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Honda May 9, 2010 posted by

1991 Honda CBR400RR Titled & Registered In California

Another very nice CBR400RR has popped up in Northern California this time!  Located in Dublin, California is a titled and registered CBR400RR with no mileage listed.  This bike features a 2007 CBR1000RR front end with radial brakes, Penske rear shock, HRC ECU, and the regulator/rectifier modification.  This bike currently has the CBR front end but an RVF400 front end is also available at a different price.  The seller states that this bike is an exceptional example but, does feature some nicks and blemishes.  Service history includes:

Both front ends have recently been serviced, re-sprung and re-valved by Aftershocks. New DID x-ring chain. The tank has recently been cleaned. The carburetors have just been completely gone through by Donny Babb at Modesto Ducati. This bike runs perfect.

The asking price for the bike with the CBR1000RR front end is $6,500 and $5,500 with the RVF400R front end.  Personally, I would buy the bike with the RVF front end, save the money on the purchase and possibly upgrade to the CBR1000RR front end sometime in the future as the RVF front ends are only getting rarer and the CBR1000RR front ends are only getting cheaper.

When these CBR’s were available, they had all the features of a big CBR just in a smaller package.  They feature a DOHC, four valve per cylinder, transverse four cylinder, four stroke, producing 53hp and rev’ing to 14,500rpm.  An aluminum frame kept weight down to 163kg and they featured a Showa adjustable rear shock and flat-side carb’s .  This bike is just as exotic to us American’s as any other gray import but, features the dependability of a Honda four-stroke.  See the 1994 example Jay posted not too long ago here.  If you’re interested-and as always, you should be–see this bike on Craigslist here.

EDIT:  The bike was on Craigslist but, kept getting flagged.  The seller has posted it on BARF and it can be seen here.


Honda May 5, 2010 posted by

1992 Honda VFR400R NC30 Titled & Registered In California

This is a fantastic looking VFR400R in California!  Located in San Francisco, California is a 1992 Honda VFR400R NC30 with 15,500 miles.  The seller states that this bike has never been down or raced, is in excellent mechanical and very good cosmetic condition.  The bike features Two-Brothers SS exhaust with a carbon silencer with a jet kit to match–the rear stand shown is also included.  The asking price of $6,500 is a bit higher than what we’ve been seeing but, this one does look to be in above average condition and, I wouldn’t call this outrageous at all heading into summer.  See a listing of the NC30’s we’ve seen here.

These VFR400R’s are some of the lightest wight and best handling four strokes you can buy on the used market.  They go around corners like any bike should, are lightweight like a bike should be, and look like an RC30–which a bike should.  We’ve seen these 400cc bikes pretty regularly but, if one pops up in your area you should absolutely go down and take a look at it and, unfortunately for your other bikes, you’ll probably come back with it!  See the for sale ad with extra-large photos here.  See the for sale thread on BayAreaRidersForum here.


Honda April 18, 2010 posted by

1994 Honda CBR400RR Titled & Registered In Washington State

Here is another CBR400R coming out of Washington state that is also registered!  Located in Seattle, Washington is a 1994 Honda CBR400RR registered & titled with 23,000km (14,300mi).  The seller states that this is a two owner bike (Two in the U.S. or…?) and it is a “…7 out of 10” in regards to condition.  The bike is fitted with a hideous–fact, not opinion–GP-style exhaust.  The bike has recently had a tune up, the oil changed, and new tires.  The asking price is $3,800; putting it in-between the other two CBR400RR’s we’ve posted which is correct in terms of their condition too.  See the other CBR in Washington with an asking price of $3,500 here, and see the Rossi replica example in Florida for $4,500 here.  See the bike currently for sale on Craigslist here.


