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Honda July 29, 2021 posted by

Featured Listing: 1989 Honda VTR250

Update 7.31.2021: This bike has SOLD! Congratulations to buyer and seller! -dc

If you spend your free time scurrilously poring over our pages, chances are you are intimately familiar with Honda’s three-years-only VTR250 Interceptor. But in case you aren’t: The 1989 Honda VTR250 Interceptor was Honda flexing its manufacturing might on an entry-level bike just because it could.

The littlest Interceptor was approachable, but packed enough punch to interest more seasoned riders, and enough weird details to keep collectors entertained 31 years later. The most striking oddity is its inboard front disc brake, an experiment that didn’t pan out for Big Red, but one that helps further separate the VTR250 from other small bikes. Couple that with a 90-degree liquid-cooled v-twin that made about 30 horsepower, deft handling from a featherweight chassis and a top speed approaching The Ton, and you have the makings of a cult classic.

This one wears a livery so garish and awesome that it could only have been produced in the decade of excess, and is in very nice preserved shape. The odometer, set into a very period set of square dials next to a 13,500 rpm redline tach, shows just over 13,000 miles.

From the seller:

This is a 1989 Honda VTR250 – Honda’s high tech pocket rocket. Released to the learner market, the VTR250 was way more advanced than most other 250cc bikes at the time – a liquid cooled 90 degree V Twin, with twin cam 4 valve heads and twin downdraught carbs, with a 6 speed transmission. It’s light, nimble and fast, and is a cult classic for lovers of small sport bikes. Producing a touch under 30 bhp, and coupled with light weight and a beam frame it matches bigger bikes in the corners, and revs out to 13,500rpm with useable power all the way off idle. To add to the fun, there is a second power band around 9000rpm and when you get there it takes off again. I’ve had plenty of riders on bigger bikes stop me after I have tailed them relentlessly on twisty roads and ask just what the heck the bike is that I am riding.

This example is very close to stock and has been lovingly maintained by the owner. It has a Goodridge front brake line and just had an oil and filter change in September. Coolant was exchanged last year. The reg/rectifiers on these are famous for failing, so this one has an upgraded one from a Honda VF500. Tires and brakes are in good shape with plenty of life left, and the inboard ventilated disc was serviced last year. Engine inlet rubbers were replaced in September with new ones from Japan, where the VT250 is still in production and spares are plentiful there.

It comes with the official Honda workshop manual, the owners manual, and spare front/rear brake pads/shoes.

Mileage is now 13,325, and I had the local Honda dealer supply and fit the optional genuine center stand.

For just $1,800, this awesome little 250 is begging to join a stable of bigger bikes and watch them turn green with envy as they get passed over for weekend jaunts and blasts around town.

Featured Listing: 1989 Honda VTR250
Honda March 4, 2012 posted by

Cool Bike, Small Package-’90 Honda VTR250

Location: Tallahassee, Florida

Mileage: 3,900

Price: Auction, currently $1,200, no reserve

We in the U.S. all love our large displacement bikes. The bigger the better. And this isn’t just true in the Harley cruiser world where a Sportster 883 will get you the question “Do they sell men’s bikes where you got that?” from about any other Harley rider. It’s also very true in the sportbike world, where the excellent 400cc bike really couldn’t find its place. I exclude RSBFS readers from this generalization based on most readers embracing of the smaller sportbike. And that’s why we have here a ’90 VTR250. A 250 V-Twin, in killer 90’s era graphics. I dig it.

Here’s some more pictures, including some with pretty flowers-

Info from the seller-

Here’s my pristine ’90 Honda VTR 250. I’ve owned this bike for about three years and it is virtually perfect in every respect. I doubt there is a better one in the USA. It sports a redline of 13,500 and is a marvelous little ride. This is the last year for the VTR 250 in the USA, and unlike the earlier models, sports a conventional disk brake on the front. Its an excellent and cheap way to get into motorcycling, and for the advanced rider, it’s tons of fun to keep up with all the squids on their much bigger gixxers. I prefer to keep the VIN off the public listing, but will of course furnish it in response to your question. Also available (but not included in the auction) is a parts bike that is also a perfectly running and cosmetically good bike — but it has no title. I really ride it much more than the one in the auction “borrowing” the tag off the auction bike for those fun occasions. The “parts” bike, like the auction bike, has less than 4,000 miles. As for the auction bike, I have clear, clean title in hand, ready to sign over to you. Any questions promptly answered. I’m an amature, not a dealer, and you’ll pay no “dealer fees” of any sort. What you bid is what you pay. The bike is offered here in Tallahassee, FL.

