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You look surprised to see me, again, Mr. Anderson – 2004 Ducati 998 Matrix Reloaded Edition

Toward the end of the 998 model’s run of 2002-04, the company made a special color edition after a Ducati was used in the 2003 film, Matrix Reloaded.  A non-standard color and with special badges, but otherwise a 998, the final update of Tamburini’s legendary 916.  A commemorative as rare as a green Ducati, only around 150 were made.

20150804 2004 ducati 998 matrix edition right

2004 Ducati 998 Matrix Reloaded Edition for sale on eBay

20150804 2004 ducati 998 matrix edition left

The final version of the 916 generation had 123 hp on tap, thanks to the new testastretta 4-valve heads.  If not on the move all that power can be hard to keep cool.  Contrasting silver trellis frame looks great under the green fairings.  The hydraulically actuated dry clutch might be the best of both worlds.  Not a lightweight at just over 400 lbs, it relies on 320mm front disk brakes and 220mm rear.  Showa supplied adjustable forks and Ohlins the shock for the bike, supporting a sweet cast aluminum single-sided swingarm.  Nice factory steering damper, and Termignoni fabricated the aluminum mufflers.

20150804 2004 ducati 998 matrix edition right detail  20150804 2004 ducati 998 matrix edition front

20150804 2004 ducati 998 matrix edition cockpit  20150804 2004 ducati 998 matrix edition left detail

This 998 looks great and the owner is very proud, and he states in the eBay auction:

This is a 2004-Limited Edition Ducati 998 Matrix Reloaded.  Its in Excellent condition, low miles and always been garaged and on a front wheel chalk block.  It has a clear title and never had any problem.  It has been regularly maintained with tune up.  I have put on brand new rear turn signals that are sequential integrated LEDs and Beautiful!!   When I got the bike it had a 1098 wiring harness on it for the rear lights and was not functioning properly.  The harness was removed and the original wires that were zip corded up, I rewired the original wires.  The rear marker lights work perfect and are very bright!  That was the only issue I have had.  The bike is very well cleaned and I have personally detailed it from top to bottom!  The bike comes with the front chalk block where you can keep the kickstand up and it wont fall over!  Awesome garage feature and a set of new tie-down straps!  I have all the paperwork, maintenance documents, factory 998 book!  Which alone is very RARE!!  The coolant has been ran with anitfreeze and water-wetter to maintain a cooler running temp which works perfectly and on average keeps the bike about 15 degrees cooler.

20150804 2004 ducati 998 matrix edition binnacle  20150804 2004 ducati 998 matrix edition right front wheel

20150804 2004 ducati 998 matrix edition right rear wheel  20150804 2004 ducati 998 matrix edition right muffler

Looking very stock as the owner states, super-clean and nice low miles, includes free-standing wheel chock.   Though the high minimum bid might be an impediment to some, but except for the -S and -R models, this is the ultimate bike of the 916 generation.  The 998’s speed requires special attention to ride on the street, and forget about splitting lanes in head-on traffic – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKmT9D2VwTk – ( a 996 was used in the movie ) – a rare and very distinctive Ducati…



  • Not one of my all time favorite paint jobs on the 916-998 but to each their own.

    One of these Ducatis has a future Mr. Anderson, and the other does not.

  • personally I can’t get into the limited edition ducatis like this, the nieman marcus edition or 748 titanium/”senna” editions but love2lean is right, 2 each their own

  • BIN at $12.5k!! I nearly spat my coffee over my keyboard when I read that…err, I mean, good luck to the seller.

  • I had a red ’02 998 with the solo tail assembly and CF Termi’s. The gold pin stripe sticker outlining the white number plates was enough to sucker me to lay out 11-large for a 5 year old bike with 2100 miles which was nuts even 8 years ago. IMHO, the 998 is still the nicest looking bike ever made. But the dream quickly ended with constant electrical problems and never knowing when I’d be left stranded. This bike has a 1098 harness!? I can only imagine what e-problems that owner must have had to drive him to do that. I once saw a crashed yellow 748, and lone behold the plastic was red underneath the yellow paint. I suspect the same with the green Matrix bikes. Buyer beware.

  • Theres one at a dealer in Mass with low low miles for 11k I think.. + 1 Dallaslavowner and +1 Mark; I agree with you both.. I’m a long time Duc rider and also believe the 916-9xx bikes are among the most beautiful ever produced; thay said I’m not generally a fan of “different” body colors, red or yellow for me…

  • Some of the 9XX series bikes of alternate colors were painted over the standard red paint at the factory.
    The 2 bikes used in the Matrix were delivered to & prepped by Cycle Specialties of Athens in Georgia. I was wrenching & racing for them at the time. Very pretty paint per ipse, but seemed awkward on the bike.
    My understanding is that one bike was totalled in the making of the film & someone affiliated with the movie ended up with the other. Cheers.

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