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Yamaha May 24, 2013 posted by

“R” You a “RD” Fan ? 125, 250 And 350 (Switzerland)

If one RD isn’t enough for you, or if you want to start a series collection, here is an opportunity to acquire some (125, 250 and 350) of the 1 and two cylinders all at once. In addition to these also an 80 cc version was available at the time with a bit of search or constant reading of RSBFS it won’t be too difficult to find one. The seller is giving away the 250 (pictured below) and the 350 together at a price of about 3200 EUR. In addition he will give you a few spares which are always a plus !


Coupling these in the same ad, makes sense as the two share most of the components apart from the combustion chambers. The 250 is in good original conditions,  while the bigger brother is mentioned to be good for spare parts or would require some level of restoration. The smaller twin powered YPVS, has 35000 km and was first registered in 1988. The 250cc is somewhat more rare.



As a separate ad, the seller is also putting on the market the black 125cc which you saw above in the background:


All of the above are part of the LC series, that means they are all Liquid Cooled, as opposed to the previous generation RDs. Liquid cooling improves the efficiency of the engine by stabilizing the temperature at values optimal for the combustion. It also reduces the mechanical noise due to piston lag, reduces the size required for the parallel cylinders (in case of the 250 and 350 cc) but introduces a higher level of complexity given by the presence of a radiator and the required ancillaries to make the water circulate back and forth.
If interested in building up an RD garage or snapping this 250cc model, go ahead by clicking on the links below:

Yamaha RD 250 & RD 350 for 3200 EUR in Switzerland

Yamaha RD 125 for just 1000 EUR in Switzerland




Classic Sport Bikes For Sale May 8, 2011 posted by

What’s New at

Here are the latest bikes posted over at our sister site,, where we feature 25+ year old sporting motorcycles. Got an interesting classic for sale? Email me!