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Two Stroke Temptation – 1990 Honda NSR250SP

Mike M. 3

1990 Honda NSR250SP on eBay


If you’re looking for something eye-catching to add to your collection, this might be the one for you.  Coming all the way from a private collection in Japan by way of Canada is this stunning 1990 Honda NSR250SP.  The near flawless condition of the little Honda is surely due to the fact that it has a mere 1166km (724 miles) showing on the odometer.  Our regular readers may notice that this motorcycle did show up on our pages and on eBay about a year ago when it was originally listed for sale in Canada.  It has made it’s way across the border here to California, meaning that you won’t have to deal with any potential customs nightmares.  The seller does mention that it comes with a Bill of Sale only, so getting a title might prove challenging.


The eBay auction already has quite a bit of interest, with the watchers and the bids coming in fast.  You can check it out here: 1990 Honda NSR250SP on eBay.  There is a lot of information in the description, including details about the bikes and the seller adds a little bit of personal perspective about it here:

If you do not know much about two-strokes then this is probably not the bike for you. This is a street version of Honda’s racing bike. It is extremely light (under 300lbs), agile, starts and runs very well and it is VERY fast. This motorcycle redlines at 12000rpm. When it hits the power band at about 9000rpm you had better be holding on tight. Also, you may not be able to title it depending on the state you live in. That’s why I am expressly stating the bike is sold as-is, where-is, with a bill of sale only with no representations as to ability to register or title. If you have any questions about this or the bike, please email me. And, yes it is available for viewing by legitimately interested bidders. It is located in Orange County, California. If you are a novice, or are not confident in your riding abilities, please do not buy this bike (unless you plan on displaying it only). 



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Two-For-One: 1992 Honda NSR250SP with Rothmans and Repsol Plastics

Tad Diemer 5

1992 Honda NSR250SP Repsol R Front High

If you’re a fan of two-stroke GP replicas, then this little Honda NSR250SP needs no introduction. Interestingly, it looks like there are two different bikes in the photos, but a quick read of the listing indicates that he’s got two complete sets of plastics, one Repsol and one Rothmans, although the headlight configuration is obviously different for the two. Which is sort of cool: bored some rainy weekend when you’d rather be out riding? Grab some tools and swap your bodywork!

1992 Honda NSR250SP Repsol R Front

The NSR250R was powered by a 249cc, liquid-cooled two-stroke 90° v-twin that featured Honda’s ATAC torque-boosting system to plump up the characteristically thin two-stroke midrange. The cassette-type six-speed gearbox is a nice feature, but probably not much use for anyone outside of a race team: designed for faster gearing changes trackside, it provides a nice talking point for the rest of us.

1992 Honda NSR250SP Repsol Dash

From the original eBay listing: 1992 Honda NSR250SP for Sale

 This is a very rare chance to own a piece of motorcycle history.
I am selling my NSR250SP
This is a no doubt head turner. This list of options on this bike is endless. 

The bike is registered on a MC21 frame with a valid NEW YORK STATE title with its 11 digit VIN number.
The motor is a MC28 dry clutch, with a fresh top end (Cyl, Pist rings Heads)and clutch Tyga performance exhaust.
The ignition system is MC28 credit card style, modified to work with standard or HRC card.
I have two complete sets of plastic and gas tanks: one Rothmans set and one Repsol set.
MC28 single sided wing arm
The bike has Tyga rear sets.
Custom Alloy triple tree
Custom Alloy fork brace
Mag Tek wheels
Fresh Metzler Tires
JHA Carbon gauge cover
Oil injection block off
Carbon fiber reeds
HRC jet kit
Carbon rear tire hugger
Tyge sub frame
Tyga battery box
Fresh Brakes
It will need a new battery

1992 Honda NSR250SP Repsol R Side

Although it’s titled for road use in New York, with all the spare parts, this might make an excellent road and track machine, although you wouldn’t want to risk that Rothman’s bodywork. Or probably the Repsol! Fortunately, it looks like it comes with spare plastics as well…

Obviously, this thing’s a bit of a mongrel, although it looks like it combines the best of several generations of NSR250’s, so that’s not necessarily a bad thing, unless you’re a purist. Any experts want to weigh in on the choices the seller made in building this little monster?


1992 Honda NSR250SP Rothmans R Side

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Long Distance Love Affair: 1995 Honda NSR250 SP in Hong Kong

Mike 9

Update 9.5.2013: Failing to sell the first time this past December for $6700, it’s back with a higher buy-it-now of $7800! Links updated, -dc


Just in time for a Christmas shipment to the States is this 1995 Honda NSR 250 SP MC28 in Rothmans colors. The seller claims a PGM upgrade in addition to the service items listed below. Note that this bike looks very, very good for the claimed 60,000 km on the clock (approximately 37,000 miles).