Honda April 7, 2010 posted by

1990 Honda VFR400R NC30 In California

Here is a VFR400R located in California!  Located in San Mateo, California is a 1990 Honda VFR400R.  The seller states that this bike has been “…brought up to EPA and DOT standards.”  At a cost of $8,000.  However, registration hasn’t been renewed since 2007.  It should be known that, in California, you’re required to pay all back licensing fees when registration is finally renewed; that means by, you, the buyer should you choose to keep it in California.  For being a 1990, this bike has a different headlight and tail piece.  Does anyone know the reasoning for that–certain market pieces?  The bike also features a non-stock paint scheme.  The asking price is $5,000; which is higher than we’ve seen for California titled NC30’s but, it would be interesting to know if this bike is completely legal without any loopholes or grandfathering in it’s past.  See this bike on Craigslist here.


Honda April 4, 2010 posted by

1990 Honda CBR400RR NC29 In Washington State!

UPDATE: This one is

Here is another CBR400RR but this time on the West Coast.  Located in Auburn, Washington is a titled & registered 1990 Honda CBR400RR.  This bike is no-where near perfect cosmetically but it is said to run very well.  See the other NC29 we just posted for comparison here.  The bike has been tracked in the past, with everything drilled for safety-wire, and has cosmetic damage from being dropped.  Mileage looks to be 28,000km (17,400mi).  The bike has recently been dyno’d and shows 53hp at the rear wheel.  The bike has newer Michelin’s with good tread, braided lines, Scorpion silencer, 1/4 turn throttle and a CBR600 rear shock.  The seller states that this is the only NC29 registered in the state of Washington.  The asking price is $3,500.  If you’re looking for an ugly, but nice handling, bike; see this CBR on PNWRiders here.


Honda March 20, 2010 posted by

Honda VFR400R NC30 In California For $3,700

This looks to be a very nice NC30 at a very good price!  Located in Azusa, California is a Honda VFR400R with no year or miles listed.  This ad is quite sparse and only lists that this has new tires and runs like new.  I’m going to assume that this is titled as it looks to have a plate on it but the ad doesn’t state if it is or not.  The asking price of $3,700 is very good–if it is titled.  These little VFR’s have outstanding handling because of their lightweight and can be loads of fun for cheap.  See the bike on Craigslist here.


Honda March 7, 2010 posted by

(2001) Honda RVF400R NC35 With California Title

We have seen several NC35’s lately but here is another one in California!  Located in North Park, California is a Honda RVF400R that is titled as a 2001MY.  The bike currently has 32,500km (20,194mi) and the owner states that he purchased it with 1,200km (745mi).  Within the last 1000mi the bike has had: “…valve adjustment, new clutch plates, fresh tires, fork rebuild, new Two Brothers carbon fiber exhaust can and a new chain.”  The bike also has a Ohlins rear shock and aftermarket rearsets.  This example is California titled and registered.  Stock, these bikes have adjustable front suspension, and with the Ohlins rear this one has fitted, make this a very nice handling bike weighing in at only 165kg.  NC35s have 17″ front and rear wheels.  This bike has a market correct asking price of $6,500.  See this NC35 on Craigslist here.


Honda February 26, 2010 posted by

1992 Honda CBR400RR NC29 In Florida!

This is a Rossi replica CBR400RR available in Florida!  Located in Clearwater, Florida is a 1992 Honda CBR400R BabyBlade with 37,000 miles.  That is this bikes biggest failing, it does have high mileage but as a Honda, it still should be very dependable for the extended future.  It does have replacement plastics but they look to be in very good condition and are in a very attractive replica scheme.  It has carbon exhaust, carbon air ducts and, annoyingly, it does have a polished frame.  The seller states that the bike runs perfectly and comes with a clean Florida title and registration (The photos show both a Maine and Florida license plate).  These 400’s weigh in at 163kg, have 53hp, and redline at  14,500rpm–a very fun sounding formula.  The asking price is $4,500.  This example isn’t without faults but it looks to be a descent, and usable, CBR400RR titled and registered in the U.S.  See this CBR on Craigslist here.  See a very nice photo collection of the bike here.