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Kawasaki January 20, 2017 posted by

Featured Listing – 1983 Kawasaki KZ1000R Eddie Lawson Replica

Update 2.2.2017: Seller has confirmed the eBay sale of $17,665. Congratulations to buyer and seller! -dc

Eddie Lawson rode the factory's Z1000R to the AMA Superbike Championships in 1981 and 1982. And though he got a better offer from Yamaha in 1983, Kawasaki continued for another year with the replica KZ1000R. With total production under 2000 units, the Eddie Lawson Replica is quite rare and a big, brash time machine of a ride. This example from the northeast looks like an easy return to ride or show status.

Starting as an idea from over in marketing to improve KZ1000 sales, the -R had slightly quicker steering geometry and a few more ponies courtesy of the dealer-installed Kerker exhaust.  The venerable air-cooled two-valve four made just over 100 hp per liter at 102.  An oil cooler was added to help ensure reliability, as was a wider rear rim and tire.  Damping rates in the Showa remote-reserve shocks and forks were adjusted just for the -R.  A two level seat helped the rider stay in position and Eddie Lawson contributed his own superbike bend for the handlebars.  Replica colors are as attractive now as they were then.


Almost every bike of a certain age has been with a few owners, and this KZ1000R looks to have escaped any abuse.  The 21,753 are about middle of the road for a rider, and it looks quite stock, with a nice Telefix fork brace and newer seat upholstery.  From the owner's eBay auction:





With water-cooling and V-4's being introduced, the winds of change were howling in the early 1980's, and KZ1000R's had to suffer a few years of benign neglect before the interest in retro or just-plain-superbikes took off.  Since then they have been raced, collected, and exported, with the net result of fewer of these special machines available.  The -R reviewed as a stiffly-sprung, torquey ball to ride - up until that last tenth, when the size and weight required an expert rider to push.  With a little elbow grease this Eddie Lawson Replica could be a great rider or with more attention, a powerhouse of a collector.  See the eBay auction - here - and the owner, Mike requests inquiries on  (774) 836-8507...



Featured Listing – 1983 Kawasaki KZ1000R Eddie Lawson Replica
MV Agusta September 14, 2016 posted by

Et tu – 2008 MV Agusta Brutale 910S

After Cagiva's purchase of MV Agusta's storied name in 1999, the company decided to enter the boutique naked-sport market and developed the Brutale 750.  The model has been the subject of several limited production factory customs, and further evolution brought the Brutale 910S.  Though it will never have the utility or daily ridership of a Monster or SV, the Brutale is one of the very sportiest of naked sports.


2008 MV Agusta Brutale 910S



The 910S is powered by an inline four with MV Agusta's excellent four-valve heads, pretty high compression at 13:1 and making 134 hp.  The rather sculptural trellis frame surrounds the engine and terminates in large cast swingarm connectors.  The front suspension is a pair of rather massive 50mm inverted Marzocchi forks, and a Sachs-damped single-sided swingarm is found under the seat.  Nissin supplies the 6-piston front calipers over 310mm rotors, with a single 210mm rear brake.  It's unfaired except for the radiator shroud, though the double parabolic headlight looks aerodynamic enough.  Behind the teardrop instrument binnacle, a split level seat and low European handlebars complete the cockpit.



This Colorado Brutale has less than 2,000 miles, and looks excellent.  Apparently the only mod, the HP Corsa exhaust is a lot shorter and likely quite a bit lighter than the factory dual mufflers.  From the eBay auction:

This bike only has 2,000 miles on it.  It runs and looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor. It only has one small crack in the paint in the tank, which is very difficult to see in the light.  I used a flashlight to take a picture and make it more visible for the ad.  You won't find a nicer, lower mileage 2008 Brutale anywhere.  This bike has a custom exhaust that gives it an awesome look.



The 910S reviewed as a nice handling standard with ergonomics favoring the smaller rider.  The low bars and nearly rear-set pegs make for an aggressive posture, the narrow seat helping the rider move around a bit.  The trademark star alloys identify it as an MV Agusta, and the fuel tank's wings give you almost another gallon.  A distinctive and thoroughly modern take on the naked sport, the Brutale 910S uses Agusta's potent transverse four, but otherwise makes its own road...