1995 Honda NSR250 SP for sale on eBay


While the bike looks to be in pretty fair condition, the downside is the location: Hong Kong. Interested buyers will need to be both patient as well as resourceful as importing one of these bikes for street use varies greatly by state – and is not a universally simple affair.


From the seller:
1995 Honda NSR PGM 4 250 MC28 Rothmans
The bike maintenance at 2010 July
After the services , I kept in my garage for my own collection.
(Kept Receipt)

Maintenance Details (all brand new parts until now)
1) Air Filter
2) ball join
3) Front Gear
4) Rear Gear
5) Chain
6) Rear Brake Spring
7) Radiator Plastic Mount
8) Gas Tank Plastic Mount x 3
9) Rear Brake Pad
10) Radiator Cover
11) Spark Plug x 2
12) Radiator Coolant
13) Brake Fluid / Front and Rear
14) Gear Box Fluid
15) BridgStone B7-090 / Front and Rear.
– It change the new PGM Computer
– Two Keys
– 2T Fluid need mix with the gas / When fill up the gas


The asking price for this one is right in the ballpark: $6,700. Unfortunately, that does not include the shipping costs, which due to distance will add a couple more bills to the tab. Still, if you are import savvy OR in an area of the world much closer to Hong Kong than most of our readers, this might be worth a look. Listed on the US eBay site, this NSR250 SP is looking for a new home. Anyone care to adopt?


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Wrench And Patience Not Included: Project 1993 Honda NSR 250 SE

Ian 0

nsr right

Who is good with puzzles?  I love a good project bike and this certainly looks like one.  If you think you will be pulling up to your local hangout wreaking of Motul by the end of the week, arrow out of this page.  If you don’t mind a twist here, a missing part there but the satisfaction of completing a project yourself; well then scroll on down.

nsr left

Maybe most importantly, the frame has a title.  That should provide some motivation to get it back together.


nsr parts 2nsr parts

If you are serious about this bike I’d make a new friend that knows his NSR’s and see if he can gauge what is missing (if anything).  I didn’t notice any chambers but the seller says it was a runner before being dismantled. 


Here is the story:



nsr bodywork

I can’t tell if that is OEM bodywork or aftermarket but factor in the cost of paint if you don’t like black.  I’d factor in the cost of a total engine rebuild as well, since it is totally apart.  Consider it peace of mind.


nsr front

This one is all about price and patience.  Can you get it for the right price and do you have the patience to put it back together?


Click here for the auction.




Smile! 1991 Honda NSR250 SP Pentax Edition (MC21)

Ian 2

Smile!  1991 Honda NSR250 SP Pentax Edition (MC21)

Man, this stinks!  I’m stuck here in the Sovietesque RSBFS offices and the boss in away sunning in the tropics.   While he is gone I’m going  to sneak in some more eye candy from the old world.

Whoever runs this shop in the UK has good taste as they are  bringing in some nice and rare NSR’s.   I can’t say I’ve seen a Pentax Edition before and didn’t even know they had sponsored  a Honda race team.  Remember when race teams actually had sponsors?


Is it a 1990 or 1991?  It is listed as a 1990 but several web searches came back with 1991.  Is this another case of Japanese domestic bikes being a year ahead of what they exported?

As is usual with the SP’s you get the dry clutch, magnesium wheels and adjustable suspension.  Honda took a different path than Suzuki when it came to race replicas.  Honda clothed their SP’s in racing colors while all the Suzuki VJ22 Lucky Strikes that we love were just standard models.  I’m seeing 1500 as the number produced in this color scheme.

Some Pentax close ups.


All the stock Honda photo’s show the bike without the “Pentax” stickers.  I’m assuming it came as a sticker kit with the bike.  I know it is just bodywork but like the Cabin and Terra Racing replicas, it would be a nice addition to a collection.

I’m sneaking out of the office early and you can click here  to see the NSR.


Hell, if they are on Youtube I guess everyone has one.


Here is a  shot of the race bike.  Kind of looks like it was an NSR500.




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NSR Eye Candy In The UK: 1988 NSR250 (MC18) Terra Racing And 1991 NSR250 (MC21) Cabin Racing

Ian 2

NSR Eye Candy In The UK: 1988 NSR250 (MC18) Terra Racing And 1991 NSR250 (MC21) Cabin Racing

Everybody hates Monday’s so here is a little eye candy of the two wheeled variety provided courtesy of Honda.  Sit back, put of your work off and dream a little of a garage filled with rare NSR’s.  Take your pick of a Terra Racing replica or one decked out in Cabin Racing colors.


