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Spring has Sprung – 1982 Suzuki GSX-1100SXZ Katana

– At least in the seller’s Cape Town home.  This low-mile Katana is an excellent original and unusual -SXZ variant that was only offered south of the equator.

1982 Suzuki GSX-1100SXZ ( South Africa ) for sale on eBay

As 1980 approached, Suzuki was having its way on the track and in the showroom, and the SXZ was specified by the New Zealand importer to homologate the model for racing down that way.  Beside the radical look of the Hans Muth design, these Katanas came with spoked wheels ( 18-inch rear ), bigger brakes, carburettors and exhaust, and performance camshafts.  Actual tech for the time meant air cooling, right-side-up forks, and twin shocks.  Even with power bumped up from the usual -S’s 111 hp, the 500-plus pound dry weight was undeniable.  But it made for a great endurance racer and GT.

This owner has had some knowledge of the SXZ’s special lineage, and preserved it beautifully.  Some close-up details would be nice, but metals and finishes look close to faultless in what’s shown here.  Most bikes closing in on their 40th birthday have had some degree of customization, but this Katana is very original.

I am the second owner of this very special Katana for the past twenty-six years.
The mileage is low for the age of the vehicle.
In total, she has done just over 17,000 Km (10,493 miles) of which I have done about 7,500 Km (4,630 miles) during my 26 years of ownership.
She is in mint condition, well maintained and recently serviced.

The factory’s change to an 18-inch rear wheel is puzzling, maybe it was deemed the easiest way to increase ground clearance and decrease the rake angle, lending more quickness to the steering head.  The up-and-coming GSX-R put the kibosh on the Katana’s racing career, but the model has had a lasting impact on Suzuki’s stable, being revived this year as a 2020 model.  For a fan with the time and resources for an international purchase, this looks like a special opportunity.



  • I had 1000cc version of this bike when I was a lad. Still a looker, though the spoke wheels looks a bit weird. There has been so many really great looking custom bikes based on the original Katana (Yoshimura 1135R comes to mind), someday I’d like to pick up a crappy one and build my own custom version.

  • This is the top of the Katana food chain.

  • That is a beauty. I looked for a good project bike years ago here in Canada, and they were nearly impossible to find then.

  • is the dash original? I remember them being more square-ish? also the seat cover looks like its not OEM….yes I know I am nit-picking

  • Yeah, the dash is original.

  • Yes, the dash and seat cover are original. I owned one of these for a long time. Something else I should never have sold!

    The reason for the switch to 18″ wheels was because of the availability of better rubber for endurance racing at the time.

  • I was lucky enough to buy one of the 20 that came in New Zealand, I was an apprentice at the time but I had to have one. Sold my MK 2 Cortina to get it. Fast forward to 2019 and I still have it, 6500 km on it and still like the day I brought it. There has been nothing made like it since, still looks futuristic. Good luck to the seller..

  • the seat and dash are 100% original, actually that seat is in exception condition and original, I have had three of these bikes and an original seat in that condition is impossible to find and no one makes that unique fabric used on these seats so good luck recovering the seat to make it look original. This katana is in exceptional original condition, even the black chrome exhaust looks great… very nice example.

  • Your old Mk2 is prolly worth more than the Kat…

  • Rich Your old Mk2 is prolly worth more than the Kat…

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