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Honda September 1, 2022 posted by

Dream a Little Dream: NEW 2003 Honda CB50R Dream

To celebrate its long history of Grands Prix racing in the smaller formulas – and to commemorate the 1962 introduction of the 50cc GP class – Honda produced the CB50R as a limited run model. These bikes are very rare in the United States (initially offered in Japan and abroad), and were purportedly assembled by HRC. These are not street legal motorcycles, lacking any DOT approved lighting (plus no airbox, no starter mechanism, etc), and have been gobbled up by collectors since they hit our shores. Most were never really run in anger, if run at all. Thanks to Honda technology, the tiny single piston four stroke rivals similarly sized two-strokers at 7 HP, and spins to impossibly high RPMs. The bike looks retro, which was the intention, but sports modern everything, from the disk brakes to the adjustable Showa suspension.

NEW 2003 Honda CB50R Dream for sale on eBay

From the seller:
2003 Honda Dream 50R
Brand New 2003 HRC Honda Dream 50R Racing motorcycle
Very Rare opportunity to own one of HRC Hondas limited production Japanese market road racing motorcycles It was acquired by the seller in 2003 as new on BILL OF SALE

It has been on display ever since. Never started or used in any way except as motorcycle art in his family room,
It is equipped with it’s 49cc DOHC four stroke single paired with a six speed transmission and finished in silver over black frame.
Feature include black tank strap, racing seat, duel exhaust, 18 inch wheels front and rear disc brakes,
Honda produced a very limited number of 50Rs in 2003 as a tribute the 1962 R 110.
This bike has never even been started unless they test them prior to leaving the factory.
The only one I’ve seen sell other than this one was on Bring a Trailer for $13,000

The CB50R Dream did not come to US shores until 2004, but they were imported by collectors. Due to the lack of road going hardware, importation was streamlined. Since it is not a street machine, these were sold by bill of sale with no title. Most were never ridden, and have very few miles – likely also due to the lack of road going hardware. This is really an homage to a racer from long ago, and most were tucked away in collections, museums and man caves. Not surprisingly, this particular bike still sports the plastic wrap on the seat from delivery and likely has not gone faster (or further) than somebody pushing it around the estate to its parking place. And speaking of pushing, prices have been pushing upwards as well. Originally sold for roughly $5,500, we have seen steady gains on these models. Today’s ask, while relatively high, is not out of line with that trend for such an unused example. Does the Japanese home market import aspect increase the value? We’ll have to wait and see. Check out all of the details here, and Good Luck!!


Dream a Little Dream:  NEW 2003 Honda CB50R Dream
Honda June 16, 2022 posted by

Your Package Has Arrived: New 2004 Honda CB50R

Collectors can be a competitive crowd.  They are constantly trying to find the best, rarest and most interesting items to add to their collections.  Often this manifests into the search for zero mile examples of machines.  These bikes are literally brand new and allow the owners to have something in perfect, and original condition.  But what is one step up from zero miles you ask, well that would be still inside the OEM shipping crate.  We have seen a few examples of this trend over the last year.  A couple of high profile auctions included motorcycles that have never been removed from the shipping crates or prepared for sale.

Today we have found a Honda CB50R, better known as the Dream 50 that has remained inside the box since 2004.  Collectors have loved the little retro bike since day one.  Offered in the USA in limited numbers the “off road use only” machine had the look of a 60s GP bike with some interesting modern tech in the engine.  It was also at a very attractive price point.  These bikes come to market every now and again, and it is not uncommon to find one that has lived on display and never ridden.  What is uncommon is to find one that retains the shipping crate.

From The Seller’s eBay Listing:


Frame number AR02-1000550
Engine number AR02E-1000576.

New in crate 2004 Honda CB50R. Complete with most of the original shipping cardboard. Has been carefully stored indoors for many years. 1 Owner. Bike was bought locally.

