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Old School Muscle – 1990 GSXR-1100

1989 Suzuki GSXR-1100


Back before the Hayabusa, ZX-14 and the bonkers H2R were speed kings, the Suzuki GSXR-1100 battled Kawasaki’s ZX-11 for straight line bragging rights.  They were big and fast and we made them faster.  The GSXR-1100 came from the factory making a claimed 145hp and was a favorite drag racers on the street and at the track.  For 1989 Suzuki bumped up the displacement on the big GSXR from 1052cc to 1127cc and also strengthened the frame from the first generation.  There was some debate about the handling of the new model, but most of these complaints came at the highest levels of racing and were unlikely to materialize for us mortals riding them on the street.  While the ZX-11 may have had a tiny edge in the top speed department, the GSXR-1100 was definitely the sharper handling machine.


This black and grey GSXR-1100 looks great with the paint being more subdued than some of the wild graphics that came on later models.  It is mostly stock with only a few light modifications that could easily be returned back to stock if so desired.  With a Buy it Now price of $4700 and a “Best Offer” option as well, this seems like a very reasonable way to get yourself a true classic in fantastic condition.  You can check out the auction on eBay here: 1989 Suzuki GSXR-1100 for sale

This GSXR 1100 is one of a kind Black/ Silver, in immaculate condition purchased 10yrs ago Mint condition and since then we had our children 8yrs ago and I have not been able to ride as too busy with the family so there it sits.  Is a very fair price for this prized possession classic they are not making any more…  It’s true condition is excellent.  Near perfect.  Start 2x a week to keep carb’s in balance.  It’s Ready to Ride!   In my opinion this is the most beautiful GSXR they ever made. This is a bad-ass classic Suzuki with insane power and fabulous sound and many people think its brand new. It comes with the factory owners manual, and a clean title in hand. 




Old School Muscle – 1990 GSXR-1100
Suzuki October 30, 2013 posted by

Handpicked: 1991 Suzuki GSX-R 1100 (Switzerland)

This 1991 Gixxer is one of the last air-oil cooled 1100 produced (the very last was the 1992 edition). It has covered just above 44.000 km.


These bigger capacity Suzukis are very reliable and given the conditions in which it is presented, you will be able to cover at least as much extra mileage without issues.


The black-grey and blue colour combination isn’t my favourite but the bike is stock (apart form the smaller turn indicators) and it comes with the original solo seat.


If you are looking a for an air cooled 1100 model, at a price of about 2800 $, this could be a good autumn’s pick. As a reminder, here’s a few numbers that come with the beloved GSX-R of the early 90s (yap these bikes were pretty powerful then…):

Overall Length: 2 090 mm (82.3 in)
Overall Width: 755 mm (29.7 in)
Overall Height: 1 150 mm (45.3 in)
Wheelbase: 1 465 mm (57.7 in)
Weight: 226 kg (497 lbs)
Engine type: Air/oil-cooled 1127 cc inline-four, DOHC, 16 valves. 145 hp/ 10,000 rpm, 11,6 kg-m/ 9,000 rpm.


1991 Suzuki GSX-R 1100 in Switzerland



Handpicked: 1991 Suzuki GSX-R 1100 (Switzerland)
Sport Bikes For Sale June 12, 2012 posted by

Big Boy Bike! 1986 GSX-R1100 For Sale

Location: Clifton, VA

Miles: 12,387

Price: Currently $2,839 with Reserve in place

When the GSX-R1100 debuted on the scene, it was the answer to many of rider’s prayers to a liter bike that was a hard-edged as the 600’s and 750’s of the time. The bike made roughly 130hp while weighing about 450lbs. That might not seem to impressive now, but back in ’86 that meant a lot for a liter bike. The GSX-R1100 was a monster on the track as well with rock solid steering and capable suspension.

This .44 Magnum of a sport bike for sale here looks to be in very good condition and has low miles as well. The seller states that the only scratches on the bike are on the underside of the fairing from loading the bike onto a trailer. Also, the solo tail has some chipping on the corner. Other than that it looks to be very well cared for. The seller even highlights some recent maintenance done to keep the bike running properly.

