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Ducati July 22, 2020 posted by

Smoky, Barely – 2006 Ducati 999S

Despite raves from the motoring press and racing victories, Ducati’s 999S and its then-radical design was only a moderate performer in the showroom.  This all black 2006 is tricky to photograph but shines past its smoke-damaged title.

2006 Ducati 999S for sale on eBay

The 999S is an omnibus of Ducati’s best thoughts on superbikes, their construction and components.  The S is a big engine and suspension upgrade from the base model, and in that era electronics were limited.  There are precious few differences over the 999S model years – for 2005 the testastretta acquired a deep sump, and references are variable on whether available power was more than the original ( and seemingly adequate ) 136 hp.  The double sided swingarm was fabricated rather than cast, an improvement directly from competition.  Some ventings were changed in the fairing, and minor changes to the aft section of the chassis, which was now shipped in matching paint.

Evidently this 999S was in a dealership which had a fire, and was part of a larger insurance settlement.  Most often bikes with salvage title are riders, but this one has been stored basically since new.  Unfaired photos show it to be as intended under the skin.  Hard to see any damage, though a pretty comprehensive service would be expected to bring it back to running condition.  Notes from the eBay auction:

1 mile from new. Mint condition, no issues. Runs perfect, new battery stored indoors in a heated hanger. Bike is gorgeous, it was in a Ducati dealership that caught fire, the bike was not touched dropped or damaged ever not even smoke. The insurance company declared everything a total loss. So this new perfect 999S has a salvage title, please see pictures to read insurance report. When was the last time you saw a 999S with 1 mile in perfect condition ??? Fantastic opportunity This bike has owner’s manual red and black keys. It is completely stock with no modifications from original.

Though it’s unfarkled without even a carbon detail, the blackout livery makes the 999S design even harder to read – though I wouldn’t kick this mass of reflections out of my garage.  Bidding is brisk but hasn’t met the reserve, showing even the seller wants to see a brighter future for this high MSRP rare black Ducati.


Smoky, Barely – 2006 Ducati 999S
Ducati December 10, 2018 posted by

New In Box: Zero Mile 2004 Ducati 998S FE for Sale

Examples of the Ducati 998S with zero miles have been popping up recently. No surprise that a few folks mothballed them in their original shipping crates, since Ducati kind of telegraphed their intent to discontinue the Tamburini-designed superbike with the whole “Final Edition” thing… I sometimes wonder just how long they could have continued to sell the bike without significant stylistic updates: it had certainly become familiar by the time the 998 was replaced in 2003 by the Terblanche-styled 999, but it’s not like it’s ever really looked all that dated. It’s one of those few designs that skipped right from “cutting-edge” to “classic.”

Under the wild new skin and ergonomic changes that made it almost luxurious by Italian superbike standards, the 999 that followed was more evolutionary than revolutionary. Aside from being pretty uncomfortable, there really wasn’t anything inherently wrong with the 998, and most of the 999’s performance improvements could have been applied to the earlier bike. Powered by the updated narrow-head “Testastretta” v-twin, the 998S produced a claimed 136hp, which sounds pretty tame by today’s standards, but this was a very serious sportbike in the early 2000s. Keep in mind that traction-control on roadbikes wouldn’t arrive even in its crudest form until the 2009 1098R.

The seller [famed Southern California Ducati dealer ProItalia] refers to it “considered to be the best of the bike that started with the 916” and that’s an awkwardly-phrased, but accurate statement. The 916 was the original, but a gradual evolution meant that the 998 was the Ducati Superbike in its most powerful, most highly-developed form, and it’s generally considered to be the best of the bunch from a rider’s standpoint. Which makes this one’s zero miles kind of tragic, really.

From the original eBay listing: 2004 Ducati 998S FE for Sale

2004 Ducati 998S Final Edition. New. On MSO, never registered or prepped. Never has never had gasoline in the tank or a battery installed. Purchased originally by a collector in 2005 from Motobella in Coopersburg PA. It was left in the crate until last year when it was purchased by the Indy Car driver Graham Rahal as part of his changing collection. 

Factory Ohlins forks, steering damper, and rear shock. Considered the best of the bike that started with the 916 in 1994.

Comes with MSO, keys, tool kit, 2004 parts catalog. Unique. Came out of the crate only a year ago. We’ll assist with shipping to your door. Trades welcomed. If buyer wants the motorcycle prepped for road use, our certified Ducati tech will make it happen.

Pro Italia has been serving Italian motorcycle enthusiasts since 1987 and has a reputation of honesty and transparency with our customers.  

Okay, so I’ll admit my headline is a bit clickbait-y: this 998S is no longer New In Box, since it was recently removed from the shipping crate, but has never seen the road. Still, $25,000 is pretty huge money for any 916 variant, so anyone considering this had better either really want a box-fresh example of the breed or have a long-view of its investment potential. Sure, values will eventually get there, but it may be a while until the new owner can actually turn around and sell it for a profit…


New In Box: Zero Mile 2004 Ducati 998S FE for Sale
Honda September 22, 2018 posted by

Box of Mystery: New-In-Crate 2000 Honda RC51 for Sale

I’ll keep this one short and sweet, since we already featured an RC51 this week. But if you’ve always dreamed of adding a big, cardboard box marked “HONDA” that supposedly contains a VTR1000, today is your lucky day, because what we have here is an absolutely pristine, if somewhat vitamin D-deficient example of Honda’s v-twin superbike. The RC51 was their Ducati-fighter, the 90° v-twin they built to contest the World Superbike Championship and take advantage of the rules they felt the Italian firm had been exploiting to gain an unfair advantage over Honda’s beloved V4s.

Right out of the gate, the WSBK machine was a contender and won the championship in 2000, the very first year it competed, and then again in 2002. Point proved, Honda basically retired the bike, withdrawing official support in 2003, although the roadbike soldiered on until 2006. The first generation SP1 bikes had some handling issues, but the SP2 rectified them and the RC51 is by far the most affordable of Honda’s SBK homologation efforts. It’s no RC45 but it still features HRC-branded magnesium components, gear-driven cams, and trick side-mount radiators.

The Buy It Now price listed is $25,000 and I really have no idea if it’s actually worth that. Clean examples regularly trade for as little as $6,000 and the RC51 is a very practical sportbike that begs to be ridden. It’s a terrific roadbike and just a few changes can turn it into a pretty good track machine as well. That’s no surprise: on one hand, it’s a Honda. And on the other, the bones were used to build World Superbike-winning racebikes.

From the original eBay listing: New-In-Crate 2000 Honda RC51 for Sale

First year of this incredible machine. Brand new still in the crate! One chance at this opportunity. Selling for my father. Buyer pays for shipping. Thanks for looking. DM for any additional questions or photos.

Well, that really isn’t much information, and there are only three photos, but I guess that seems appropriate, given the circumstances. I mean, what does one really do in these types of situations? Get one of those flexible, fiberoptic cameras like the FBI uses, or at least uses on TV, prior to breaching a room full of well-armed drug dealers with ties to hate groups and prominent local officials? A giant x-ray machine? No matter: I’m sure we all know what the RC51 looks like, and this very well may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to buy a perfect, pristine example of this bike like a fly trapped in amber…


Box of Mystery: New-In-Crate 2000 Honda RC51 for Sale