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Unobtanium alert: 2008 Bimota 3D Carbonio


This post is in our archives. Links in this post have been updated to point to similar bikes available to bid on eBay.

Here’s one that meets all the major RSBFS criteria, a 2008 Bimota Tesi 3D in the rare carbon bodywork.  Enjoy!

2008 Bimota Tesi 3D Carbino on eBay

Ah the Bimota Tesi 3d…an evolution of an idea that began in 1991 with the 1D, continued with the 2D/Vyrus in 2005 and then reached its final form in the 3D in 2007.  The original Tesi was the work of Bimota founder and legendary designer Massimo Tamburini, the same person responsible for the Ducati 916 and MV Agusta F4 and a tesi is probably on every rare sport bike collectors “bucket list”.

While the 3D certainly looks the business, in typical Bimota fashion the result didn’t quite quite live up to the promise of the design concept.   It wasn’t a major failure like the V-Due, but most reviews expressed a sentiment of it not being all that it could have been in large part due to the power limit of a 95 bhp Ducati engine.  Reviewers also noted a lack of front end feel which was no doubt due to the hub-centered front fork design.  But on the plus side, the same fork system offered improved braking due to no front-end dive and it still looks amazingly cool.

The seller indicates this is one of 29 Tesi 3D units.  While experience has taught us that any official production number information from Bimota should be taken as  leap of faith (cough-VDue-cough-SB6-cough) the Tesi is certainly something you don’t tend to see at bike night.  Oh, and one additional note –  from what I understand, the carbon-skinned bodywork makes this a much rarer model.

This low mileage of this particular Bimota Tesi 3D seems to indicate it was a bit of a toy for the current owner.  As for condition, the seller indicates the standard Ducati belt service has not been done, the brake fluid looks dark and no mention is made of tire age so I am thinking this one has been standing for a while.   The seller does mention oil changes in the questions section of the ebay listing but overall I would expect to spend $1000 to put it back on the road and a few more thousand if the intent is to make it a concours-level machine.

Here is a recap of the info provided in the eBay post:

  • Mileage 4,355
  • Due for a timing belt/ inspection replacement
  • Has Zard carbon fiber slip-on’s with the stock exhaust included
  • Last serviced in 2010 by Rockwell Cycles (dealer bike was purchased from) at approximately 2,500 miles.
  • I have personally changed the oil and filter several times since the initial dealer servicing.
  • Excellent condition except for small cracks in -pain at fuel tank fill (see photos).  Other than the paint crack near the tank it needs no other work and is basically a new motorcycle.

So let’s just to the big question – is this bit of carbon skinned Italian goodness worth the current $30,000 USD Buy-It-Now asking price?   Well lets look at the positives and the negatives

  • Positives –  the Tesi 3D is probably the ultimate iteration of the hub-centered philosophy and given its low production number, this one will likely hold its value.  Also this is the carbon edition of which suposedly very few were produced and for collectors of factory offered carbon-skinned Italian exotics of this era, this is right up there with the Aprilia Nera, Benelli Tornado Tre and Ducati MH900e.
  • Negatives – the asking price is well above what we have seen other carbon Bimota Tesi 3D’s go for on RSBFS. Furthermore, if the intent is to buy it as an investment, bringing it back to concours-level condition will probably involve a few more thousand in cost.

I have to admit that I am a fan of the 3D Tesi but I prefer the non-carbon version as it seems to be a more dramatic presentation of the hub-centered technology.  This carbon skinned Tesi 3D seems like it will appeal most to either a collector focused on Bimota’s, someone who is already familiar with the Tesi/Vyrus lineup, or an investment oriented collector who is willing to put it into dry storage for a bit.

One additional note – the seller indicates offers are being accepted but I wouldn’t expect to see any serious reduction from the asking price simply because even though its almost 10 years old, its still a damn cool bike.



  • I’ve been looking at these photos for days trying to decide. Love Bimota’s, love the amazing engineering and not too worried about the HP but $30K…? Problem is for this kind of money I’m getting close to OW01 and RC45 territory which I know are good investments and you get the race history to boot. I just wonder if 30K is top of the market pricing as others seem to stay in the mid 20’s or so. Damn it’s cool though….looks like a concept vehicle you would never see produced.

    • Seen a couple of these in person, next to a 2D. The 2D is an exotic beauty where the 3D looks like an attempt to create a consumer version where focus was on usability and cost. The 3D is easier to maintain (what I was told) and probably a better riding machine. However, no comparison in my opinion, I’d skip the 3D unless a great bargain came along.

  • I don’t see this being a smart investment if you’re looking for something to appreciate. Buy an RC30 or other homoligation model, or any rare Ducati. The Tesi is interesting but its an oddball with no race pedigree – I’d think it might be topped out on value.

  • Tesi was not the work of the Master but rather of Pier Luigi Marconi, who went on to become a General Director of Bimota. Marconi came to work for Bimota after Tamburini left. Name “Tesi” originated from Marconi’s thesis while getting a degree in engineering.

    If you are going for an investment, Tesi 1D or 1DSR. Bimota is not enjoying it’s best times on the market, with most of the models running under $10k with very little appreciation. Obscurity of the brand and the surge in first generations of Japanese sport bikes will ensure almost no market appreciation for the brand. I bought my Bimotas because of the significance the brand has in the development of true super bikes, not really expecting to cash in anytime soon.

  • Thanks gentlemen…appreciate the input! I was leaning that way anyway and the advice seals the deal. Already have an SB8R in my collection and love it so I suppose one Bimota is enough. Thanks again!!

    • So you ended up keeping the SB8R after all? I saw you had it up for sale very recently…

  • Long story……. My wife and I drove up to Monterey for the races recently, stopping in to see a bike I was looking at a while back. Turns out he had a RC45 but would only sell it to me if I bought the entire collection. Wrote him a check for 50% but the deal fell through a week after we made it back home. Apparently none of the bikes are able to be sold. I didn’t want to have $125K in bikes so started putting them for sale ASAP. Anyway, decided to keep the bimota (bought a bubble to store it in..too nice to ride), picked up a NC30 from Deftone (Thanks Greg!!!!) and working on a couple others. Sh** deal but it’s ok…it was a lot to spend on toys anyway. So..the Bimota stays!

    • I’m glad. I was worried that you dropped it or something else happened. BTW, a friend of mine was on Topanga when you picked it up from my house and rode it up toward the canyons….

  • Nope, she’s still perfect thanks to you! If your friend saw me, it’s because I was riding like an old man. Without riding boots and the dry tires…I just play it safe. New rubber and gear though…heck yeah, bring it! PS. I will have my NC30 done soon and buying another NC35 or two…I’ll trailer them to your place and lets hit the canyons together. Prob need about a month as I’m powder coating the subframes, wheels, tuning them up etc and getting them CA plates but I want you to ride one..you’ll love it, about half the size of the Bimota but these NC’s are “game changers”, such a blast to ride!! I’ll text you when I get them close and registered. Thanks my friend!

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