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Honda November 13, 2017 posted by

Little bike, big fun: 2002 Honda NSR 150 SP

It has often been said that riding a slow bike fast is far more enjoyable than riding a fast bike slowly. Most of the hyper-super-mega cycles listed on these pages can exceed national speed limits in seconds - and first gear. But with a smaller bike, you need to work much harder to maximize your forward progress. Think of honing your gear selection skills rather than simply relying upon big waves of torque; sharpening your corner entry with speed rather than sitting back and cruising. Ride it correctly and bikes such as this 2002 Honda NSR150 SP can fly - but the rider becomes a much bigger piece of the overall equation.

2002 Honda NSR150 SP for sale on eBay

Outside of the US the remainder of the civilized world revolves around small motorcycles and scooters. These smaller modes of transport work well in the tight confinements of smaller European and Asian cities, and are generally affordable and thrifty on fuel (which can be very expensive in many areas of the world). However not all smaller bikes need be boring, commuter-minded devices. Honda - being a motorsports driven company - offers sport models of smaller displacement machines to build brand awareness and introduce younger riders to their sport bike lineup. The NSR150 SP is just such a model. With sporty accents and livery reflecting Honda's key partner in motorsports - Repsol - the NSR150 SP offers riders the look of a bigger bike, and a sharper riding experience than other smaller scooters. Just check out the vented brakes and that sweet single-sided swing arm.

From the seller:
Want to be like 6 X Gp Champion Marc Marquez and ride a Respol GP Bike? Now is your chance to own an as new factory Respol Honda NSR 150 SP. I brought this bike into the USA brand new back in 2002 and has been in my private collection of motorcycles since then. This NSR is in perfect condition with No flaws. Bike is 100% original with the exception of a Tyga pipe and solo tail section. I do have the original tail section and rear seat that will be included with the sale of the motorcycle. Current Mileage is 888 Kilometers which translates to about 555 miles. This motorcycle deserves to be placed in a private collection of someone who will care for it as much as I have. Very few of these ever become available if your a Repsol and MotoGP fan this is a must have.

This enterprising seller has listed this bike hot on the heels of Marc Marquez's triumphant 4th MotoGP championship, secured in Valencia over the weekend. And while this 150cc mini-motorcycle is hardly a MotoGP machine (or even Moto3), it does proudly wave the Repsol-Honda colors. The seller notes a solo tail section (can you imagine riding/commuting two-up on this bike?), and the Tyga exhaust is a common bolt on modification. Like most smaller motorcycles, mileage is low (under 600 miles claimed). Overall condition looks quite good. This is a reasonably rare motorcycle in the US, given that it was never officially imported. No sign of a plate or a title, however, so that might need to be sorted by potential buyers. Check it out here if you are interested in a great little knock-around sport bike to add to your stable. Good Luck!!


Honda June 7, 2017 posted by

Repsol Tiddler: 2002 Honda NSR150SP

The Honda NSR150 SP is an interesting bike. A solid step above the sub-250cc scooters one might see in major Asian metro areas, the SP provides the bits and pieces to make this a steed worthy of the Repsol livery: single sided swingarm, perimeter aluminum frame, cast wheels, liquid cooling, power valve, and dual-piston front caliper. In other respects, it is similar to any "big" bike, with real rider amenities such as a full instrument cluster complete with speedo, tach, temp gauge and fuel level indicator. While not quite a feast, this NSR150SP brings us a total of TWO that we have seen here on RSBFS this year. Perhaps the famine is waning...

2002 Honda NSR150SP for sale on eBay

The NSR150 model line is a multi-country affair. Styled in Italy, but assembled in Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and Taiwan, all the early NSRs had engines supplied by Japan (single cylinder, reed valve induction two stroke). Later variants had engines assembled in the factory that produced the bike, with each country offering subtle differences. All are marketed as Honda, although in Taiwan the same bike is also marketed as a Kymco NSR, while remaining an exact twin of the Honda. Again, these were built for the massive Asian markets where small bikes dominate. The SP is a way to separate from the crowd of commuters and offer a true sport bike that can do more. The Repsol livery doesn't hurt if you're trying to stand out from the crowd.

From the seller:
Here is a very hard to find Honda NSR 150 SP Resol Edition. To the best of my knowledge the NSR 150 SP was produced basically unchanged from 1997 to 2002. The NSR 150 SP features a water cooled counter balanced 2 Stroke single cylinder engine producing horsepower in the mid 30s, backed by a 6 speed transmission. As you may notice the SP also features a single sided swingarm seldom found on a bike of this displacement. Freeway capabilities are absolutely no issue, 90 mph can be seen.

