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1985 Honda NS400R Rothmans Edition

1985 Honda NS400R Rothmans For Sale

From the same seller as the RG500 we listed yesterday is this stunning Rothmans NS400R for sale. Also located in Ontario, this one appears just as nice as the the Suzuki. Unfortunately the listing has only 3 pictures and doesn’t state if it’s registered in the U.S. like the Gamma. The last NS400R we listed was pulled from eBay before the listing ended but the rumor mill indicates it sold for a hefty sum privately. I’ll be curious to see where this one ends this close to the holidays.


1985 Honda NS400R for sale on eBay


from the seller:

Absolutely stunning very rare NS400R Honda

This is out of private collection and has the lowest production number we have ever seen

Perfect original paint and body work, no scratches on anything including the exhaust

Never raced or tracked has original tool kit and owner’s manual

new tires and chain for the discerning collector



  • Such a pretty model. I sure hope who ever decided to “improve” this example by installing those aftermarket front turn signals didn’t drill the fairings!

  • If I had a dollar for ever time I have been told, “no the fairing hasn’t been drilled”, just to find out yes it was!!! I wish the manufacture of this type of turn signal would have had the foresight to know how many fairings their turn signal design would ruined over the years!!! 🙁

  • Guy`s these are the original front factory indicators – it depends on the bikes origin. Maybe the US or Canadian models were different but these are consistent with AU, JDM and possibly even EU (not certain) UK models had the shorts stalks as did the UK model RG500 with stalks (non UK RG500s front integrated indicators) Maybe someone from Canada can tell us if their domestic NS had the stalks or not.

  • Definitely not Honda stalks. I recently sold an NS. and they came with traditional stalks(To my knowledge the same in all markets) These appear to be period(old school) LP signals.
    Still a very nice looking bike.

  • Brent please refer to either the heap of JDM bikes on ebay UK or any number of NS sites. They are factory JDM, AU and UE indicators. Good luck to the seller and I hope he gets top dollar.

  • In most countries the bike also never had as standard from factory “Rothmans” on the bellypan nor the Rothmans decal on the mid fairing.
    It is difficult to tell from the pics but I cant see the two “warning” decals on the tank nor on the screen. Impossible to tell but it should also have one on the tacho (break in) and two on the right hand side inner top fairing.

  • Sorry to post again (and not meaning to be a killjoy) but front fender decal is not original, rear seat conversion decal is non original, does not have a right hand upper exhaust heat shield and front brake lines are not original.

  • Why does everyone pick at the bikes here? This bike is super clean, so what if some num nuts put some crappy blinkers on it, its 30 years old, would love to have this bike in my garage! I dont like hondas though, they made too many heavy four strokes.

  • Jimbo, please don`t misunderstand me, I am not picking the the bike. I am just trying to make any potential buyer aware of anything that is not original. I was not picking the condition of the bike but merely stating what is and what isn`t original as I had an original bike with delivery kms only. Just trying to give potential buyers an honest “heads up”

  • Jimbo, Bob is right and the reason why this site is an invaluable resource of knowledge. That’s why there is a Comment Section.
    If I was paying top dollar for a collectable, I would want to know as much as possible about the item I was purchasing. As it will reflect in the resale as well, because at some point it will be resold.
    If an item is going to be brought into the spotlight to get top dollar, it should be prepared to be scrutinized as such.

    Cheers to Bob!

    P.s. Nice bike

  • Thank you Bob. My apologies as it was not my intent in any way to put down this bike. I was simply answering the question re-Are they the stalks/signals standard for Canadian models…

  • Well said, hwood851. Call it nitpicking of you like, jimbo, but it’s all about accurately determining originality, authenticity, and ultimately value. I don’t know how anybody can object to trying to learn, research, question, and investigate a machine as much as possible before potentially buying it. I get the sense that you’ve never done this before yourself, and resent us that have seriously committed our money to our motorcycle passions. Am I wrong here?

  • I agree with Sixthgear . The whole point here is to have input from many different people/sources A) : to showcaase a bike and B) : to make an accurate concensus to jugde its overall condition , rarity , value , etc. And of course there will be both positive and negative comments to be expected depending on its state . Especially if someone is paying big bucks (or not…) they don’t want to get stuck with something that was misrepresented eith intentionally or unintentionally .

  • I agree what makes this forum is the advice and eyes of people who know about these bikes.
    He is right, so e of the bike isnt original. It’s still a beautiful bike though not 100% original.

  • First this NS400R is stunning! It is not mine, I could never live in Canada, too cold. Quite a bit of focus on negative, I really like this page, wait to see your bike for sale here, and see comments saying uneducated wrong things about it! I have had many expensive rare bikes for sale that had been posted here, some unfair comments about them, from people who never saw it and dont know the model. My opinion is just like everyone elses, my personal opinion!

    • Jimbo, factual is not negative. I am not picking the condition of the bike, merely some of the things that are incorrect or missing. I had a new one and know the bikes pretty well. Again it would not take a lot to make it perfect and I DO wish the seller well and hope he gets good $$ for it.

  • This is a stunning NS400R. I have the same model and this is JDM. Restricted NS400R to be ridden on the Japanese road with top speed about 160Kmh only. I had to modify mine to reach 210Kmh like Canadian and European standard factory model NS400R. All the best to the seller.

  • Photo of stock Rothmans version showing close fit front signals and Rothmans sticker on front fender – http://www.ns400r.de/

  • Goodness me Neil, don`t believe everything you see on the internet including promo material. “Rothmans” was NEVER part of the stock bikes livery as they came off the shelf as I purchased a couple of them new. It was around the time when cigarette advertising was still allowed on race bikes bike was seen as unsociable and undesirable and again I will say Never came out with Rothmans decals – HONDA only.

  • See the other one on here that had 3000kms on it…….well I put the Rothmans decal under the Honda decal on the belly and the circular on the mid section from new.

  • Hmmm, Honda’s parts fiche shows the close mounted front turn signals as factory equipment.
    My copy of Cycle’s October 1985 test & photos of a Rothmans NS400R shows the sticker on the front fender, 2 Rothmans decals on both fairing sides, the solo seat cowl with an HRC sticker, and the stalk mounted front turn signals. Other old magazine articles show that too. It appears there were several variations of the blue & white NS400R, some did not have any Rothmans stickers/decals on them but many did.

  • Got it! 🙂

  • Good buy, congratulations!


  • Well done Neil, I am sure you will love the bike. Honda really got the steering geometry, cog and total handling package working really well with the NS. Congrats and Merry Christmas.

  • Thank you Dan & Bob.
    And now there are two 🙂
    It will definitely be a kick next spring for my wife & me to ride to our frequent Sunday brunch antique, classic, (and other) motorcyclist cafe on two NS400s! I’ve never seen one there. I’ve only seen one on the street – ever, other than one I rode for an afternoon back in the mid-’80s when I worked at AHM in LA and our Product Planning guys had one they let me ride.

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