From the seller:

1986 GSXR 1100. In excellent original condition with 12,387 miles. Runs great. Needs nothing. Ready to ride. Starts easily and pulls stromg. As you probably know if you are reading this, 1986 was the first year for the ground breaking GSXR 1100 and they are getting hard to find in this condtion. The bodywork is complete with almost no marks or imperfections. Tires andBatteryare almost new. As far as I know the bike has never been down, the engine has never been touched internally and the mileage is original.

  • Fresh oil and fluids.
  • New Plugs
  • Mikuni carbs
  • K&N Air Filters
  • Braided Stainless Steel brake lines

The only scratches are on the bottom of the fairing from loading the bike onto a trailer but these are not visible unless viewed from under the bike. Other than that the bodywork is in almost factory perfect condition. The tank is perfect. The seat is good with no tears or rips. There silencer has some very faint rippling on the stainless steel cover plate under the passenger footrest which is not visible in the photos and can only be seen if the light catches them at an angle. There is no rust on the header pipes. The seat hump has a corner broken off on one side – easily fixable and can still be used as is. Wheels are original and in very good condition. This is one of the nicest first year GSXR1100’s you will see. Clean with a few minor imperfactions consistent with a well cared for bike of this mileage.

I also have the original airbox and carbs shown in the last photo. Since no everyone will want these they are NOT included in the auction but the winning bidder will have the option to buy these for an additional $160. If they do not sell with the bike I will auction them on ebay afterwards.

The bike may not be 100% bone stock with the addition of new carbs and air filters, but the original parts can be yours for an extra $160. If I were buying this bike, I would probably pick those up as well, but I do wish the seller would include those at no extra charge. We have seen these early 1100’s go for $4-$5k in the past and would assume that this one would go for roughly that. If you have been looking for one of these you can check out the auction here and see if this one is right for you!


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Japanese Muscle Meets Italian Engineering – 1997 Bimota SB6R

 Japanese Muscle Meets Italian Engineering – 1997 Bimota SB6R

Ho-hum another day and another Bimota.  I’m about to take these off the endangered species list.  It seems like we’ve had a steady stream of almost every late model Bimota here at RSBFS.  Add this one to the list.  It is a one owner bike and that owner had decided it is time to move on.  If you happen to have $12,000 in your pocket it’s yours.

From the ad:   

1997 Bimota SB6R, original owner, always garaged. Milage 16,000. GSXR 1100 motor, 5 angle valve job. 144 RHP, 100LBS torque. ZESSB6000TR00014. European VIN Number. I am the original owner of the bike. Always garaged. ***Original California Certificate of Title dated 07/14/1997. Registered as special construction. Original Bill of Sale: Bimota UK, Dunragit, Strangaer, Scottland. Shipped to the United States. Clear Title in California. ***OEM Certificate of Newness, Warranty book, Owners manual, with wiring diagrams, complete OEM graphic parts manual with all the bike part numbers , Paioli front fork manual, Olins shock manual. ***August 2009 the bike was completely detailed. This included new oil,filter, new air filter, new coolant,new chain, new rear sprocket, new fork seals, new fork oil, new front and rear brake pads, new brake lever, new hydraulic fluid clutch, new Dunlap quailifer tires front and rear, new Brimbo rear brake caliper, new battery. Since August 2009 I have put 2010 miles on the bike.***OEM combination Tach and Speedmoter replaced with GSXR750 instrument panel because the OEM tach died and I could not get a replacement. The new Tach works but the speedometer is not hooked up. ***Las Vegas , Nevada, call 702-361-0958 for more information or photos. Why sell? I am 64 and I cannot ride for long periods of time on the bike. I have all records, Cash only.

Lets say you are in the market for liter bike for the street. Now, lets pretend you talk the owner down to the $10,500 to $11,000 range.  Would you rather have an older exotic like this or the latest and greatest from Japan?  I know which one I would choose.  This particular bike is located in sin city and can be seen here.


