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Harley Davidson December 15, 2010 posted by

1975 Harley-Davidson RR250 roadracer

For sale: 1975 Harley-Davidson RR250 2 Stroke Water Cooled GP Racing Motorcycle

Here is another very rare Harely-Davidson roadracer, brought to us by the same seller of the RR350. This time, we are looking at the RR250 model. This came from The Motor Company’s association with Aermacchi during the AMF years.

From the seller:
1975 Harley Davidson RR250. This is a very rare very complete example imported by me from England 7 or 8 years ago. I have not started it as it has been stored. It was run just prior to the import. It is not perfect, it has some surface rust from storage but it is easily rectified. This was originally a monoshocker but somewhere in its race history it was converted to a twin shock. The mono shock mount tabs are still there. It also has a single disc forward. There is not a lot of information on these bikes available but one source does say that there were 25 water cooled examples built each year from 72 through 76. The frame and engine numbers are as follows. *250/2c/2t/10118* on the frame steering neck and *250/2c/2t/10118* on the transmission case which is where the shop manual says they should be located indicating, to me, matching numbers. I do not know if the sequence of serial numbers began with the air cooled version. The bike has been stored for about 6 years.

Like its RR350 brother, this auction has attracted good attention. Value of this bike is difficult to gauge as we just don’t see too many of these bikes crossing the block. If interest and bidding is any indication, though, this will be a good auction to watch. The current price is just north of $11k, with the reserve still firmly in place. To check out the action, .