Et tu – 2008 MV Agusta  Brutale 910S
Bimota February 22, 2012 posted by

Round 2: More from the Seattle Homologation SportBike Collection For Sale

Update 2.18.2012: The seller has notified me that both V Due's are now sold, and the RC45 and RC30 are pending sale.

Update 2.23.2012: The seller has notified me that the 888 is no longer available. The R7 is still available and we should be receiving new pictures soon. There may also be an opportunity to obtain an OW-01 from this same collection and I will add details when I receive them. -dc

Long time fans of RSBFS recall the first time the Seattle seller came forward to let a few go from his amazing collection. We were honored to be the exclusive site offering viewers the opportunity to obtain these bikes and were able to connect several readers with his bikes. We are proud to make that opportunity available again as he's contacted me to let us know that he's considering thinning the herd even more and is pulling the following bikes from storage to get them ready for sale. Get your drool buckets ready...

Honda RC30 For Sale - PENDING SALE

Honda RC45 For Sale - PENDING SALE

Yamaha R7 For Sale

TWO Bimota V Due 500 For Sale - Both now SOLD

For now consider this post a teaser, but serious parties can contact me directly as we'll be acting as proxy in the release of the seller's email address.

As more information and pictures are made available, I will be updating and bumping this post to keep us all up to date.

In the meantime, I'm going start filling out the forms for a 2nd mortgage...


Round 2:  More from the Seattle Homologation SportBike Collection For Sale
MV Agusta January 17, 2012 posted by

2001 MV Agusta F4 S 750 with just 1000 Miles!

I think by now most recognize I'm a Tamburini superfan, and the F4 would be no exception. The bikes he penned were the ones I lusted after in my youth and of course now that I'm older, the ones I find myself desiring the most. My collection is meager though and I find myself still looking up at 748's as an entry point to owning one of his masterpieces. However with the general consensus being that the F4 1000 variants are far superior, we've been seeing the 750 variants come down in price considerably.

Take a look at this 2001 MV Agusta F4 S on eBay

From the seller:

2nd Owner of a Beautiful Agusta MV F4S 750 Monoposto. ONLY 1003 Original Miles!!!

Never been wrecked, laid down, or in the rain. Always kept inside and adult owned only.

Only serviced at an authorized MV Agusta Dealership (BMW-Ducati Triumph MV AGUSTA of Charlotte - also where it was originally purchased).

Just completed a full service in July 2011 (new battery, new fluids, etc...) and only around 50 miles put on it after the service.

All stock except the Gold Series D.I.D Chain Upgrade.

Stand out from the crowd or buy it as a collector bike... either way you can not go wrong with owning this bike.

With an opening bid of $6800 (reserve not met) the seller is already hinting that the reserve probably isn't far off. Last year we saw a handful of 750's with reasonable mileage sell between mid $7k's and $k. With just 1000 miles, I suspect the reserve is in the upper part of that range. Still considerably more than the entry level 748 I'm on the lookout for, but not as far off as they used to be, which gives me something to shoot for next year!


Bimota November 15, 2011 posted by

Destination Japan: 1989 Bimota YB7

Destination Japan:  1989 Bimota YB7

You are looking at Bimota's entry into the Japanese small cc wars of the late 80's and early 90's.  Apparently the Japanese Bimota importer had the exclusive right to the YB7's until the buyers there voted with their wallets and said "no more".  The production run was supposed to produce 500 units but I'm seeing claims of 321  actually built.  You don't have to go to Japan to find this one but you still have to cross a border; it is located in Canada.

Your typical Bimota attention to detail on the frame.  Looking through the RSBFS records, which are under tight security ( think Fort Knox), the YB7 is one of the more rare Bimota's to be had. We've only listed a handful.  It has Yamaha's FZ400 engine hidden under the bodywork.  I saw the spec sheet claims 65 hp. Hmmmmm, anyone ever had one on a dyno?