Bimota November 13, 2010 posted by

1998 Bimota S6R with a Buy It Now price of $4150!

1998 Bimota S6R with only 5630 miles and a Buy It Now price of $4150!

Sounds like a smashing deal, doesn’t it?  I thought so too, until I read that  a.) the bike is “stranded” in Europe  b.) it has been involved in an accident.  Now, before you write this bike off completely, let’s see how bad it’s been smacked up:

You bidding on a 1998 BIMOTA SB6R (Suzuki 1100cc engine)

I’m selling this bike for a friend of mine. It was taken to Europe (Austria) 6 years ago and it’s still there since. The bike was involved in  an accident back in 2004 (A car ran over it in a parking lot). All plastic fairings are broken, clutch and brake lever, both handle bars,mirrors, windscreen, left side foot peg bracket, are broken, must be replaced . The gas tank and the frame is scratched and fixable.. Forks, rims, tires, radiator are good.. This bike has only 5630 original miles… it has aftermarket exhaust, carburetors, ignition module, chain and sprockets, new tires.. Florida clean title.. Vin#ZESSB6003WR000018 no warranty.  Runs and drives..

Buy it now price:  2995euro (4150.00usd) shipping is 300euro(415usd) within Europe.

Now let’s look at what it is first: the SB6R is the 7th (I consider the SB6 to be the 6th) Bimota with a Suzuki engine in it, and this time it’s the bullet-proof water cooled GSX-R1100 engine.  It’s got a stout SLC (Straight Line Connection) perimeter beam frame, massive (at the time, and to a certain extent, even today for a RSU fork) 46mm Paoli forks, Ohlins rear shock, Brembo brakes, all nicely wrapped in some sexy clothing.

Building on the success of the earlier SB6 model (a total of 1144 units were built, the most popular Bimota model to date), the SB6R had some minor mechanical updates plus a completely redesigned set of bodywork.  The changes improved the handling and engine response over the SB6, which was already a very fast bike in itself.  The SB6R proved to be a popular model as well with 600 units sold, but to many Bimotistis, the SB6 is the prettier sister and remains one of the prettiest Bimotas ever.

Now, back to this specific crash-damaged, stranded-in-Europe sample: the damage list sounds extensive, but it doesn’t look TOO bad from the photos. Broken clutch and brake lever? Easy.  Handlebars?  No sweat.  Left side foot peg bracket?  Hello ebay! The gas tank and the frame is scratched and fixable.  The most concerning parts are the damaged bodywork, mirrors, and windscreen, but you wouldn’t be needing those for a streetfighter now, would you?

Which is basically how I see this bike as – a potentially very cool streetfighter project.  Of course, you can also rip off all the lights and turn it into a track bike, but I don’t see much point in that.  Or, you can replace the bodywork with a set of SB6 replacement fairings from Airtech Streamlining – that works too. However, for me, the best way is to stick a bikini fairing on it and custom fit a set of cool projectors lights, along with some street bike handlebars and top it all off with a nice subtle custom paint job. What better way to show off that beautiful polished SLC perimeter beam frame?


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1994 Suzuki GSX-R 1100(W)

1994 Suzuki GSX-R 1100

Location: Plano, TX
Mileage: 6,471
Price: $1,525.00 and no reserve in sight!

The auction is under way and bidding is brisk, but small, on this 94′ GSX-R.

Yes sir- this is the fruit of my labor after trolling the bay for a hour or so, but I’d say it panned out pretty well. Don’t you agree?

You just have to love the 90’s with all of the splash graphics and neon colors adorning the sport bikes of that era. These mid-ninety Suzuki’s always reminded me of a big bruise with their dark colors and splashes of neon purple, but like I’ve mentioned in previous posts- “these were the bikes to have back in the day”. Yes, chics did dig these and if you had one- you were “in like flynn”.

These were said to have 155hp, but all of those ponies were spent pulling around the portly 509# dry weight. So, if you were looking for a razor sharp handling, cutting edge sport bike in 1994 you probably skipped over these and went for the 750’s. But, those who didn’t opt for the smaller, more nimble 750 were rewarded with comfort and enough power to handle the big GSX-R.

This appears to have survived 17 years and looks to be in damn good shape. I don’t think with the 6,471 miles the tires would be original, but they are period correct and there doesn’t appear to be any other modifications except the windscreen. And I could be mistaken on that, but it’s hard to tell. It just looks very, very clear to me in the photos. The seller does list his phone number in the bike description area of the auction so if you have any questions- hit him up!

