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No Reservations – 1993 Honda CBR900RR Fireblade

Even sportbike fans with kids the age of this CBR900RR rever the lightweight model, and the competitive 1990’s era which produced so many influential machines.  This one has been brought out from the back of an Oregon tuner’s shop and made quite ready for riding.  Despite a dented fuel tank the winner of the no-reserve auction should ride away happy.

1993 Honda CBR900RR Fireblade for sale on eBay

In a period departure, big red assigned the design lead to factory test rider Tadao Baba, who stroked a mid-size power plant but kept weight under tight control.  The resulting not-quite-a-liter 893cc inline four generated 122 hp, in a package which weighed hardly more than competitive 600’s.  Helped by an all-alloy twin spar chassis and Pro-link swingarm, the 45mm right-side-up Showa forks and multi-adjustable monoshock made the Fireblade flickable.  Turn-in was sharpened by the 16-inch front wheel, where the compact riding position telegraphed the rider’s intentions.  Close gearing gave away 10 mph top speed to other open-class GT’s but made the CBR faster everywhere else.

This Fireblade is offered by a suburban Portland independent shop, has just about 19,000 miles, and looks substantially stock save a D&D muffler.  Comments say it was the owner’s personal ride, and the D&D is on the quieter side.  The damaged fuel tank is the elephant in the room, and though it should be repairable, a good condition replacement might pop up.  A nice servicing was done before putting it on Ebay’s auction block:

-Full Service: Valves checked, new spark plugs, fresh coolant, fresh oil/filter, brake fluids flushed
-New Jet Kit, carbs rebuilt, cleaned, new Factory Pro 2.0APK intake kit/jetting installed
-New Front fork seals and servicing
-New 520 Chain and sprockets
-New Bridgestone BT Tires
-New EBC HH Brake pads front and rear
-New oem turn signals
-New Lithium light weight oem battery
-New Fuel petcock
-New fuel filter

Most bikes cross into GT territory when displacement approaches 1000cc, but the CBR900RR’s light weight left room for all the sportiness most riders can handle.  They’re at the age where they appear with some regularity, but in wildly differing conditions and asking prices, and with two days to go the auction has just reached the bottom of my expectations.  The new owner has options from a concours restoration to a tank bra, but at the very least it’s maintained, complete and un-remuddled…



  • The tank was dented from removing it from the bike?

    First of all, if that is true, you go to all the trouble to restore the bike and then you drop the tank? Someone lost their life with that oopsy.

    But there is no way that that tank sustained that much damage just from dropping it unless the whole bike fell off the lift.

  • That dent in the tank was from a poor stunting attempt back in the day that probably failed miserably. It is a clear indentation of ones backside while trying a wheelie. That’s it. None the less, good luck fixing and or finding a good replacement. This bike is nowhere close to great restoration and good luck finding parts to do so. Tanks, body parts etc., unobtanium for most 900’s and certainly the revered 93.

  • Wow this brings back some great memories, best color combo, love the white wheels! Sucks about the tank, maybe get a full Bagster tank cover until a used one surfaces? Nice that it’s all sorted and serviced, tempting…

  • Wow….somebody pumped the pooch with that tank damage. 😳

  • Guys it my personal bike! I have wanted one for 20+ years! I found it back easy and The tank was damaged in shipping guys. I had planned on obviously repairing but didn’t want to repaint as it’s original. If I kept it I absolutely would fix tank! Period. However I have way TOO many personal project bikes and frankly wanna take my daughter to Disneyland this Christmas so one of the not quite done projects has to go. It runs freaking amazing now that I redid sooo much and tuned it properly. Thanks everyone. -Eric Dorn, EDR Performance

  • Also IF I kept and fully restored it would be a $10,000 900RR not one I’m giving away for under $5000! Good luck finding THIS color combo 93 with this much servicing updates and runs this well for under $5k. Come on guys. Perspective. $5k on this year and color combo with clean clear title NOT BEEN CRASHED and over $3000 recent work is bad? Ok 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Agree with the owner’s comments – this is THE color/year CBR9 to have, it seems mechanically sound and hasn’t been hacked up. $5k is a deal.

  • Eric Dorn is good peeps. Regular on the WERA forum. I’d trust he’s telling the truth.

  • Hey Eric. I’m interested. I have some parts laying around to get this girl back like new again. I want you to get as much as you can for her so keep the bidding going but if you have a buy it now then drop me an email at Iconic Motorbikes. Not sure what’s up w eBay lately but sold 3 bikes on there recently and not even a follow up call so be weary of flakey bidders. Thankfully we get a lot of walk ins so they sold anyway. I may be able to help you with your Disneyland trip too bud, even without a bike deal, just drop me a note.

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