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Suzuki July 4, 2013 posted by

Clean Suzuki GSX-R 600 MoviStar Telefonica!

Update 7.4.2013: After selling twice to non-paying bidders, the owner of this bike has relisted it on eBay. Opening bid is $4500 and no reserve, so the first person with $4500 has a shot at winning the bike. If you want to snag it for sure before the auction ends, there is a buy-it-now option of $5500, which is $1000 less than when first listed. Good luck to buyers and seller! Links updated. -dc

02 GSX-R

02 GSX-R

For all you Suzuki GSX-R fans, race livery bikes aren’t as common as say what you get from Honda with the endless Repsol edition CBR’s. So when a clean MoviStar Telefonica comes up for sale, it’s an opportunity to have a limited GSX-R that you won’t see in every Cycle Gear parking lot on Bike Night.

I’m sure you all know by now that the changes on the 600 for this edition were just cosmetic. The mechanical is the same as the other 600’s offered that year. But it’s a great looking bike so definitely worth seeking for cosmetics alone.

From the seller-

I’m offering an genuine Special Edition Suzuki 2002 Telefonica Movistar Edition GSXR 600 with low miles, it is in immaculate condition. I have in hand a clean tilted Pink Slip with current California registration which is paid through September 2013. It has a brand new battery, new oil was change and fresh (2010) tires with 90% tread left.

Bike runs crisp, starts cleanly and has no mechanical issues. I rode the bike for about 100 miles and confirmed the bike runs perfect. It is a powerful, light and extremely fun bike to ride.

Bike has never been tracked, raced, crashed, dropped or riden in the rain. Price $5,500.

This bike was produced to commemorate USA’s rider Kenny Robert Jr. during the 2001 MotoGP Championship. 300-500 were imported to the USA and only 1,500-2,500 were ever produced worldwide. Very few remain today and in this condition I’ve only seen them as part of someone’s collection. Although this bike would make a great daily driver, this bike is of collector quality and I give it a 9.6 out of 10. The only issue is this bike has some marks and such near and around the “M” on the right hand side. Owner tried to fit the bike between his car and a pilar.

The Back Story:
This bike belongs to wealthy Silicon Valley man who hardly rode the bike. The bike has always remained in a garaged and well kept (wiped down after each ride, never washed).

I can stage the bike and assit with your selected shipper of choice from my end (I do no ship or crate). Shipping fees are the sole responsibility of the Buyer. $1,000 is due at the end of auction. The remaining can be routed directly into my bank account. (408) 460-5208.

And pics-

Now this bike looks to be clean as a whistle judging by the photos. The seller says the bike was always garaged and well maintained and the photos seem the confirm that claim. The bike is decent in mileage and is described as running well. Outside of the Yosh pipe, it also looks bone stock.

This is a cool ride that would be a nice addition for any Suzuki fan or collector. To put this beauty in your garage (yes, you better garage it!) go place your bid!


Sport Bikes For Sale January 27, 2012 posted by

’02 GSX-R 600 Movistar Telefonica Limited Edition

Location: Bellflower, California

Mileage: 8,789

Price: Auction, $5,500 BIN

I love bikes that come with race livery like this ’02 GSX-R 600 in limited edition Movistar Telefonica graphics. Granted, the bike is no different mechanically than a stock ’02 GSX-R 600, unlike some custom fairing, limited edition bikes that come with upgraded performance parts. But a stock ’02 is going to give you plenty of fun in itself. The killer graphics will help everyone else notice you’re having a good time.

Everyone here probably knows that the fairing is designed after an RGV500 ridden by Kenny Roberts. Clearly a much different bike than a GSX-R 600, but a cool tribute anyway.

Here’s more photos-

From the seller-

Super clean Suzuki Gsx-r 600, limited edition Movistar Telefonica. Under 9000 miles, runs and looks great. Stored inside garage. Custom FMF pipe, new tires, maintiance done regularly. One small dent on top of gas tank with little scratch. Also one small scratch behinde back seat. Comes with rear seat attachment. Feel free to ask questions!

This bike looks basically stock except for the exhaust and frame sliders. Those aren’t huge issues, but for pure collectors, originality is always key. Mileage isn’t an issue and the seller describes that the bike has been stored inside and has had regular maintenance. The seller also mentions two cosmetic issues that seem small but you may want close up photos.

It’s hard to say how collectible this bike will become. The $5,500 BIN price sounds a little high, but you may be able to get it for less. And if you want a cool bike that isn’t hugely expensive and may be a collector down the road, this could be your bike. If you agree, check the auction and place your bid.


Sport Bikes For Sale January 9, 2012 posted by

No Bids????? 1993 Suzuki RGV250 Gamma VJ22

No Bids????? 1993 Suzuki RGV250 Gamma VJ22

I don’t know if I want to live in a world where no one is bidding on a perfectly good RGV.  What am I missing?  It has a title, it has some nice engine work, it comes with two sets of chambers and looks sharp.  Of course the paint is not original but it is one of better Kenny Roberts Jr. replica schemes I’ve seen.  Yeah, she needs some bits and pieces fixed up but no bids?

It is not a collector type bike but should be appealing to the guy that wants one that is ready to rock and roll for the street or track.    It looks like the engine work runs almost $2,300 alone.  From what I can gather the Fischer service is an engine exchange.  You send them your engine and they send you one back tuned to the spec you want.  What the actual Kit 3  includes I couldn’t quite seem to find.  The seller says the bike also comes with two sets of chamber: Arrow and Jolly Moto.  Great to have two sets or a nice way to make a little $$$.

Look at that, it is gift wrapped for you.

The story:

1993 Suzuki RGV 250 VJ22.  This is a complete running motorcycle with a clear Virginia title.  I imported it from England in 2000 and it has been sitting in my dining room since about 2002. It was a project of mine that is 95% complete but I lost interest.  Bike is in complete running, riding order but has minor work to be done on the bodywork and other areas.  Jetting needs to be dialed in but it runs very strong.  The pilot jets probably need to be bigger.  It starts easily on the third or fourth kick when cold.  Starts first kick when warm.  It has a Fischer Kit 3 engine (see this link: which is highly modified and very strong.  Cylinders are actually marked Aprilia (the Aprilia RS250 used the RGV engine with different markings).  The engine has less than two hours on it.  It has Tyga steel expansion chambers.  The chambers have minor rust but no dents.   New tires.  Body work is original but has been painted to resemble Telefonica Movistar graphics.  The graphics are decals painted over with clearcoat.  It looks nice.  It needs rear brake pads, the passenger seat needs the latch secured, fairing needs some fasteners, the rear fender is not on the bike.  I have it but it’s cracked.  Turn signals need to be put on.  I can send detailed pictures to interested parties and will gladly show it in person to local buyers.  If you’re local and very serious I will roll it out and start it up for you.  Bike is sold as is with no warranties.  Payment by certified check within five days of closing.  Buyer pays all shipping costs.  I also have an old set of Jolly Moto chambers that are included.  They are kind of banged up but will work fine.  Send your questions and I’ll answer quickly.  I travel a lot so might be a little late answering but I will.

Some Tyga cans for your Arrows.  How about some nice short, black carbon ones to complete the replica look?  I’m still shocked someone has not thrown a single bid down.  Is the fact that the entire bike has been apart for powder coating and the engine swap scarring everyone off?   If the reserve is reasonable I’d consider this a nice find for someone that likes to tinker a bit.

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