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Late Comer – 1990 Honda CBR250RR


This post is in our archives. Links in this post have been updated to point to similar bikes available to bid on eBay.

Hard to imagine Honda without a 250 in the line-up, and in any given year there might’ve been a four-stroke single, twin, inline four, plus two-stroke single and twin !  For the highest redline, go for the CBR250RR, here seen in the first year for the RR, with just 2,500-and-change miles and faithful cosmetics.

1990 Honda CBR250RR for sale on eBay

The CBR250RR was all new for 1990, though continued with the 250cc four-valve zinger, supplying 45 hp which was more determined by legislation than the 19K rpm redline.  You’d be hard pressed to fit your pinky and ring finger into one of the four Keihin carburetors, though the alloy perimeter frame looked just like the bigger CBR’s.  Suspension looked basic up front, with 37mm conventional forks, but out back the monoshock rode on an aluminum asymmetrical swingarm.  Even tire sizes increased a bit from 1989, and brakes were almost overdone for the mission, with triple cross-drilled disks – 275mm and two pistons up front.

Seeming to be privately owned, this CBR looks to be exemplary, though they come up so infrequently we’ll have to rely on our local experts on the type.  At this ask there are hardly enough pictures to justify a response, except to request more information.  Also ask about the two different odometers pictured.  Comments from the eBay auction:

If you’re looking at this you obviously know how rare these are in the US – let alone one with around 3k miles. 

This is the famous JDM CBR250RR with the 250cc inline-4 with a 19k redline. It screams like an F1 car and you’re still well within the speed limit. Great bike for learners and or advanced riders. Runs great like all Hondas.

Serious offers only as these are not being imported very often and not in this condition, let alone low mileage examples. The bike is all stock other than the rear seat (which I have for the bike) and the tank pad which is rare on these bikes. No one has molested this one!  Comes with Tyga cover.

Never offered outside the Pacific rim, the CBR250RR didn’t generate many english-language reviews, though Aussie reviewers liked what they saw in their 1996 import.  Motorcyclist looked into the subject in 2019, and came away amazed that an almost 30 year-old bike could keep pace with current small sports.  The stature of the 250RR might not suit everyone, and sometimes just learning to ride where the powerband starts at around 13,000 rpm can be a project.  Probably not any reader’s first or only Honda, this CBR is still a piece of work in its own right.



  • Looks like the same speedo, one picture has a MPH decal over-lay (in orange) on top of the (OEM) KLM speedo face.

  • It’s priced as if it’s a 2 stroke… think the seller is dreaming. I have ridden this bike ( one like it) yes it has a high RPM it is the most uneasy feeling bijevto ride , at those RPM ( which you need because it’s only a 250 four stroke) it feels like the bike is going to come apart, I challenge anyone to take this at 80 MPH and tell me what a sweet ride it is…

  • I’m the Owner and the second person responding apparently never rode a “Good” CBR250. This bike is a dream to ride and will easily get over 80 with no problem (without falling apart, good grief) and is one of my favorite bikes to ride. Start looking at the prices boys because they are climbing quickly and to find a clean JDM bike not messed with like this one and others is a challenge. Sure you can find cheaper ones with a lot more miles, but tell me that you would buy it after seeing it. Yes the miles are still low and one picture is earlier and other is later with MPH stickers. Cheers and safe riding.

  • thanks for your reply Mark, one Australian review I read said that 80 mph in top was just at the 13K rpm mark, and the reviewer’s CBR250RR would happily do that all day long… 🙂

  • Don’t expect to be able to buy pistons and rings or valves. NLA from Honda brand new and have been for awhile and no aftermarket ones available. Unless you want to get custom made stuff. Your riding on borrowed time.

  • I have never seen one posted with a asking price this high.does it command a price this high due to mileage and condition .I would be a player on tthis bike. what do you guys think is a fair offer?

  • For that price I would want a 400RR all day long. Or an NC35.

  • Can’t say anything about the price, but I can say a bit about the bike, having raced and rode quite a few of those insane multi-valve quarters. Today, I look back, and what I find absolutely insane is how much engineering was thrown at those. They were expensive you know, but then, they were built like a jewel, from beautiful aluminium frame to that tiny 4 cylinder engine that will sing at red-zone happily all freaking day long, they are just exquisite, makes today’s 250s look just plain lazy and cheap. For regular usage, I don’t think American environment works very well for those little ones, but they are amazing machines.

  • “Dream to ride”, “One of my favorite bikes“, and……
    It’s for sale. LOL

  • I only threw a leg over one of these once, and it turned out to have an ‘F’ engine in an ‘R’ chassis. Anyway, the comments about build quality on these things are true, they are pretty amazing. Having said that, I would prefer an NS400 or an NC30 if I was in the market.

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