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1979 Suzuki GS1000S Wes Cooley Replica For Sale in Washington

I think these Wes Cooley replica‘s are cool and I’m posting this one even though it looks a little rough around the edges and has some running issues. But for $3k, it could be an interesting project to restore or mod.

Check it out here on Craigslist:

quote from Craigslist post:

79 Suzuki GS 1000 S, “Wes Cooley Replica” only 535 made, very rare, 12,500 original miles, friend of mine is original owner and I know the history, hand polished and painted wheels, lots spent on restoration but I have given up, to many projects, my loss is your gain. Have many reciepts worth $$$. Runs great except runability issue where the idle climbs when it gets warm and I cant figure out what the problem is. I have not spent a great deal of time trying to fix it. Motor is very solid and well taken care of. 30 year Suzuki mechanic says to try valve adjustment, vacuum leak. Should be easy fix, but I have no time!

Metzler tires
smoke windshield
ebc brakes
carb rebuild with genuine suzuki parts, float needles, pilot, and main
tail light
throttle cables
gas tank coating
vance and hines exhast, 4 into 1
oil and filter
air filter
plugs and NGK plug wires


Update: This listing is quite old, but these bikes are available for sale right now:

[AffomaticEbay]Suzuki GS1000[/AffomaticEbay]


  • Hi- I’ve been looking for a Wes Cooley replica for some time –it was the first street bike I owned back in the day– and saw the craigslist posting for the one in WA. Unfortunately, the posting has expired. Any chance you may have recorded the seller’s phone number?

    Thanks, and I really enjoy your site. Keep it up!

    • hi I seen your interest in the wes cooly replica I have one with 15K miles runs great in beautiful condition.. here is my E-mail so if still interested give me a shout I can send some pics… adamnelson1975@yahoo.com

  • I didn’t, sorry Frank. I’ll keep me eye open for another.


  • Thanks, DC. Never should have sold mine in the first place!

  • hi..

    anyone knows the price of a Wes Cooley Replica Suzuki GS 1000S ??

  • Blue book states around $1300 USD. I’d happily pay double that for an unabused model! More likely to see good examples going for $4000 and up.

  • thanks for the quick replay… i`m living in austria and there are only about 100 pieces… and i find no prices about this motorbike…
    my dad want to sell his bike …so i have i little knowledge about this..

    thanks frank


  • I have one that I am trying to figure out a realistic selling price for. Pretty good shape body wise, I am second owner. Been 4 years since I even cranked it, so it would need going over. What is best avenue to figure out how to sell? Thanks!

  • Harry,
    Best way to value your S is: How stock is it vs. how many mods? Does the engine turn over, or is it seized? Mileage, body condition, paint, seat, etc. are all taken into consideration on these bikes. Some parts (gauge cluster, 4-into-2 exhaust, fairing) are really hard to come by and expensive to replace, so having as many original parts –in good, serviceable condition– is key.
    Lately, I’ve seen GS1000S’s go anywhere from $1200 to $5000 depending on condition, and in some cases, location. Good news is that this poor economy doesn’t seem to be affecting the price of these bikes
    Do you have any photos of your bike you could email me? I’d be happy to give you my best estimate and feedback. You can email me directly at: fz2000@austin.rr.com
    Frank Z.

  • Hi: I´m looking for buy one SUZUKI GS 1000 S. Can you help me ? Thanks.

  • ok i just got a suzuki yesterday and i need a battery anybody know where i can get one

  • Is it for sale

  • I STILL haven;t done anything with mine. I will get pic’s soon & see what you think. Hasn’t left the basement…shame… Harry

  • P.S. Completely stock I believe other than air forks in front. Also seat is about gone. Foam there, just not much cover left. Still a beautiful bike! Frank, is your email still good? Thanks, Harry

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