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Suzuki posted by

Relist 2: Stunning 1987 Suzuki GSX-750R with 700 Miles available in Florida


This post is in our archives. Links in this post have been updated to point to similar bikes available to bid on eBay.

Back after 2 years and offered by the same seller, it looks like this pristine GSX-750R hasn’t turned a wheel in anger since the previous listing.   Still a beauty and a bike that will likely continue to appreciate in value over time – Marty

1987 Suzuki GSX-R 750 for sale

Orginal post by our fearless leader Dan Crouch

Some of the Japanese, mass produced, modern classics we post can be classified as survivors. Not this one. This is a collector owned example and it shows like new. Survivors are great as they provide most of the experience you remember when they were new but regardless of how well kept, it’s still used. This is even more extreme in that it represents as new and has been cared for to maintain that status. The buy-it-now of $16,500 $18,500 USD certainly reflects that but this is one of those examples where you have to ask, where and when will another example of this quality be available?

UPDATED LINK:  1987 Suzuki GSX-750R for sale on eBay

Previous ebay listing can be accessed here.


From the seller:

  • Third owner, original owner was the drag racing legend Don “the snake” Prudhomme.  Was stored in a climate controlled race shop it’s whole life with him.  It’s now stored in my garage with climate control also.
  • Everything works like new, the only thing i see is the bottom of the mirrors have a couple very minor scuffs,and there is a small scratch above the rear grab handle above the tail lamp.  The tires are not even dry rotted but they should be replaced if the bike is going to be ridden.
  • When the second owner got it there were some minor bumps and bruises to the lowers and the mid fairings,and a small scratch on the front fender and fairing.  He sent them out to TC concepts and had them professionally redone to perfection, as well as the solo seat cowl cover.  He also had the carbs redone and the engine oil replaced with the filter (he thought it was the original oil).  He then put about 50 miles on the bike.
  • The original marker plate goes with the bike.



Now for the question – is this pristine bit of Slab-sided goodness worth the Buy-It-Now price of $18,500 USD?  Well from what I have been able to find this bike was originally sold back around 2012 for about $12,500 and was then relisted again in 2014 for $16,500.  Now the asking prices is $18,500 so thats a $6000 price appreciation over 4 years which seems a bit aggressive to me.  Overall I think the current value of this one is probably between $14,000-$15,000 (here in the US)…still pricey but the value of these probably isn’t going to go down anytime soon.



  • :O

  • I think this bike sold about a year ago and was listed on this site. $12,500.00 I think was the number. $16,500.00? if he gets it, not a bad return on your money in a year or so.

  • is it just me or do the gold brake calipers look like they have been repainted?

  • Owned by Don Prudhomme. Lets see, Don put about 500 miles on it at a quarter mile per pass plus down the strip plus a quarter mile back to the staging area, thats about a thousand passes down the drag strip. LOL

  • It’s worth about $20,000 on the WORLD MARKET. I disregard any comments posted by our U.S cousins about “excessively high” prices of rare,very low mileage bikes.This is just a reflection of the low rates of pay in the U.S.,the rediculous minimum wage,the “working for tips” culture,and the general screwed-up state of the economy there.The digital era in which we live has made it possible for people on the other side of the planet to purchase and ship any item with little more than a few taps on a keyboard.My advise to sellers in U.S. is to ignore your local buying pool and take advantage of the internet to tap into people with real money, internationally.It may be a slightly more inconvenient process,but you will certainly get thousands more than dealing with your lower paid local enthusiasts.

    • That’s a fairly politically charged statement there pie face. Obviously you are wrong. If this were economical, someone would be doing it. Then again, I don’t think your statement had anything to do with reality and rather just a rage on the Americans.

      This would be a $10K bike up here in Canada so your ‘World’ is obviously centered elsewhere.

      Nice bike, likely a feeler. I would do the same thing to generate some interest. eBay ask is not usually reality. It is free advertising and a low cost market tester.

    • Please note that before EZ commented, all replies were for the previous listing in 2014. We recycled this post. Thanks, -dc

  • PIe Face… why don’t you buy? ship it to where ever you are, resale it for $20,000.00 and set the market. Only would make mine worth more.

  • Pie Face, don’t troll here. You don’t know wtf you’re talking about. $20k… Hilarious.

  • I’m down here in So Fla where the bike is and I was going to go down and check it out but after speaking to him on the phone it seems the # is 15k which I think is a little high.. I was thinking the # should be around 10k with the paint work… What do you guys think and this was the bike that sold for $12.5…

  • that’s my old bike!.

    • yes it sold for 12,400

  • There’s a sweet 88 gsxr 400 sp on ebay from Oregon right now.

    • Thanks for the heads up! -dc

    • Looking forward to starting to restore my ’89 GSXR 400 this winter.

  • Can’t see any financial sense in paying what would easily be an all time world record high price for a ’87 GSXR750, when you could own a ’86 GSXR750 Limited Edition for the same asking price. The fact that a famous drag racer owned it, ran three tanks of gas through it, and warehoused it for 25 years doesn’t add $6-$10K value to the bike, to me. And the Limited Edition I’d look for instead would be a good one- without a custom white seat and hacked-up upper fairing, or wire wheel conversion!

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