No rust or corrosion. Paint is perfect. Original cardboard box of goodies in the bottom of the crate has never been opened.

Original shower cap still installed on the seat cowl. Original intake cap is still on the velocity stack.

Fantastic investment for museum or Honda collector.

The eBay Auction does not list a Buy It Now price, so no clear understanding of what the dealer is expecting.  The Dream 50R market is well documented and prices have been steadily rising over time.  At this point it appears that $10,000 will buy you a nice example, so it will be really interesting to see what premium the crate brings.  Will a collector just have to have it, or will they nit pick that the cardboard is not perfectly flat?

Your Package Has Arrived:  New 2004 Honda CB50R
Classic Sport Bikes For Sale August 4, 2010 posted by

2003 Honda Dream 50R, Japanese Market, In As-New Condition On eBay!

This is a Japanese delivery 2003 Honda Dream 50R with zero miles and all of the original shipping protection in place!

Bike:  2003 Honda Dream 50R

Location:  Lake Elsinore, California

Mileage:  Zero

Price:  $5,700USD

This Dream 50R was purchased in Japan in 2003 and subsequently shipped to the U.S.  This bike has zero miles and looks to have never been run, with the plastic covering for the seat, exhaust, and blue film still on the chrome bits.  The seller makes no mention of a title or maintenance history but, as you should know, this example is intended for display only.  This bike didn’t make it to the U.S. until the end of 2004, early 2005, and had an MSRP of $5,499–hence why you don’t see very many.

The Dream 50R isn’t just a scooter motor strapped into an old CB frame; here are some highlights:

…double-overhead-cam, HRC-built 50cc screamer that revs to 14,500 rpm…The new Dream uses lower-tech chains to drive its cams, yet it is able to rev 1000 rpm higher than the 13,500-rpm CR110. Power is directed through a 6-speed gearbox.  A lovely oil catch tank created out of aluminum contains crankcase blow-by, and aluminum fenders are used front and rear. Despite the use of a period-spec steel frame, Honda claims the lithe Dream weighs just 157 pounds dry. As with the NSR, the Dream is a product of HRC, and they’ve been kind enough to pre-drill the oil drain bolt to satisfy racing regulations for lockwiring critical fasteners.  Honda claims 7 horsepower at 13,500 from the 49cc engine, but it sounds like much more when the giant open velocity stack ravenously sucks in air for the open 20mm carb as the 40mm piston goes up and down 240 times each second.  The Dream handles like nothing else I’ve ridden. Honda didn’t provide rake and trail numbers, but it will suffice to say you’ve never ridden a motorcycle that turns with less effort…there’s actually enough room for a full-scale adult to fit.

If that paragraph hasn’t caused you to think owning a 50cc bike could be fun, probably nothing will.  Read the full period review from Motorcycle-USA here.  I’d venture to guess that this bike will not sell at $5.7k but, we’ve seen Dream 50R’s with zero miles but this is our first Japan market bike still in the wrapper.  See the other Dream 50R’s we’ve posted here.  See this example on eBay .


Honda May 11, 2010 posted by

Two Honda CB50R’s: One 0 Mile, One Built To Race

Two Honda CB50R’s: One 0 Mile, One Built To Race

The munchkin bikes continue to appear for sale.  Here are two more that are looking for new homes.  These things are growing on me and while looking around the web I came across HRC’s webpage for the bike.  Here is some tech talk on the engine:

the Dream 50 engine assembled with camshafts, valve springs, piston, designed exclusively for the Dream 50 race kits, and low-friction cam chains, crankshaft, and light-weight AC generator which are newly designed for the Dream 50R. The carburetor and air funnels are designed exclusively for competition use, all of which contribute to developing 51.4kw (7ps) at 13500rpm. The transmission comes equipped with 6-speed close-ratio gears.

Maybe best of all there is a little race kit for the bike.  Highlights include a kit CDI and hand bent exhaust pipe.  Check all of it out on HRC’s website.