I suspect this one will climb in price as the auction nears its ending time. My guess is that $3,000 to $3,500 will be the winning bid, but you never know. So, if you are feeling lucky and have a soft spot for big GSX-R’s now is your chance.



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1987 Yoshimura Tornado (Bonneville) Replica on Ebay

1987 Yoshimura Tornado (Bonneville) Replica on Ebay

I don’t know about you guys but my eyes lit up when I saw “Yoshimura Tornado” in the auction’s  headline.  Don’t let the replica part get you down, it looks like this bike is loaded with some rare Yoshimura kit parts.  If you aren’t too famaliar with the Tornado’s, here is what I know.  They are Yoshimura’s version of a race replica.  They generally come loaded with every bell and whistle Yoshimura has.  They are extremely rare and not exactly cheap.  They have continued to make them on and off through the years.  Check out Yoshimura Japan and click on the “Complete” tab and you can see some of the more current versions.  Technical  info on the original Tornado (sometimes referred to as a Bonneville by Yoshimura) is hard to come by.   I know it was wrapped in special bodywork and had a hand made aluminum tank that made it stand out from any ordinary GSXR.  Engine wise, all I know is that it was loaded with everything Yoshimura could throw at it but I don’t know specifics.

Before we get to the bike, here is some serious Tornado porn.  I’m guessing this is an official Tornado by the looks of the big gold plate stamped to the frame.  Enjoy!

Here is some eye candy for the bike on auction,  it is screaming out for an official Tornado replica paint scheme:

 Here is a snipit from the auction:

This bike built by Chris Geiter and featured in the June 1994 issue of Sport Rider magazine. Chris built the bike from the ground up and I purchased it from him. For those familiar with the original magazine article, you will notice some differences in the photos, specifically the front brakes and wheel colors. Chris viewed the bike as a work in progress, so that is why. For those unfamiliar with the bike, it is a replica of a very rare Yoshimura edition motorcycle, of which only 3 originals were built. Serial number’s 1 & 2 reside in japan and number three was destroyed/wrecked. Yoshimura USA offered most of the parts to build one, for a very limited time. The problem was that is was quite expensive to do so. The hand crafted aluminum tank with the Yoshimura logo cast into it, alone cost $2500-3000. This bike has one of those tanks. Air-Tech makes a replica tank,  but its made out of fiberglass

You will notice bike has velocity stacks, but has never been run on dirt roads or in dirty/dusty conditions. For that matter, it has never been on a wet road or seen rain. Motor runs very stout. The headlights on this bike are not installed currently, as Chris or I never ran it after dark. The Yosh Tornado’s/Bonnevilles used 1st generation headlights, that simply slid into the headlight bucket and velcroed in place. I have a set of headlights for it. Instrument lights, tail light, etc all function.
My reason for selling is I have an ex-Yosh 1987 superbike I’m restoring, which demands my time and money, so it has taken priority over this bike. I had originally planned on repainting the Bonneville to original colors, of which I’ve compiled many pictures/articles and magazines from Japan showing a great deal of detail from the original bikes, especially the paint scheme.
I would possibly be interested in partial trades, specifically Yosh kit forks from 1987-1989 and/or a Yosh titanium duplex 750 pipe 1986-1992 and Yosh underbraced or top braced swing arms from 1987-1992.
This is a beautiful bike that was put together very nicely. No disappointments.

You’ll have to check the auction out for the whole list of upgrades to the bike.  This is one of those bike you need to jump on if you are interested.  The parts list alone makes me drool.  Of course it looses some points for not being the real thing but if you go down the list of Yoshimura parts it has on it, how can you not be interested?  That tank is a work of art alone.  Anyone want to guess where the auction will end up on price?  .


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Two Clean Early Model GSXR 1100’s In GA

Two Clean Early Model GSXR 1100’s

1986 and 1987  GSXR’s that are both are relatively low mile bikes (for their age) and  in near stock condition.  Both serviced and ready to ride.  Seller is asking $4,500 for each. They are for sale by the same owner.

Both are on Atlanta Craigslist here and here.