. I used to bug the heck out of the local Honda salesmen because I was “just browsing” (read: tire kicking and day dreaming). Since CBR’s were massed produced with no LE’s coming from Honda anytime I get the opportunity to look at an older CBR I have fond memories of my early days. And just so you know none of the previous ramblings have anything to do with this bike other than it’s a Hurricane. But, since I get to blog about it, you have to read it 🙂

On to the bike-

These were widely distributed in Japan and Australia due to their cc laws for beginning riders. But as always over the years they have made it around the world and are considered rare for the US market. It has an atomic 18,250 red line and I’m sure it would need every ounce of it to move an average sized American. These are different and very unique in that they are 4 cylinder and gear driven. The quick research I’ve done all points to being a very reliable little machine. I searched RSBFS and we’ve only had one posted before so these are definitely on the upper end of rare for us as well. I would say this would make for a super nice starter bike or a sportier entry bike versus what is currently offered in the market. But, this one carries a price tag to match the rarity of the bike at $4,200.00 or a B.I.N. of $5,200.00. I’ve never had the opportunity to see one of these up close and in person, but I’m sure they’re neat machines.

Have a look:

Quotes from the ebay listing:

I have gone through the bike extensively. It has received new body work in the original Red/White/Blue colors. The fork tubes have been replaced as the original ones were pitted and new fork seals were put in at the same time. There are new brake pads all around and a new disk at the rear wheel. I’ve put new sprockets and chain on the bike. The carbs were gone through and a new fuel filter was put in place. The cooling system was gone through, hoses and radiator were check and a new radiator cap was installed. The wheels were powder coated the correct white color and new bearings and seals put back in. The left and right engine cases were scraped up when I got the bike and
they should be taken off, cleaned up and repainted. I have a gasket set to put new gaskets on when that work was done, I just haven’t had time to get around to it. The tank also needs it’s paint redone to match the rest of the body work, but it looks OK as is. Included with the bike is an English Language shop manual and a Japanese Language parts manual. Please note that the miles entered are not correct. The speedo is calibrated in KMs. I have a new speedo face calibrated for MPH, but not yet installed.

As with any 23 year old bike you should expect some “things” but, with this one you’d have a head start with all of the work that has been done. There’s no mention of mileage so you’ll need to contact to the owner for any additional info.

I found this video of a bike just like this one, but with a pipe. I must say it sounds good to be so small!




  • From what I can tell, that’s not the correct bodywork for that year. Looks like newer bodywork and headlights as the early Hurricanes had a single headlight.

  • Hello there,
    Fantastic looking machine. Appears to be in wonderful condition.
    I hope you don’t mind me asking, but where did you source fork tubes for this bike ? I have been searching for stock replacement tubes for one of these bikes, with absolutely no success.
    Any help you can give would be GREATLY appreciated.
    Thanks for your time, and all the best with your sale.

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