The seller loves the close up's.  This one is going home with someone, it looks like there was no reserve.

The details:

I shipped this bike in from Japan a couple of years ago. It is registered with a legal Canadian title and has been safety inspected. It has only 2,550 kms on it, and recent set of Pirelli tires. It runs great and is a joy to rev up to 14,000 rpm! It is very light and nimble and the handling is amazing, even by today's standards.

I am assuming that anyone looking at this is aware of how special these bikes are. More pictures available upon request. Although not a museum piece I consider it to be in excellent condition for the age and the distance it has travelled to get here. White wheels are in excellent condition, and the windscreen has only minor scratches. The only cosmetics that I am unsatisfied with are the scratches on the right hand mirror and some minor paint issues, which I have tried to show in the pictures. 


Overall it looks like a well kept  bike.  It does have some scratches here and there and some of the stickers look a little worn but overall a clean bike.  It is low mileage with less than 2000 miles on it.

570lbs?  Did I convert correctly?  That seems heavier than I would have expected.

Bid to win!


Bimota November 13, 2010 posted by

1998 Bimota S6R with a Buy It Now price of $4150!

1998 Bimota S6R with only 5630 miles and a Buy It Now price of $4150!

Sounds like a smashing deal, doesn't it?  I thought so too, until I read that  a.) the bike is "stranded" in Europe  b.) it has been involved in an accident.  Now, before you write this bike off completely, let's see how bad it's been smacked up:

You bidding on a 1998 BIMOTA SB6R (Suzuki 1100cc engine)

I'm selling this bike for a friend of mine. It was taken to Europe (Austria) 6 years ago and it’s still there since. The bike was involved in  an accident back in 2004 (A car ran over it in a parking lot). All plastic fairings are broken, clutch and brake lever, both handle bars,mirrors, windscreen, left side foot peg bracket, are broken, must be replaced . The gas tank and the frame is scratched and fixable.. Forks, rims, tires, radiator are good.. This bike has only 5630 original miles… it has aftermarket exhaust, carburetors, ignition module, chain and sprockets, new tires.. Florida clean title.. Vin#ZESSB6003WR000018 no warranty.  Runs and drives..

Buy it now price:  2995euro (4150.00usd) shipping is 300euro(415usd) within Europe.

Now let's look at what it is first: the SB6R is the 7th (I consider the SB6 to be the 6th) Bimota with a Suzuki engine in it, and this time it's the bullet-proof water cooled GSX-R1100 engine.  It's got a stout SLC (Straight Line Connection) perimeter beam frame, massive (at the time, and to a certain extent, even today for a RSU fork) 46mm Paoli forks, Ohlins rear shock, Brembo brakes, all nicely wrapped in some sexy clothing.

Building on the success of the earlier SB6 model (a total of 1144 units were built, the most popular Bimota model to date), the SB6R had some minor mechanical updates plus a completely redesigned set of bodywork.  The changes improved the handling and engine response over the SB6, which was already a very fast bike in itself.  The SB6R proved to be a popular model as well with 600 units sold, but to many Bimotistis, the SB6 is the prettier sister and remains one of the prettiest Bimotas ever.

Now, back to this specific crash-damaged, stranded-in-Europe sample: the damage list sounds extensive, but it doesn't look TOO bad from the photos. Broken clutch and brake lever? Easy.  Handlebars?  No sweat.  Left side foot peg bracket?  Hello ebay! The gas tank and the frame is scratched and fixable.  The most concerning parts are the damaged bodywork, mirrors, and windscreen, but you wouldn't be needing those for a streetfighter now, would you?

Which is basically how I see this bike as - a potentially very cool streetfighter project.  Of course, you can also rip off all the lights and turn it into a track bike, but I don't see much point in that.  Or, you can replace the bodywork with a set of SB6 replacement fairings from Airtech Streamlining - that works too. However, for me, the best way is to stick a bikini fairing on it and custom fit a set of cool projectors lights, along with some street bike handlebars and top it all off with a nice subtle custom paint job. What better way to show off that beautiful polished SLC perimeter beam frame?