This bike is original unmolested with the exception of the Tyga rear sets and maybe the grips and bar end weights. As you will notice in the photos this bike is not perfect by any means. Its a great rider or with a some work it can be fully restored. Parts seem to be not difficult to find either from Tyga Performance or Ebay. Most of the bike is really nice, the powder coat on the wheels, frame and such are quite nice. The body work is the area in most need. There are several scraps, nicks broken tabs, small dent in tank. Decals are peeling.

More from the seller:
The running order of the bike is great. Starts right up first or second kick, hot or cold. All the lights, gauges etc. work as they should. Oil injection is intact and functioning properly. I just rode this bike the other day over 200 miles mostly on the highway with no issues.

Also included is a Service Manual, Parts Manual, Original Owners Manual and reprinted owners manual. All are in English with exception of the small owners manual.

I purchased this bike 5 years ago with 7820 KM on the clock from a fella in California who was the person that imported the bike. At the time it was imported it was issued a 17 digit VIN and California titled as a 2008. I assume that was the year it was imported. Once I purchased the bike I then titled it in Colorado my home state.

We have seen relatively few examples of NSR150SP models over the years - too few to gauge a true value. Way back in 2013 we saw one sell for $3,500, and another that had lower miles was listed for $4,500. Jump all the way up to this year for the next one, and we watched one sell out of the Utah Collection for $6,100. That is a big jump in time and in price, although the last bike was like new and had only 460 miles. Today's example has over 10k KM on the clock (just about 6,500 miles) and is not perfect - which makes it a perfect rider at the right price, especially with the title and plates. Currently bidding is just over $2k with reserve still in place. Check it out here. If you missed the Utah bike, here is another chance at a pretty rare model for the US. Good Luck!!


Repsol Tiddler: 2002 Honda NSR150SP
Honda March 15, 2013 posted by

A Great Looking Chook Chaser: 2001 Honda NSR150SP Repsol

2001 Honda NSR150SP For Sale

Pete informed me the last time I posted a "Chicken Chaser" that the correct term amongst the Aussies is Chook Chaser (I love that RSBFS fans are everywhere!) And this little 150 looks to be a great little pocket rocket -- if the price is right.

2001 Honda NSR150SP For Sale on eBay


This one has been in a museum and will need refreshing before it hits the road. It also has new bodywork which begs the question why did it need that. And not to pile on but it has carbon fiber tape wrapping all the bare bits, and worst of all no title. But that out of the way, the listing states it has 4000 miles and the NSR150SP did offer the Repsol livery, which looks stunning here. In fact the whole bike looks really clean. The listing has a starting bid of $2000 with 0 bids thus far. What would you pay?


from the seller:

Very unique motorcycle. Designed for the Asian market and made in Thailand, it features technology unprecedented before on such a small bike. This includes Honda's famous pro-Arm suspension, RC valves, and Nika-Sil coated cylinders. The model was designed with a "big bike" look, and featured Repsol colors in a tribute to Michael Doohan. It has a power of 39 bhp from its 150 cc single cylinder 2-stroke engine. An NSR 150 SP did hold the Bonneville land speed record for production up to 175 cc motorcycles at 99.7 mph.

Bike is like new. ALL PLASTIC BODYWORK AND WINDSCREEN IS BRAND NEW. Frame wrapped in carbon fiber-like tape. 4,000+ miles but the speedo is in kilometers. 6-speed gearbox. Oil tank separate from fuel and auto-lubes. Approximately 270 pounds wet.

The bike does NOT have a title of ANY KIND, and is sold with a bill of sale only.

Bike is in a private museum. The bike has been prepared for storage by Honda. There is no rust and ran perfectly when prepped for storage. If the buyer wants to ride this bike they assume the responsibility to prep the bike for the road from storage (add battery, oil, & gas). No warranty is given or implied.



Ducati July 22, 2012 posted by

Best of Mailbag Edition (RC45, OW-01, Bayliss 998S, Slingshot, NSR150SP, 850GT T3)

Hey guys,

First let me say our readers are the best! Our inbox is overflowing with suggestions on bikes to put on the site and we appreciate all the help. Due to the volume we're getting these days we're not able to reply to everyone and will be picking the best selections, but please keep the submissions coming.

