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Sport Bikes For Sale February 3, 2011 posted by

32hp of summertime fun

1987 Yamaha SRX 250

Location: Indianapolis, IN
Mileage: 3,975
Price: A scant $1,199.00

Looking to stay kewl this summer? What better way than to sport a bikini on a single cylinder Yamaha SRX250?

This thing looks like a ton of fun sporting 32hp and lipstick red rims. I know you’re thinking “32hp doesn’t equal fun”, but when you consider Honda’s highly anticipated CBR 250 (Blek!- it should have been called CB 250) has 25 ponies and will make your wallet lighter by 27 Ben Franklins this is killer!

Like most small bore cycles in the states the SRX suffered in sales and was laid to rest as fast as they could use up the pre-ordered parts. You can count on one hand how many single cylinder street bikes we have here in the states and I can tell you that nothing sounds like a Thumper. I know, it’s almost an oxymoron to say 250cc and Thumper in the same breath, but single cylinder street bikes are just cool- well… sans the CBR250.

There are plenty more pictures to be seen on ebay and this is a classified ad so you can have it today!