Here is what the seller has to say on the 0 mile bike:

For sale is a one of a kind hard to find 2004 honda CB50R limited production. this is new never started and it’s been kept in my showroom since the day i GOT it from the dealer. this is A collector’s edition. Probably fun to ride With! but for sure enjoying to look at. it looks awesome in the picture as you can see and it is way better looking in person. i really hate to sell this awesome bike but it was a long thinking and decision which i have to make….so finally here! there you have it! i’m ready to pass it on. this bike does not have a single scratch. it is in mint excellent perfect showroom condition. if you have any question or needs some more info about this bike, pls feel free to ask any questions and i will answer them as quick and as prompt as possible… thanks for looking! Goodluck!

The seller is asking $6,500 for the bike.  The bikes had a MSRP of $5,500 back in 2004.  Even with 0 miles on the odometer my guess is the bike might not get many bites at that price. .

Now maybe a 0 mile bike  isn’t your cup of tea and you are looking to stretch your little CB50R’s legs.  Well maybe this is the one for you.  Of all things, this one is prepared for Bonneville.

Check it out:

Prepared for Bonneville a Honda CB50 (the Honda factory clone), new engine modified for record attempt, partial streamlined bodywork, surely a potential record holder in it’s class, not for street use, repeat, not for street use. Will not ship, you must pick up, bike has only been started at engine builders.

This one is intriguing to me.  The fun factor goes up knowing it has had a little engine work.  The owner does not state any mileage and is asking $5,500.  It might be worth a call and maybe is a way into the Bonneville record books!  Or just a slow trip across a hot, dry lake bed.  Check this Dream 50 out here.


Honda April 10, 2010 posted by



It might be time to load up the trailer and head down to Dixie.  It sounds like this little CB50R has barely turned a wheel.  The owner doesn’t list the mileage but I bet it’s whatever it took to push it into the house.  The CB50R was Hondas’ tribute to their munchkin works racers the RC110 and club racer CB110.  Apparently those little buzz bombs revved to 13,500 rpm.  A special version, the RC111, soared to 16,000 rpm if you can believe it.  I can’t imagine what that would sound like coming by you at full throttle.  As you may remember, these bikes were brought in as track bikes so they aren’t street legal which is a bit of a bummer.  I’m not usually a fan of retro bikes but this thing has a cool element to it that I can’t put my finger on. 

From the seller:


It looks like the seller is asking ($5000) slightly under what the bike sold for back in 2004 ($5500).  Book value is considerably less but that doesn’t always tell the story.  I find sometimes that book values aren’t always reflective of what’s actually happening with rare  bikes.  If the demand is there and the numbers of bikes is small it is a sellers market.  Having said that, I’m really not sure how sought after these little bikes are.  If it is what you’ve been looking for, get yourself an old leather helmet and goggles and wind this thing up to your hearts content.  Check it out here.

Here is one in action with a soundtrack to match the era they are trying to replicate:

I had to throw this one in for the soundtrack and speed achieved! It’s not an “R” model but I think you get the idea. And before anyone complains, I live in the South so I can poke fun.


Honda June 13, 2009 posted by

2004 Honda CB50R

Located in Sterling, Colorado is a very cool and very rare 2004 Honda CB50R.  Honda sold these as collectors items to remember their small displacement race bikes of the sixties; unfortunately, they also weren’t street legal.  This example shows zero miles with the only known defect to be a moderately sized scratch on the front fender.  This bike would make a very cool pit bike, mini track bike, or piece of garage art.  This little bike is probably a blast to ring out on a small track.  Kelly Blue Book puts these bikes at $3120, but, let’s see what the market decides–shame on the scratch.  See the eBay ad here

EDIT: Did not meet reserve at $1,852.09 on 06/19/09.


Now available in Lexington, Kentucky is another zero mile CB50R showroom new, with no defects.  See the eBay ad here.