Thanks again and enjoy your weekend!


Lets get things started with this 94 Honda RC45 for sale in Australia. $49k AUD. Thanks for the forward Jamie!

Next how about your choice of Yamaha FZR750R OW-01's? Pick one for $15k. Thanks for the forward Michael!

Jeremy loves his Honda's but this time he sent us this 88 GSX-R for $2900 in Orange County. It's not perfect and missing the lowers, but for $2900 I've seen alot worse.

How about a street registered Honda NSR150SP? $4500 and less than 3k km's. Thanks for the forward Garrett!

How about this Bayliss 998S for sale in Miami for just under $13k. Note the sign in the background 😉 Thanks Scott!

Several people emailed us this 1977 Moto Guzzi 850 T-3 “Sport” for just $6500.

Honda March 9, 2012 posted by

Little Smoker: 2001 Honda NSR150 SP Repsol Edition

For Sale: 2001 Honda NSR150 SP Repsol Edition

Now here is a bike that you just don't see every day. Never offically imported into the U.S. but very popular in home markets as well as the Pacific Region, this NSR150 looks like a 500cc GP bike in 33% scale. With that single-sided Pro-Arm rear suspension and striking Repsol livery that looks like it came right of Mick Doohan's racer, this NSR150SP is a good looking bike!

I must admit that I'm not a huge fan of all the faux carbon fiber on this particular bike - but you can't deny that the bike certainly looks good in the pictures. With very low miles and no significant damage, this is a unique machine that can be ridden on the street or tracked if you have a local, tight and twisty circuit. While there is not a lot of power (reports vary from a low of 28 to a high of 39 - depending upon the country of manufacture), there is also not a lot of mass; dry weight is listed as only 122.4 Kg (about 270 lbs).

From the seller:
For the well informed bike enthusiasts and discerning collector. Almost flawless, museum quality sportbike from Thailand. 4,334 miles with all new OEM bodywork, mirrors, etc. NO TITLE, bill of sale only. Show stopper if you ride it to your favourite bike hangout, or a jaw dropper in your garage when your buds come over. This model was sold in Thailand, Australia, and New Zealand.

From the seller:
Information from Honda Brochure;

Honda’s famous 2-stroke NSR Racing Technology has proven its superiority in the World of Grand Prix racing over the past two decades, has been transferred onto the road with the NSR150 SP. It is an introductory level machine featuring the sporting good looks of the famous Repsol Honda NSR in its traditional Repsol colors. The light weight and low seat height of the NSR SP will give riders of all levels of ability a feeling of confidence and satisfaction that only this type of motorcycle can. The NSR SP is a unique blend of sporting and aggressive good looks and user friendly simplicity. The water-cooled 2-stroke 149cc power plant is easily started, and once kicked into life runs smoothly from idle through to maximum revs. The power delivery is spread evenly throughout rev range and the six-speed gearbox is light and easy to operate.

Model Name:
NSR SP 2002 Model

Engine Type:
2 stroke - single cylinder crank case reed valve water cooled engine, RC valve


Compression Ratio:
6.8 : 1

Maximum Power:
39.5 ps/10,500 rpm

Maximum Torque:
2.75 kg-m/ 10,000 rpm



6 gear Wet multi-disc clutch

Dimensions (mm):
685 x 1,970 x 1,060mm

Wheel Base (mm):

Seat Height (mm):

Fuel Capacity (litres):
10.5 litres

Front Tyre:
90/80 - 17

Rear Tyre:
120/80 - 17

Rear Suspension:
Monoshock/Pro Arm

Front Brakes:
Dual piston Caliper - 296mm

Rear Brakes:
Dual Piston Caliper - 220mm

Dry Weight (kg):
122.4 Kg

According to one report I read, a NSR150 currently holds the 175cc record at Bonneville at just under 100 mph. That's not too bad for a bike with a tiny piston and not much HP. Good aerodynamics are the key to achieving those types of speeds!

But I have to think that the real use for an NSR150 is on the track. Here is an Australian track-day video to prove the point. The NSR150 in the video is not the same bike, but gives you a great idea of the potential of this little buzzer on a tight circuit.

This auction is on right now and the opening bid was a very reasonable $2k (plus reserve). Bidding has been very light thus far, which is interesting. Sure, this is more of a toy for most riders (although I would have killed to have this as my "learner" bike when I first started out) - but one that could certainly embarrass larger machines in the right conditions. For many more pictures and details, click the link and jump over to the auction!