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Once Bitten – 2000 Bimota SB8R-S Carbon

Last seen on RSBFS in 2015, Bimota’s SB8R-S brought Suzuki’s TL-1000 twin to the Rimini carrozzeria.  Out of Vegas with minimal pertinent information, the condition of this SB8RS is to drool for.

2000 Bimota SB8R-S Carbon for sale on eBay

As Bimota liked to do, they took a leading drivetrain and wrapped it in their innovative chassis.  In this case the aluminum twin-spars terminate in carbon frame connectors.  The lighter weight and Bimota’s intakes, bespoke fuel injection, and exhausts put 133 hp up against sub-400 lbs. dry weight.  Components from Paoli, Öhlins, and Brembo transform the lazy handling TL-1000 into a superbike worthy of the name.  Bimota showcased their carbon fab skills, with the big-weave fresh air tubes dominating the cockpit.

No maintenance or ownership history is mentioned by the selling dealer, but 1,500 miles and excellent condition tell their own story.  Though the black on black presentation is tricky, exquisite details abound.  While the interface between the seat sub-frame, frame connector and fairing is a futuristic landscape, the asymmetrical triple tree with off-center ignition switch greets the owner on every ride.  Gold Paoli accents are echoed at the pegs and brakes.

Though the SB8R was a winning model, the V-Due and Moto GP sponsor debacles forced the doors closed for a few years.  It’s a  pretty nice testament to the design that it was reinvigorated in 2005 as the SB8K.  This might be the same example auctioned at Iconic recently, if so it’s said to have a celebrity owner Nicholas Cage in its past.  An SB8R-S in this condition should be celebrity enough for any owner, though if it’s a short-term sale the reserve is probably up there.  Something to keep a close eye on !



  • It’s Nicholas Cage’s old bike. Sold for $11,800 a few months ago and now the dealer who bought it wants $16K for it with no description? Good luck with that.

  • I have this same bike with 600 miles on it. Need to get it out more. Pretty poor description, I guess one could call the dealer. Most dealers now days have very knowledgeable sales staff.

  • EuroCycle is not a dealer. It is a collection, that claims to be a dealership.

  • From the Eurocycle website https://inventory.rideeurocycle.com/Pre-owned-Inventory-2000-Bimota-Motorcycle-Scooter-SB8RS-Carbon-Vegas-Euro-9201944?ref=list

    They have a (0) feedback score on eBay.

  • I’ve heard Paoli fork seals aren’t obtainable. Is that true?

  • The seals are not available from Paoli, but there are work arounds.
    Would have to dig for the exact part numbers, but I think a seal from a 450 dirtbike works.

    Have not had to cross that bridge on mine.

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