The seller describes the bike as pristine and the photos show a very clean bike that looks all original. These came to the states in ’88 and left in ’90 (hence the fate of the small bike in the U.S.) but as the seller points out, the ’90 came with a disc up front. They also added a 17 inch front hoop in ’90, which will help with tire choices. And the mileage is low too.

Sure, they have the Ninja 250 and CBR 250 now, and maybe with gas prices skyrocketing towards $5 a gallon, these bikes will find their place. But the VTR is a V-Twin, something you won’t get from Honda or Kawasaki. Way cooler in my book. And there’s no reserve, so you may have a cool little bike for not a lot of cash.

If you been looking for a cool entry bike, or just a cool bike, you need to give this a look!


Ducati July 27, 2011 posted by

RSBFS Reader’s Rides For Sale!

Hey everyone! Welcome back to another edition of our Reader’s Rides For Sale here on RSBFS. This week we have a diverse group of bikes for sale, and even have a Moto Guzzi over in Spain for our reader’s across the pond. Also, if you’re in the market for a older small displacement Honda that is in exception shape, check out this VTR250 Interceptor! Don’t forget to check out the one-owner Ducati 996 for sale that the seller states will come with an extra set of Marchesini wheels. Enjoy!

1999 Ducati 996 For Sale in Columbus, OH for $6,995!

1989 Honda VTR250 Interceptor for sale in Beaverton, OR for only $2,500. This bike has only 1,400 original miles and looks to be in excellent shape! Check out the for sale ad here!

2004 Moto Guzzi LeMans Nero Corsa for sale in Spain for 7,800Euro. Not many of these were built, so if you are looking to get one of these, then check out the seller’s ad here!

Don’t forget to check out the RareSportBikesForSale Facebook page to see more awesome bikes for sale that didn’t make it on to this site!




Honda July 8, 2011 posted by

Take two, they’re small: Two 1989 Honda VTR250 Interceptors

For Sale: 1989 Honda VTR250 Interceptor

What we found for you today is not one, but two rare Honda VTR250s. These were sold in the US between 1988 and 1990, and were intended to provide competition to Kawasaki’s Ninja 250. While sporty in nature, the styling of the VTR250 also intended to make the bike more approachable to newer riders. The inboard front brake (looks like a drum, but it’s actually a centrally mounted disc) lasted through the 1988 and 1989 model years before becoming a convential disc in the final year available. Power is a 250cc 90 degree vee twin coupled to a 6-speed transmission. It’s a shame that Honda did not continue taking the mini-ceptor fight to Kawasaki through the 1990s – imagine what this bike could have become with another decade of improvements!

Honda VTR250 #1 available on eBay

From the seller:
This 1989 Honda Interceptor 250 VTR is proof that Kawasaki was not the only manufacturer to sell a 250cc 4-stroke sportbike in the US – albeit, only for three years. I consider this to be basically a “scooter” on steroids – It revs effortlessy to 13,500 RPM and the transmission shifts like butter. It is really sweet. I bought it for my collection because it is so light and fun to ride. I am selling it to make room for some others. This particular example only has 6,195 miles. It is in excellent original condition except the graphics have been removed and an F1 muffler was added (it is not loud). It will come with two new sticker tires (not mounted yet). Everything works and it comes with the original owner’s manual. The Honda Interceptor VTR 250 was sold only in the United States from 1988 to 1990, with moderate changes occurring over the three model years. With a 249cc 4-stroke liquid-cooled DOHC V-twin engine and a 6-speed transmission, VTR 250 was the smallest of Honda’s Interceptor line of motorcycles. It was originally available in two color schemes, black with blue and white, and white with blue.

Honda VTR250 #2 available on eBay

From the seller:
Up for auction is a nice Honda VTR 250 also referred to as the 250 Interceptor. The bike features a liquid cooled 90 degree V-Twin engine, 6 speed transmission, and unique inboard front disc brake. The bike runs perfect, all lights, gauges, etc. work and function as they should. tires are almost new. Serviced this spring the bike is ready to ride and needs no repairs. Bike gets around 60 MPG. There is no body damage, only a few small scratches in the rear from bungy cords. The previous owner did repaint the body work apparently because he did not like the white and pastel original paint scheme. The paint was professionally done and is not a “rattle can” job. Overall this bike is in very good condition and would make a great 1st time bike or is a blast for experienced riders too.

The entry price for either of these bikes is very low. For not much scratch you get a pretty rare motorcycle that can be licensed in any state in the Union. The small size and light weight make them a blast on tight roads, and those commuters out there will enjoy some great MPG – what a deal!

Given, neither of these bikes are concours in appearance – but that just lowers the barrier to entry that much more. Check them out for some low dollar fun!

Honda VTR250 #1 available on eBay

Honda VTR250 #2 available on eBay