I know the Rothmans replicas are the iconic NSR250 but I think these Terra Racing reps are my favorite.  The sellers ad claims 1500 were produced.

Damn, I’m a sucker for those green number plates.  Can there be a more shallow reason to like a bike?

She has around 15,000 miles on her and the seller is asking the equivalent of  $7,800.  It sure would be a nice way to top off a NSR250 collection.

Check out the auction.




Ok NSR men help me out on this one.  Was this an official replica or just paint the had Cabin Racing colors?  The seller claims a production of 2500 in this color scheme.  Doing an internet search for this bike brought up several photos of the Cup Noodle race NSR’s.  I vaguely remember seeing a picture of a street version of that bike.  Did Honda ever produce a Cup Noodle replica?


There’s the reason all RGV250’s don’t have “banana” swing arms.  Honda had the patent on the “Gull Arm” and didn’t appreciated the copy.  Suzuki definitely put more style into it.


Sure looks like a nice example to me.  It only shows 6200 miles, has the original two keys and of course a rattling dry clutch.


This one will set you back roughly $8,600.  Take a look here.





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Minty and Modified! NSR250SP Rothmans MC28

Jared 7

Up for sale here we have an awesome Honda NSR250SP Rothmans Replica. The seller claims this bike to be the most ultimate and trick NSR in the world, and until shown otherwise, I would tend to agree with him. When these MC28’s came out in 1994, the Rothmans replicas were limited to about 1,500 units and featured all of the goodies Honda had to offer including the refined and dialed-in PGM4 technology.

The particular bike up for sale here has been well cared for and pampered since its current owner purchased it in 1995. Sure it isn’t stock, but considering the high quality of parts it has and the seemingly endless amount of spare parts and extras, it sure looks to be the ultimate NSR250.

Everything on this bike looks to have been upgraded to the highest quality parts possible. The bike features (but is not limited to) custom Honda RS250 front suspension, titanium-pistoned Brembo calipers, and stainless/titanium exhaust canisters and silencers. The list goes on and on, so please check out the full description and seller’s ad here! A ton of extras, spares, fairings, and even some old school Japanese bikes mags are included with the purchase.

The bike has an asking price of $15,500, and before you say that a 250 smoker isn’t worth it, think about how much work has gone into this beauty. It is true that you never get money out of what you put into a bike/car with regards to modifications. But considering that way more than $15k has gone into buying the bike and building it to what you see today, I would consider this a screaming deal for anyone who loves two-strokes and wants a fully built and meticulously maintained machine. Check out the sellers for sale ad here and have it shipped to you today!


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When Honda Built Strokers: 1995 Honda NSR250R SP MC28

Ian 7

When Honda Built Strokers: 1995 Honda NSR250R SP MC28

They used to build them and they used to build good ones. As pure street bikes I really don’t think you can find a better two stroke 250. I’ve always considered them the most civilized 250 to own. Keep it stock, run some good oil in it and you’ll be a happy camper.

I sure like what I’m seeing: a SP model, relatively low miles (12,0014), stock condition and of course a title.

From the seller:

I purchased this bike a few years ago from a local owner and have loved it ever since. The bike is a blast to ride and looks great. This bike is the “SP” version which comes with the magnesium wheels. From what I understand there was only 1500 of these bikes in the factory racing colors made. The only flaws are the slight scratches on the right side fairing as noted in the pics and a very small ding in the tank that I can’t get to show up on camera. The bike comes with a Maryland title that lists the bike as a 1989. This bike has not been derestricted or modified. The SP spec includes the dry clutch, magnesium MagTek wheels, and fully adjustable suspension, and this was the top of the line NSR made. A Two Brothers stand is included. I have both of the original Honda Credit card keys.


Some Honda tech.

I wonder why Honda never went with upside down forks with the NSR. It wasn’t like they were skimping on technology elsewhere. It still has the original brake lines. They are usually one of the first things changed.

Maybe the Honda experts can spot more but all I’m noticing is the missing passenger seat. I’m guessing the steering dampner is an add on. Just a nice solid, stock example of an NSR.

What are you willing to pay for said solid, stock example? The seller has a $7,500 BIN to go along with the auction. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if someone jumps on the BIN. I’ve seen quite a few nice, later model NSR listed for close to $10,000. Yes, the market has softened but these are still rare bikes (especially later model ones). Toss in the the title and condition and the price seems reasonable.


Don’t waste anytime if you want it: click, click, click.


This is the second time this bike has been on our site. Here is the original listing from Doug and Steve. -dc

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