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New in the crate: 2001 Honda RC51 SP1

Dan 7

Located outside Montreal, reader Rod sent in this brand new RC51. Pictures seem legit though listing on Kijiji is slightly suspect for something of this caliber. Listing states make offer but the price listed is $38,990 CAD, which is $28,770 USD as of today. This bike falls a couple years short of the 25 year import rule but this was a bike offered here in the U.S. the same year. Not sure if that helps but on the other hand, it destined to remain a display model the rest of it’s life so maybe it doesn’t matter.

2001 Honda RC51 on Kijiji in Canada

From the seller’s listing:

Only one ,brand new Honda RVT, 0km one owner. Just one in the world. Time capsule. Make an offer.
Unique au monde, Honda RVT SP1 complètement neuve, un seule propriétaire . Dans crate origine. 0km
Faire offre sérieuse svp.

If you’re looking for an RC51 you can actually ride, Black Market Motorsports has this 2002 SP2 model with just 6,500 miles available:


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Monday Mailbag!

Dan 3

Hey guys,

Thanks as always for all the great suggestions. If you spot a great find or have something special for sale, email us!

Have a great week,


Jay W. shot us the link to this great looking 89 Suzuki 750 with 1100 motor and bodywork. It’s located in Ontario, Canada and is currently at $3550 USD reserve not met with just about a day left.

Andy in New Zealand spotted this Honda NR750 for sale in the UK on eBay. The classified states it may be the only zero mile example in existence. Further they’re only asking £109,999.00 for the privilege.

Cael emailed us this sharp looking 1989 Ducati 750 Sport for sale in Kelowna, Canada for $4900 CAD. Seller is asking just $4900 for this bike “If you have the brass and the cash, it’s your turn. Please make sure to ask your wife if it’s OK to buy the bike if you need to. ” Love it! Good luck to the seller.

Finally Steven sent us this very sharp 1994 Ducati 888 SPO for sale in Toronto on Kijiji for $12750 CAD.

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99 Yamaha R1 and 05 Suzuki GSX-R 750 LE: Two Great Icons For Sale

Dan 0

Jeff contacted us about listing his bikes for sale on our site and asked if they were suitable for our audience. A very low mile R1 and a zero mile GSX-R 750. Why yes, yes these will do nicely on our site! Check out our latest Feature Listing with the details on both bikes below.

1999 Yamaha R1 with 1717 Original Miles, $6000

From the seller:

I’m the original owner of this bike, having purchased it from an old friend who happens to be a Yamaha dealer in my area. The break-in mileage was completed by the book and it has been ridden occasionally since then. To date, it has covered only 1,717 miles. When not being used, the bike has been kept in a climate controlled garage, as part of a private collection of sport and race bikes.

In spite of the low mileage, the bike has received yearly oil changes, along with brake fluid and coolant changes every three years. The battery has been replaced once. When the bike has been stored, the fuel has been drained from the tank and carburetors and the battery has been kept fully charged by a battery tender. Apart from the battery, everything else on the bike is as-delivered, including the tires. It has been well preserved and ridden with respect. It has not seen any track use, nor any inclement weather. It will be sold with a fresh service and the original keys, books and a factory service manual.

001 002 003

005 006 007

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015 016 017

018 019

2005 Suzuki GSX-R750 20th Anniversary Edition # 4051 with 0 Miles, $8000

From the seller:

I made an arrangement to purchase this bike in 2004, from the local Suzuki dealer, when Suzuki announced they were going to offer it for sale in the 2005 model year. When the bike was received by the dealer, I had them complete the pre-delivery inspection, apart from filling the battery with acid, filling the bike with fuel and starting the bike. It was then delivered in an enclosed trailer to my house and placed into my collection. To date, it has not been ridden or started and is has been displayed inside my house. It is in showroom new condition.

Included in the sale will be all of the original materials (keys, books, battery, sealed acid pack, rear seat cowl) and a Suzuki dealer poster commemorating the 20th anniversary of the GSX-R series.

923 924 925

926 927

Jeff also wanted to note, “I may consider delivering the bikes in an enclosed trailer that I have, if the buyer(s) will pay my expenses. If not, I’d be happy to coordinate with any shipper they may choose. The bikes are located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. “

I know that when I see the latest Japanese offerings I wish there were more well preserved examples like these available, and I’m sure many of you feel the same way. These are both really sharp to my eye and I know I’d consider them in heartbeat over a new model if I was shopping.

Interested parties can contact the seller by email or by phone: (918) 740-3024

Good luck with the sale Jeff!


0 miles Honda RC30 for sale!

Phil 4

Brand new 0 miles Honda RC30 for sale in the UK!!

Honda’s V4 engined RC30 (also known as the VFR750R) is one of the most iconic bikes of all time (if not THE iconic bike of modern race machines), and they are quite hard to come by.  For those of you who don’t know about the celebrated history of the RC30, you can read about it here.

RC30s in good condition are even more rare, so imagine when I came across this with 0 (as in zero) miles!  We have a strict policy about posting international listings, but this one certainly qualifies:

This superb RC30 is for sale from Doble Motorcycles in the UK, and these are some of the highlights:

With Zero miles…this bike has never been used!

It has even still got the factory protective cellophane on the frame!

It even comes with the original owner’s manual and V55 DVLA document that would have been used to register it!

This is a real dream of a bike. It must be one of the last chances to get a new one!

This is probably the last chance to buy a brand new 0 miles RC30 and the asking price of $39,000 (approximately) reflects this rare oppourtunity. Click here to link to the listing on Doble Motorcycles.

The RC30 is one of the bikes on my “must have” list, but this one is far too nice to ride (assuming that I even have the money to buy it in the first place).  This one should be sitting in a serious collector’s climate controlled storage or in a museum!


[AffomaticEbay]Honda RC51[/AffomaticEbay]

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